BBC to make Watchdog part of The One Show

BBC to make Watchdog part of The One Show

2/21/2020 1:00:00 PM

BBC to make Watchdog part of The One Show

The long-running consumer rights show will no longer be a standalone programme.

Close share panelImage captionMatt Allwright, Nikki Fox and Steph McGovern have hosted Watchdog from Salford since 2017The BBC's long-running consumer rights series Watchdog is to end as a standalone programme, instead becoming part of The One Show.

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Watchdog began in 1980 as a strand of Nationwide, but proved so popular it became a separate programme in 1985.Co-host Steph McGovern has moved to Channel 4, but Matt Allwright and Nikki Fox will stay to front the new strand.The BBC said they would investigate viewer complaints all year round rather than for two series a year.

Image captionAlice Beer, Jonathan Maitland, Anne Robinson and Chris Choi on Watchdog in 1995Alison Kirkham, controller of BBC Factual, said Allwright and Fox would"continue to be the viewers' trusted guide", and would"achieve even greater prominence and success" in raising awareness of consumer rights.

The One Show editor Rob Unsworth said the change would mean that"more than ever the team can react on behalf of consumers whenever stories come up".Image captionHusband and wife John Stapleton and Lynn Faulds Wood are among the past presenters

Previous Watchdog hosts include Anne Robinson, Nick Ross, Lynne Faulds Wood and Nicky Campbell.More recently, it has been on air for 12 episodes per year. The 42nd and most recent series attracted an average of 3.1 million viewers per episode. Watchdog will be incorporated into The One Show this spring.

The news comes weeks after the corporation announced thatas a result of cuts to BBC News. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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Good, I can kill two birds with one stone and avoid both at the same time. ONE more reason not to watch 😂 I know you’re hard up. Both are shit This will ruin Watchdog unfortunately 😕 Never watch it ..the music itself is a turnoff ..tom and jerry has more value Not the same since Anne left Let face it, the presenters are not really good... Anne Robinson was excellent...

I often watched Watchdog. I don't watch the vacuous One Show. Poor decision. Matt Allshite Washed up garbage Oh FGS why not just get rid of it altogether? (Note the heavy sarcasm). Watchdog highlights important issues to a wider audience when other methods of complaining has failed. Just like Crimewatch, a v.important programme culled for no good reason. Why bother with the licence fee?

Not a good idea! It was a bit dailymail rogue traders was good though Can't you bundle all your spirit-crushing, mind-rusting, formulaic cack into one show? Wow really when will this happen, can't wait and what's the one show mattbakerfans What a shame They might as well. It's been rubbish since Anne Robinson left!!!

Can it just replace it ? Haven’t watched BBC in years.. DefundtheBBC Is this a joke? this is a brilliant show, Hmm So now the only reason i watch the BBC will be for Eastenders and let me tell you that's going bloody downhill too, the sooner you are forced into adverts or a subscription model the better. What a joke corporation.

That show is so bad and dumbed down that even the theme tune wonders for why it’s still on TV. 🎵Why? Why? Why? Why? Whhhhyyyyy?🎵 They could do a mash-up of other shows, like Question Time and Till Death Do Us Part... Ah, looks like that's happened already. god help us First item can be an explanation of, exactly why we should have to pay the BBC, for the right to watch SKY TV?

Why? Is it because that show is already so much like jumble sale that adding some other random thing into the mix won’t make a difference? Do people still watch scheduled television? Im waiting for the new bbcqt and newsnight show call Clusterfuck So its the Rogue Traders/Watchdog One show Why don't they throw in Dr Who also?

Will they end up appearing on countryfile as well? Wouldn't want accountability would we. Jfc Just go to subscription and put a nation out of its misery.... They'll put the news on the One Show next 😂 And ? Why not swap watch dog for the one show or remove Alex Jones who seems to have more of a Welsh accent and interrupts guests to make the show more about her since her return from maternity leave know wonder Matt Baker is getting out!!

