Norway mulls euthanising walrus that won hearts in Oslo fjord

11/8/2022 7:51:00 PM

Norway mulls euthanising walrus that won hearts in Oslo fjord

Norway mulls euthanising walrus that won hearts in Oslo fjord

Officials fear the animal is putting itself and the public in danger. Read more at

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sg/wRM7 OSLO (AFP) - Norwegian authorities are considering putting down a walrus that won hearts basking in the sun of the Oslo fjord, amid fears it is putting itself and the public in danger, they said on Thursday (Aug 11).Despite repeated appeals to the public to keep their distance from the walrus - a young female weighing 600 kilos that has been nicknamed Freya - the mammal continues to attract big crowds, the Fisheries Directorate said in a get the newsletter in your inbox.Its text was accompanied by a photograph of a group of onlookers crowding near the animal."Given the uncertainty about when the borders would open up for good, and the fact that my own mother is getting older, I opted to relocate to Florida to be near her and other loved ones," explains the former editor-in-chief of a local magazine."The public's reckless behaviour and failure to follow authorities' recommendations could put lives in danger," a spokeswoman for the fisheries agency, Nadia Jdaini, said.Ahead of the impending national polls, which must be held by September next year, the political temperature has been rising."We are now exploring other measures, and euthanasia may be a real alternative", she added.They blamed munitions detonating at a warehouse amid lapses in safety regulations.

Freya, whose name is a reference to the Norse goddess of beauty and love, has made headlines since July 17 when she was first spotted in the waters of the Norwegian capital.Meanwhile Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has issued a report made up of hundreds of fake social media accounts supporting Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob's government.She is not alone feeling helpless and at times exasperated by the move.Walruses normally lives in the even more northerly latitudes of the Arctic.Between long naps - a walrus can sleep up to 20 hours a day - Freya has been filmed chasing a duck, attacking a swan and, more often than not, dozing on boats struggling to support her bulk.On the Covid-19 front, , despite daily infections still breaching 5,000.Despite the recommendations, some curious onlookers have continued to approach her, sometimes with children in tow, to take photographs.A study this year by Singapore-based global relocation company Moovaz also found that the intensity of stress from moving varies for different groups of people.Embed Twitter Embed Twitter Tweet URL "Her health has clearly declined.Stay safe and thank you for reading.Defence ministers from nations supporting Ukraine who are meeting in Copenhagen on Thursday will discuss provision of more weapons to Ukrainian forces, he said.

The walrus is not getting enough rest and the experts we have consulted now suspect that the animal is stressed," Jdaini said.A protected species, walruses normally eat molluscs, small fish, shrimps and crabs.Families face the greatest stress at the beginning of the relocation journey, having to meet and balance different needs of individual family members.While they don't normally attack people, they can if they feel threatened, according to authorities.More On This Topic.

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