Le Pen shrugs off defections in battle for French far-right

23/1/2022 5:18:00 PM

Le Pen shrugs off defections in battle for French far-right

https://str.sg/wA7iPARIS (AFP) - Veteran French far-right politician Marine Le Pen shrugged off another defection from her party to rival Eric Zemmour on Sunday (Jan 23) amid an increasingly bitter battle ahead of presidential elections in April.One-time Le Pen ally and confidant Gilbert Collard formally announced on Saturday that he was joining Mr Zemmour's team and appeared at a rally alongside the anti-Islam writer and pundit in the south of France.

The European MP follows two other anti-immigration hardliners from Ms Le Pen's National Rally party to join Mr Zemmour in the last week: fellow MEP Jerome Riviere and senior party official Damien Rieu."I don't pay much attention to all these little manoeuvres between politicians because all of my energies are directed towards the issues of French people," Ms Le Pen told France 3 television on Sunday.

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