Ah, I liked Watchdog. Can't stand The One Show. Downscaling...🤔🤔🤔 Ground breaking. Any other ideas 💡? Maybe Watchdog should investigate the BBC. Is the BBC now purposely trying to alienate itself? That’s a very good Idea. Now I can miss both of them in one go. So you're cancelling the Victoria Derbyshire show, and now this. Are there any more reasons I should stop engaging with you? Yes, please go right ahead and review the license fee!

More cuts What a mess... scrapthelicencefee Watchdog is important enough to everyone to be a standalone show. Don't make it fluffy by making it part of the banal, lightweight One Show. So annoyed More cuts while we have to pay a higher license fee. Will it be called the one dog 🐶 They should move Click and the travel show from the news channel to BBC1 in the one show slot

Who cares Bad move. The One Show has a following because of the entertainment value of its content. It has a smooth runing formula that has worked from the start. There has to be a hidden adgenda by the bbc for this move. So we go from my hedge looks like arch bishop Desmond Tutu to my tumble dryer burst in to 🔥 in the middle of the night. Sounds about right. 🙄

🔥 Even more reason to turn it off. hate the one show loved watchdog so guess not watching either now well done bbc As they are merging two shows I assume to save money does that mean Old Big Ears on motd is in negotiation with his contract and looking to increase his £ 1.75 million salary 🤔👍🤨😏 Maybe just make One long Show that lasts from dawn to dusk. I believe Chris Evans is up for it.

Brilliant idea. Just cancel the nightly One show and save a fortune scrapthelicencefee 🤮 Ruined then,a shame I don't think anyone cares Don't watch the one show ,so I will miss watchdog what a shame More bbc tax abuse. Now the three misfits ! I take it this is an attempt to get people to actually watch the One Show?

I'm going to complain to Watchdog about this change Oh good God no. FFS Reading between the lines.... more BBC cutbacks What was it like? It doesn't really matter, they're both rubbish. Which tosser came up with this idea and why. If the BBC is truely a ‘public service’ company, put Wathdog on throughout the year and take off the shitpile that is the One Show!

Is this a clue as to who is taking over from Matt? Defund the BBC! No one cares anymore Like getting your money's worth? 😂 How about get rid of the one show, or make it one day a week, like a One Show then have watchdog on more, which is a lot more informative, or even have a consumer show every night of the week and call it Today

shambles, first crimewatch and now watchdog, fuck the license brexit Hopefully we'll see a redunction in the numbers of obscenely overpaid presenters. Which means they're running it all year instead of for a few weeks a year . . . which is good for consumers isn't it? On no! Oh joy OneToMiss Well I for one can't wait for the jarring moves between VTs on windmills and a company making profits on faulty car seats

Great, the BBC sinks ever lower and makes even more of a mockery of the price of a TV licence. The one show is garbage and now we get forced to sit through it if we want to watch a show we genuinely do enjoy. Time the TV licence was scrapped, the BBC TV line up is awful nowadays Damn! What do viewers have to do to avoid Watchdog?

To scare the elderly no doubt What next, homes under the hammer 😂😂😂 But The One Show is utter shit, so effectively no more Watchdog. Bad move. Perfect. I never watched either of them.

Watchdog axed after 40 years to become The One Show segment in BBC cuts rowOne of the BBC's longest running shows is being axed 🔪 Can you do a watchdog show on BBC Impartiality before you go.

BBC to ‘axe’ iconic Watchdog show after 40 years and over 1,000 episodesBBC bosses are reportedly 'set to axe' Watchdog and reduce the consumer affairs program to a slot on The One Show. reality task tv Good Eventually there will be nothing of value left. Save us all the licence fee and close the whole lot. Even the Archers has deteriorated into an Eastender mish mash of hopeless story lines.

BBC bosses axe consumer rights series Watchdog after 40 years to become a segment on The One ShowBBC bosses have dealt investigative journalism another blow by axing Watchdog after 40 years. The series, which held business to account and had good viewing figures, will become a segment of The O… This is devastating news! BBC I do not understand why? BBCWatchdog has helped millions of Brit's from being victims of cons, bogus companies, and valuable money saving tips! BBCWatchDog Watchdog was going to investigate over 75's losing their FREE Licence,so BBc has pulled the plug. No one watches BBC anymore

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