India's military gets combat-ready near China border

WATCH: India has built an airspace control center in the Eastern sector to be more vigilant along the Line of Actual Control region.

22/10/2021 4:30:00 AM

WATCH: India has built an airspace control center in the Eastern sector to be more vigilant along the Line of Actual Control region.

Thousands of Indian and Chinese troops have been locked in a high-altitude face-off in India's Ladakh region since last year, despite the two militaries holding more than a dozen rounds of talks to defuse the situation.Indian has built an airspace control center in the Eastern sector to be more vigilant along the Line of Actual Control region, said Deputy Commander of Aviation Brigade of the area, Navneet Cahil, on Wednesday (October 20).India moved troops to its eastern stretch of the border since the clashes erupted last year.Arunachal Pradesh, which China calls South Tibet, was at the center of a full-scale border war between India and China in 1962, and security analysts have warned that it could become a flash-point again.

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PM Lee says Covid-19 measures have worked because S'poreans trust PAP govt, know it will 'always have your back' Compulsory on-arrival ART for land VTL travellers entering Singapore from Malaysia after reports about new Covid-19 strain PAP not afraid of opposing views but must rebut wrong ones 'if possible gently, but when necessary firmly': PM Lee

14 hours agoSoaring prices hurt India's festival seasonFor Suman Milind, rising prices in India are casting a shadow over the upcoming Diwali festival of lights.The 33-year-old is changing her spending habits, amid soaring costs for fuel, transport and manufactured items.Incomes in India have also stagnated as a result of the global health crisis:"We used to buy four to five boxes of dry fruits during festivals, but now we will hardly buy one or two boxes, which is again because of high prices."Millions of Indian households are facing similar strains on their budgets ahead of Diwali.Falling in early November this year, it marks the country's busiest shopping season for consumer goods.But according to data, many are foregoing big-ticket purchases such as television sets and jewellery this festive season.Pump prices of petrol and diesel are up nearly 35% from a year ago.And cooking gas is up more than 50%.Overall inflation has been above 6% for much of the year, though it eased slightly in September. Bindisha Ganguly is Chief Economist at the Confederation of Indian Industry:"Many people have lost their jobs, incomes have been cut back. So, people will be spending cautiously and in that situation, any small increase in prices will hurt them."Some feel there's little the government can do to alleviate the pain as global crude prices hit three-year highs.India imports 80% of its oil.Ganguly says federal and state governments should cut fuel taxes to help ease some of the pressure.

14 hours agoCould you eat this 2.2lb burger?Could you eat a 2.2lb burger?LOCATION: Menoufia, EgyptA local eatery organized a competitionawarding a $63 voucher to contestants who can finish the mountain of meat(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) MARKETING MANAGER FOR BROOKLYN HOMEMADE BURGER, MAHMOUD WAGDY, SAYING:"We designed this competition for people who can really eat, for whoever can finish this burger by themselves. A lot of people participated in the competition when we first announced it, and today you see here there are five contestants who join us. For whoever can finish the entire burger by themselves, they will be awarded a 1,000-Egyptian pound ($63) voucher. One of them won and he'll be awarded a 1,000-pound voucher from the restaurant."The burger is topped with a hefty amount of melted cheeseand garnished with four different kinds of condimentsIt would usually feed 4-6 people(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) CONTESTANT, ABDELRAHMAN HEIKAL, SAYING:"How do I feel about losing? I never expected to be able to finish the burger, I knew it would be hard "

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Singapore-Malaysia land VTL: Up to 3,000 travellers allowed daily in 1st phase, via designated buses

SINGAPORE — Singapore and Malaysia will launch a vaccinated travel lane (VTL) by land on Monday (Nov 29) via the Causeway, but under the first phase of the scheme, travellers must be citizens, permanent residents or long-term pass holders of the country that they are entering.

Foxconn sets sights on making EVs in Europe, India, Latin AmericaTAIPEI :Taiwan tech giant Foxconn is looking at making electric vehicles (EVs) in Europe, India and Latin America, including 'indirectly' cooperating with German automakers, Chairman Liu Young-way said on Wednesday.Foxconn, formally called Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd, aims to become a major player in th Copyright(c) 2021 Lucid Technologies. All rights reserved. $LCID

At least 34 dead after floods in north IndiaNEW DELHI: At least 34 people have died following days of heavy rains in the north Indian state of Uttarakhand, the state\u0027s chief minister said, as rescuers continued work to free those stranded on Wednesday (Oct 20). Aerial footage of the affected areas showed engorged rivers and villages partially submer 自作孽不可活

At least 34 dead after floods in north IndiaAt least 34 people have died following days of heavy rains in the north Indian state of Uttarakhand, the state's chief minister said, as rescuers continued work to free those stranded on Wednesday. Aerial footage of the affected areas showed engorged rivers and villages partially submerged by floodwaters. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a tweet he was 'anguished' by the loss of life.

Thousands flee Myanmar for India amid fears of a growing refugee crisis

When a cobra became a murder weapon in India28-year-old Suraj Kumar was given a rare double-life sentence for killing his wife by making a cobra bite her. eer..ow he tell d korbra?opps with a magikal flute hor..

India celebrates 1 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses with song, filmIndia is set to administer one billion COVID-19 vaccine doses by early Thursday, an important milestone after a slow start, even as a recent drop in inoculations worries the government and healthcare providers. Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya will launch a song and an audio-visual film at the Mughal-era Red Fort in New Delhi around noon to 'celebrate the landmark milestone', his ministry said. The country has already injected 998.5 million doses, nearly 90% of them the AstraZeneca vaccine produced locally by the Serum Institute of India. Good luck with that. $ocgn this will fly!