UK should be concerned at Chinese gene data harvesting, lawmaker says

23/7/2021 4:01:00 AM

UK should be concerned at Chinese gene data harvesting, lawmaker says

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North Korea puts hazmat suits on parade for national day, but no missiles

SEOUL — North Korea celebrated the 73rd anniversary of its foundation with a night-time military parade in the capital, state media reported on Thursday (Sept 9), publishing photographs of marching rows of personnel in orange hazmat suits but no ballistic missiles.

What’s the difference storing data in HK and. China. HK is under the CCP now. The problem is that when China gov want to lay hands on the data. The company has to give in. Says Tom Tugendhat, figures!

Sport-Parliamentary inquiry urges UK-wide minimum standard protocol for head injuriesThe British government has been urged to mandate a minimum standard protocol for concussions across sports in a bid to reduce the risk of brain ...

UK court rules Autonomy's Lynch can be extradited to face US chargesA British court said on Thursday (Jul 22) that Mike Lynch, the British tech billionaire who sold his company Autonomy to Hewlett Packard, can be ...

Chinese hackers stole Mekong data from Cambodian foreign ministry - sourcesPHNOM PENH/HANOI (Reuters) -Buried in a long U.S. indictment accusing China of a global cyberespionage campaign was a curious detail: Among the governments targeted by Chinese hackers was Cambodia, one of Beijing's most loyal Asian allies. The target of the hack, which two sources with knowledge of the indictment said was Cambodia's foreign ministry, was also revealing - discussions between China and Cambodia over the use of the Mekong River, which has become a new battleground for U.S. and Chinese influence in Southeast Asia.

China thanks Taiwan president, indirectly, for concern over floodsChina's government on Thursday offered an indirect thank you to Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen for her message of concern over devastating floods in the central Chinese province of Henan, in a rare show of goodwill between Beijing and Taipei. Tsai on Wednesday, though her spokesman, expressed concern and sent her condolences to the victims, saying she hoped normal life could resume as soon as possible. China generally views Tsai as a separatist bent on a formal declaration of independence for the democratically ruled island Beijing claims as Chinese territory. It's Chinese province of Taiwan

Sun Xueling called out for saying she understands “both sides” concerning discrimination against Vietnamese in SGSingapore — On Jul 16, Minister of State Sun Xueling posted a screenshot of an email she received from a Punggol resident that drew attention to the discrimination being faced by Vietnamese people in the wake of the Covid infection clusters from KTV

Soccer-Inter join Arsenal in withdrawing from US tour due to COVID-19 concernsInter Milan have followed Arsenal in cancelling their pre-season tour to the United States for the Florida Cup due to COVID-19 concerns, the ...