Who should teach kids to read? Parents or teachers? Facebook post sparks anger

Who should teach kids to read? Parents or teachers? Facebook post sparks anger

28/1/2019 3:18:00 AM

Who should teach kids to read? Parents or teachers? Facebook post sparks anger

Earlier this month, Ms Lenny Rahman, a physical education teacher, was carrying out a classroom exercise for Primary 1 pupils that required them to label different body parts. A student asked her for help, and she told him to read out the instructions from his...

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More hawker centre diners returning trays as NEA advisory period kicks in ahead of fines, warnings

SINGAPORE — More diners in hawker centres are taking the initiative to return their dirty trays as the advisory period mandating diners to do so began on Monday (June 21).

Former MOE teacher says parents who don’t teach kids how to read should not have kidsA former teacher with the Ministry of Education recently wrote a rather hard-hitting post on social media about how crucial it is for parents to teach

Who should teach kids to read: Teachers or parents?A Facebook post by an educator has sparked a debate on whose responsibility it is to teach pupils to read.. Read more at Important Before a child progresses to reading, the foundation has to be built. Love for books start from home: Listening n comprehending to stories being read, in addition, phonics n high frequency sight words r amongst other early literacy knowledge a child has to acquire frm school.

Viral video of Japanese teacher punching student sparks fierce debateA video of an argument between a pupil and a teacher at a Japanese high school that ends with the teacher punching the boy has gone viral, sparking a fierce debate over violence in schools and the pressure school staff are under. The 74-second clip, apparently filmed by students who were watching the

Bosnian Muslims anger Serbs with name change plan, EU calls for calmSARAJEVO: A Muslim party said it would launch a legal bid to change the name of Bosnia's Serb region, enraging all Serbian parties in the volatile ... Bosnian muslims are a real and present danger for Europe....

Life after being molested as a child: Confusion, anger and forgivenessThe legal process keeps track of what happens to a person who sexually abuses children, from the point of arrest to conviction and sentencing. But ...

Global wave of protests against climate change under way as anger mounts among youthsSYDNEY (WASHINGTON POST) - As urban temperature records were broken on Thursday (Jan 24) in Australia amid a years-long drought that has turned farms in parts of the country into wastelands, high school students on the opposite side of the world rallied against the driving force behind rising temperatures: climate change.. Read more at Fake outrage!

Scientists are teaching the body to accept new organsASPINWALL (United States) — It was not the most ominous sign of health trouble, just a nosebleed that would not stop. So in February 2017, Mr Michael Schaffer, who is 60 and lives near Pittsburgh, went first to a local emergency room, then to a hospital where a doctor finally succeeded in caute

Animal welfare society ACRES’s website hacked, now reads: ‘Order Viagra at lowest prices’It seems that the official website of ACRES, the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society, has been hacked. Upon a Google search of their website, it now reads as a link to a website ‘Viagra’ can be ordered from.

A patch that uses sweat to get a read on your body’s toil

NTU student-led forum aims to spark dialogue on hiring beyond gradesSINGAPORE - A profound change is taking place in the workforce and universities with a marked shift in focus from grades to skills as a key aspect of education.. Read more at