Prayut Chan-O-Cha, Thailand

Prayut Chan-O-Cha, Thailand

Thai police clash with protesters near king's palace

Thai police clash with protesters near king's palace

20/3/2021 5:28:00 PM

Thai police clash with protesters near king's palace

BANGKOK: Thai police used water cannon and charged toward protesters who had gathered near the King's Palace in Bangkok on Saturday (Mar 20) to ...

BookmarkBANGKOK: Thai police used water cannon and charged toward protesters who had gathered near the King's Palace in Bangkok on Saturday (Mar 20) to call for the release of protest leaders and demand reform of the monarchy.Hundreds of police in riot gear and shields advanced on different fronts against protesters to push people away from the Grand Palace. In some places they faced off with protesters who threw firecrackers.

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AdvertisementAdvertisementMore than 1,000 protesters had gathered near the palace in Bangkok in an area known as Sanam Luang, or Royal Field.Demonstrators clash with riot police during an anti-government protest in Bangkok, Thailand, Mar 20, 2021. (Photo: Reuters/Chalinee Thirasupa)

"We will arrest anyone on the streets," police said over loudspeakers as multiple lines of police advanced, pushing people back.The demonstrations come after parliament this weekfailed to pass a billto rewrite the military-backed constitution, one of the protesters' main demands.

A mass trial for protest leaders began this week against activists who were accused of sedition and insulting the monarchy.AdvertisementREAD: Thai protest leaders go on trial for sedition, royal insults"We’re demanding real democracy and not a government that says it is elected but comes from the army," said a man who gave his name only as Kung, 60. “The world has changed and we want the same kind of monarchy as in Western countries.”

A person sets up barbed wire along containers blocking a road near the Grand Palace ahead of the anti-government protest, demanding resolutions of the government and reforms in the monarchy, in Bangkok, Thailand, Mar 20, 2021. (Photo: Reuters/Soe Zeya Tun)

A portrait of the king near the protest area was defaced.Police deputy spokesman Kissana Pattanacharoen said earlier that protests were illegal and violated laws to contain the spread of the coronavirus.AdvertisementThailand's youth protest movement has posed the biggest challenge so far to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha. Protesters say he engineered a process that would preserve the political status quo and keep him in power after a 2019 election. Prayut has rejected that.

Protesters also broke a traditional taboo by demanding reform of the monarchy, saying the constitution drafted by the military after the 2014 coup gives the king too much power.The Royal Palace has declined to directly comment on the protests, but Prayut and government officials have said that criticism of the king is unlawful and inappropriate.

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Do not visit in Thailand believe me it's dangerous no standard queentogetheris ฉันเกิดทัน สมัยปิดสนามบิน Shut Down กรุงเทพฯ แต่ฉันไม่เคยได้เห็นภาพแบยนี้ queentogetheris It's so sad that in this present world there are still human beings who call themselves kings and collude with people with arms to oppress and take advantages from other human beings.

Wish all protesters be safe🙏 (from 🇲🇲)

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Thai court denies bail for activists on hunger strike over royal insultsBANGKOK: A court in Thailand on Thursday (Apr 29) denied bail for seven detained activists accused of insulting the king, two of whom have ... Thai law is barbaric, that’s why people, young and old, are protesting. Adults are supporting their kids to fight... Bad country. Still there are small group of people who want to be slave.

Thai protest leader hospitalised after 46-day hunger strikeBANGKOK: A Thai anti-government protest leader held in pre-trial detention on charges of insulting the country's monarchy has been hospitalised ... Damn. 46 days without food. I'll be damned. What does anyone think is going to happen to someone who decides to go through it and the authorities making sure you don't cheat using saline.