Changı Aırport, Accıdents

Changı Aırport, Accıdents

Netting put up along parts of Changi Jurassic Mile after woman hit on head by golf ball

Netting put up along parts of Changi Jurassic Mile after woman hit on head by golf ball

26/10/2020 3:00:00 PM

Netting put up along parts of Changi Jurassic Mile after woman hit on head by golf ball

The netting is extends above fencing that segregates the walking path from the dinosaur exhibits and the golf course.. Read more at

The Changi Airport Group (CAG) said in response to queries on Monday (Oct 26) that the netting was installed last Saturday night, as a safety measure.The netting is extends vertically above fencing that segregates the walking path from the dinosaur exhibits and the golf course.

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The Changi Jurassic Mile is part of the Changi Airport Connector, which stretches from East Coast Park to Terminal 4 and Terminal 2 at Changi Airport.The connector runs alongside the Tanah Merah Country Club.A Facebook user Derek Yap shared that his domestic helper was injured as she and his family were walking along the dinosaur trail last Thursday evening.

He said his helper was taken to the hospital and found to have bruising on her head. She was advised to monitor her condition at home and was reported to be"fine so far".Mr Yap said that he was told by CAG and Tanah Merah Country Club that it was the first time that such an accident had happened. Both have since apologised for the incident.

He said he shared the incident online to raise awareness, and encouraged those passing the stretch to hold up open umbrellas and for cyclists to keep their helmets on.Both the CAG and Tanah Merah Country Club have apologised for the incident.The country club did not respond to The Straits Times' queries on whether compensation would be offered to the woman who was injured, and if anyone would be held liable for the incident.

More on this topic Separately, the CAG added that the baby dinosaur exhibit, which was missing five of its front teeth in a recent act of vandalism, has also been repaired. This was brought to light after a video of a woman rocking back and forth on the exhibit made its rounds online.

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When things happens than take action The net was not high enough to block the golf ball fly over and may be due to the new player isn’t it ? Is this effective? Golf ball won't be coming from the top / opening?

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