PSP’s foreign talent policy proposals will hurt S’pore’s competitiveness, drive costs up: SMEs, economists

PSP’s foreign talent policy proposals will hurt S’pore’s competitiveness, drive costs up: SMEs, economists

19/9/2021 3:08:00 PM

PSP’s foreign talent policy proposals will hurt S’pore’s competitiveness, drive costs up: SMEs, economists

SINGAPORE — The Progress Singapore Party’s (PSP) proposals on foreign talent policy and ways to reduce competition for jobs will hurt the country’s competitiveness and increase costs for firms, said small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), business associations and economists.

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The fact is many businesses in Singapore, especially many of those unscrupulous and heartless SMEs owners are suppressing low wages offered to locals and when locals reject it, cry-father-cry-mother they cannot employ anyone to justify cheap foreign workers! 😏🙄

China-India border row: both sides call for more troop withdrawalsChina and India have stressed the need for troop withdrawals from an area of a deadly confrontation on their border for bilateral relations to progress. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and his Indian counterpart Subrahmanyam Jaishankar discussed the tensions on their Himalayan border on the sidelines of a regional security conference in Dushanbe on Thursday. “Communication between the diplomatic and military departments of the two countries was serious and effective, and the border situation be Being cancer-stricken and begging CPF Board to repay overdue debt; that which in any case cannot be done as the money had been commingled and funneled to private entity Temasek Holdings for Ho Ching to wager on unviable, untenable and ultimately, invariably doomed gambles

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Government to study views on women’s issues, present 'concrete proposals' in White Paper in early 2022: PM LeeSINGAPORE: The Government will study the views it has received on issues concerning women and will develop “concrete proposals” to be presented in a White Paper early next year, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Saturday (Sep 18). He was speaking at the closing session of the doesn’t he have to check with Dada first? ;-) Now do ethnic minorities. Apparently that shirt arrives 10 minutes before the PM does.