Killiney Kopitiam’s first cafe in the US a draw for customers who miss Singapore food

24/7/2021 7:36:00 AM

Killiney Kopitiam’s first cafe in the US a draw for customers who miss Singapore food

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Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes near Melbourne, tremors rattle southeast Australia

SYDNEY/MELBOURNE — A magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck near Melbourne on Wednesday (Sept 22), Geoscience Australia said, one of the country's biggest quakes on record, causing damage to buildings in the country's second largest city and sending tremors throughout neighbouring states.

What exactly are Singapore food, something that is authentically Singaporean? No surprises. Singapore food 's what makes us Singaporeans. 😍🍲🇸🇬😇 Smart lady, these are all great Singapore cuisine New jamban. I hope they survive even tho they are appealing to a very very sma market. No ang mohs like half-cooked bird embryos laced with the dark liquid from fermented beana.

Bhai please mara channel promote please bhi

SFA recalls Le Gall cream cheese products due to presence of pesticideSINGAPORE: A recall has been issued for four Le Gall cream cheese products due to the presence of a pesticide, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) ...

Man charged with multiple offences over running unlicensed KTV outlet during COVID-19 pandemicSINGAPORE: A man was charged with multiple offences on Friday (Jul 23) after he allegedly ran an unlicensed KTV outlet that had 15 customers in May. $10000 fine

Employers must provide maids with rest day that cannot be compensated away: MOMSINGAPORE: People in Singapore who employ foreign maids will have to provide them with at least one rest day a month that cannot be compensated ... 有沒有派人上門檢查?確保女傭沒有被虐待? 有沒有派人上門突擊檢查?確保女傭沒有被虐待?

Rowing: Joan Poh first Singapore athlete to participate at Tokyo Olympics, finishes sixth in her heatSINGAPORE: Rower Joan Poh on Friday (Jul 23) became the first Singapore athlete to compete at the postponed Tokyo Olympics as she finished sixth ... Good try! Well done 👏👏👏

Singapore Exchange to buy currency trading platform for $125 mlnSingapore Exchange Ltd (SGX) said on Friday it would buy currency trading platform MaxxTrader for $125 million as the bourse operator expands its currency offerings. With the acquisition, SGX hopes to create a currency platform that will be Asia's largest venue for international foreign exchange (FX) over-the-counter (OTC) and futures participants, the company said in a statement. Founded in 2008, MaxxTrader has more than 100 banks, broker-dealers and hedge funds connected to its platform, with an average daily volume of $17 billion as of June-end, SGX said.

Exclusive-Facebook's Kustomer deal set to face EU antitrust investigationEU antitrust regulators are likely to kick off a full-scale investigation into Facebook's acquisition of U.S. customer service startup Kustomer ...