Taiwan says China's threat remains, though military drills ease

11/8/2022 3:37:00 PM

Taiwan says China's threat remains, though military drills ease

Taiwan says China's threat remains, though military drills ease

TAIPEI: China's threat of force is undiminished, Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen said on Thursday (Aug 10), even though Beijing's largest ever military drills around the island seemed to be scaling down. Furious about a visit to Chinese-claimed Taiwan

in recent days to simulate sea and air attacks.Copy to clipboard https://str.LinkedIn BEIJING: China on Wednesday (Aug 10) vowed zero tolerance for"separatist activities" in Taiwan and reaffirmed that it would take the self-ruled island by force if necessary., South Korea and Japan" aimed to establish"mutual security, economic partnership and democratic governance in the Indo-Pacific region".

China said on Wednesday it would keep up patrols but had "completed various tasks" around Taiwan , signalling a possible end to the war games even while keeping up pressure.Taiwan has also been conducting relatively small-scale, annual exercises, scheduled before the flare-up and aimed at preparing to repel an invasion.Just because Mr Xi"has his own insecurities, doesn't mean that I am going to have him do my schedule for members of Congress," Mrs Pelosi said on Tuesday (Aug 9) on NBC's"Today" show."At present, the threat of Chinese military force has not decreased," Tsai told air force officers, according to a statement from her office.China's Taiwan Affairs Office on Wednesday issued a white paper laying out how it intends to claim the island through a range of economic incentives and military pressure.Related: China releases white paper on Taiwan, warns it will not tolerate 'separatists' Taiwan will not escalate conflict nor provoke disputes, her office quoted her as saying, adding:"We will firmly defend our sovereignty and national security, and adhere to the line of defence of democracy and freedom."I think he's in a fragile place," she said, referring to China's economy." A source briefed on the matter told Reuters that the number of warships close to the Taiwan Strait's median line, an unofficial buffer, was"greatly reduced" from previous days.At the Legislative Yuan, Pelosi delivered a strong expression of support for Taiwan’s fight for freedom and democracy.

But several Chinese navy ships were conducting missions off Taiwan's east coast and near Japan's Yonaguni island on Thursday, said the source familiar with security planning." Mrs Pelosi's stop in Taiwan last week while in the Asia-Pacific region drew a strong response from China, which.It added, however:"We will only be forced to take drastic measures to respond to the provocation of separatist elements or external forces should they ever cross our red lines.Yonaguni is the Japanese island closest to Taiwan, about 100km away.Taiwan's Defence Ministry said in a statement it had on Thursday detected 21 Chinese military aircraft and six Chinese naval ships in and around the Taiwan Strait, of which 11 planes had crossed over the median line.That was down from the 36 aircraft and 10 ships detected the previous day, when 17 aircraft crossed the median line.Relations between the two sides have significantly worsened since Tsai Ing-wen became president in 2016.'MILITARY PROVOCATIONS' Taiwan has lived under the threat of Chinese invasion since 1949 when the defeated Republic of China nationalist government fled to the island after Mao Zedong's Communist Party won a civil war.China was quick to reward South Korea by inviting Foreign Minister Park Jin to Beijing.

China says its relations with Taiwan are an internal matter and it reserves the right to bring the island under its control, by force if necessary.Taiwan's democratically-elected government says the People's Republic of China has never governed the island so has no right to decide its future or claim it for themselves.Related:."In the face of China's recent military provocations, the nation's armed forces are right on the front lines, and its duties will only be more onerous and the pressure will be even greater," added Tsai.China's military did not make any new comment on its military activity around Taiwan on Thursday.However, the two sides continued their war of words, with Taiwan reiterating a rejection of China's proposed"one country, two systems" model for bringing the island under Beijing's control.

Only Taiwan's people could decide its future, the spokesperson for Taiwan's foreign ministry, Joanne Ou, told a news conference in Taipei.China was using Pelosi's visit to Taipei as an"excuse to create a new normality to intimidate Taiwan's people", Ou added.In Beijing, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said that"reunification" was inevitable one day."We are willing to create a wide space for peaceful reunification, but we will never leave any room for all forms of secessionist activities for Taiwan independence." Related:.

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China releases white paper on Taiwan, warns it will not tolerate 'separatists'The document laid out how China intends to claim Taiwan through a range of economic incentives and military pressure. China releases white paper as in toilet paper to wipe their own turd Pray for peacefully akan datang lol ..... getting interesting

Commentary: Pelosi’s visit could derail US–China compromise over TaiwanThe United States and China must urgently establish more robust communication channels, updated arms control mechanisms and bring some stability and peace back to the Taiwan compromise, say two academics. US needed a pretext to make 💰 in selling weapons to Taiwan It's just business She had no business interfering. Did she accomplish anything but aggravating the Chinese? No. Do we really want to go to war? No. We’re not even protecting our own borders. This doesn’t make any sense. Crime is rampant. Homelessness is rampant. Take care of things here first. More facts Less opinion Pls.

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