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US criticises China, affirms Hong Kong lost special status

US criticises China, affirms Hong Kong lost special status

31/3/2021 7:11:00 PM

US criticises China, affirms Hong Kong lost special status

The United States reaffirmed Wednesday that Hong Kong has lost its autonomy from China as it vowed to pressure Beijing for dismantling the city's ...

AsiaProtesters march in California to show solidarity with 47 pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong who were charged for state subversion in a March 2021 rally AFP/RINGO CHIU31 Mar 2021 11:42PMShare this contentBookmarkWASHINGTON: The US reaffirmed on Wednesday (Mar 31) that Hong Kong has lost its autonomy from China as it vowed to pressure Beijing for dismantling the city's special status.

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A day after China approved a radical overhaul of Hong Kong's political system, Secretary of State Antony Blinken in a required report to Congress found that the financial hub"does not warrant different treatment under US law" from the mainland.

AdvertisementAdvertisementBeijing's actions over the past year"have severely undermined the rights and freedoms of people in Hong Kong," Blinken said in a statement.The finding renewed a decision by former president Donald Trump, who stripped Hong Kong's separate privileges that it enjoyed with the US since its 1997 handover from Britain to China including by suspending an extradition treaty. headtopics.com

"I am committed to continuing to work with Congress and our allies and partners around the world to stand with people in Hong Kong against the PRC's egregious policies and actions," Blinken said, referring to the People's Republic of China.

Pointing to sanctions imposed on Chinese and Hong Kong officials, Blinken said:"We will impose consequences for these actions." Read more: CNA »

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these words still easy to make me cry😢 Good. Investing in HK is not safe anymore as there are no more independent legal system and democracy and everything is under CCP's control. kerokero_HKer Hongkonger & our friends are under HumanitarianCrisis now :( Pls dont give up HK in this big crisis, HKer not surrender! Still fighting for justice, HumanRight & democracy! Dear world, StandWithHK! SOSHK FreeHK save12hkyouth HongKongNeedsHelp NationalSecurityLaw

If we burn, you burn with us! NaziChina's is evil. AntiChina Tim_Formosa Beijing is no longer concerned about what the west think or criticise it. It knows that insofar it has politicians, businessmen, religious leaders, academics and media in its pocket, it can exert influence in the west. To stop it, we must stay united and decouple with China.

This pix tells you why we need electoral reform. The bridge has been 'caged' coz terrorists, supported by HK councillors, threw petrol bombs from there onto the road heading to the busiest tunnel. The billboard, at the entrance of that tunnel, says 'Uphold NS, Safeguard our home' Thank you US. CCP_is_terrorist HumanRightsViolations CCPLiedPeopleDied BoycottBeijing2022

US caused it. Paying people to foment chaos. Then leaves them behind declaring “not my business”. 傻逼 Our HK prosperity is not relying on USA.

Chiyuwong Hong Kong is not safe for investment. Totally controlled by terrorist XJP Isn't it wonderful HK has lost its original status? Blame the mop heads and traitors who destroyed the city during the CIA led riots. Mighty China crushed them all Thank you U.S. for standing with Hongkongers. Sadly everything in Hong Kong is completely under CCP’s control now.

CCP: 'I take all over control in Hong Kong now. You all shit up my internal affairs including the method election.' All expats: 'Goodbye Hong Kong under CCP distortion, I want my money and investment back to some safety place as it's no longer a freedom IFC.' Game over! The free world should follow. No Carrie Lam’s speaking slot at Davos next year please. She doesn’t deserve one for spreading more lies and propaganda. StandwithHongKong

Freedom of Tibet, Uighur, Mongolia, HK are totally suppressed by CCP. No freedom of speech, press. Manipulate Jurisdiction, education. Steal intelligence & privacy. Genocide in Xingjiang & later in HK. But remember, if world countries not stop CCP now. Then, Today HK, World Tmw.