SPH shake-up: ‘Extremely important’ to maintain public trust in media and Government, says Shanmugam

SPH shake-up: ‘Extremely important’ to maintain public trust in media and Government, says Shanmugam

8/5/2021 11:32:00 AM

SPH shake-up: ‘Extremely important’ to maintain public trust in media and Government, says Shanmugam

SINGAPORE — Even as governments in many countries are coming to the aid of media companies amid a collapse of advertising revenues, it is

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More hawker centre diners returning trays as NEA advisory period kicks in ahead of fines, warnings

SINGAPORE — More diners in hawker centres are taking the initiative to return their dirty trays as the advisory period mandating diners to do so began on Monday (June 21).

LOL i'll believe it when singapore media goes up the freedom media ranking When you look at his face, do you feel you can trust him? NO! 🙄 It is not that I do not trust the govt. Its that SPH hasn't been producing quality articles Change the state control paper’s name to PAP Times, PAP Sunday Times. Need to clean up shit left over by the inept military guy installed as CEO by govt. Cleaning up the shit the second time after Nol. When will govt learn not to installed zero minded commercial sense military guy in good companies. Already two destroyed.

Unfortunately I dun trust this government with its agenda

Many governments helping their country’s media; SPH case no different: ShanmugamSINGAPORE: Amid declining advertising revenue, many media companies around the world have been forced to find new sources of funding, including ... Who should take responsibility? This is a joke. Govt installed an inept no commercial sense military guy as CEO, failure in Nol not enough, now sph. kshanmugam Many government also have their country PressFreedom index at single digit. Why Singapore is at 160, worst among democratic societies, no much better than CommunistChina at 177! tocsg wpsg AP AFP ProgressSgParty yourSDP allsgstuff YahooSG MothershipSG

SPH CEO Ng Yat Chung's 'umbrage' reaction 'unfortunate': K ShanmugamThe 'take umbrage' reaction of Singapore Press Holdings chief executive Ng Yat Chung when its editorial integrity was questioned recently was 'very unfortunate' said Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam. kshanmugam Last year, there was another ex-general also has an unfortunate arrogant reactions on people behaviors and calling them idiot. Look like most of ex-generals are loose tongue arrogant and low EQ. leehsienloong ChannelNewsAsia straits_times umbrage Such a low key reaction! Not a graceful leader. IMO He should pursue a Master degree in Graciousness! His comments caused a umbrage to the stocks. I wonder how he managed to answer to his major shareholder.

Editorial independence of SPH is a 'given': SPH Media chair Khaw Boon Wan'We are trying to ensure that SPH Media can continue to be trusted, and to be so it must be credible, objective, fact-based, professional, knowing what is Singapore values, Singapore interests' Singapore

Why SPH news titles will continue with paid model despite government funding: Khaw

SPH shake-up: Khaw Boon Wan accepts ‘heavy responsibility’ with ‘some anxiety’