Deepak Chopra, Peace İn The World, Wishing Peace

Deepak Chopra, Peace İn The World

How to make peace in your life

Develop peace consciousness by focusing on a different habit every day.

11/7/2021 9:00:00 AM

Develop peace consciousness by focusing on a different habit every day.

You are an indispensable part of the journey to enlightenment that lies ahead for everyone who steps onto the path, Chopra says.

6 July 2021, 3:36 pm·5-min readDeepak Chopra says that people can develop their peace consciousness by focusing on a different habit every day. (Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)The balance of peace in the world can seem overwhelming as if huge forces outside our control are in charge. But you can take a different perspective, setting yourself the goal of creating peace all around you. The source of violence, war, discontent, rebellion and unrest lies inside each of us. When you become a unit of peace consciousness, exemplifying the quality known as

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Ahimsa(harmlessness) in yoga, you have added in a unique way to bringing the world to a state of peace.In the coming week, you can develop your peace consciousness by focusing on a different habit every day.Monday: Being calm and centeredPeace is the natural state of the mind at its deepest level. Non-peace begins in small ways when you are worried, restless, distracted, uneasy or dissatisfied. Today be mindful of those signals from your inner world. When you feel them, take a moment to return to your calm space. Either meditating or simply sitting in a quiet space with eyes closed, taking easy, deep breaths, works very well. Today's habit is learning how to return to peace when we notice we are moving away from it.

Tuesday: Non-participationTo be a unit of peace consciousness, don't participate in the opposite attitude, which magnifies the reasons to be unpeaceful. Today, avoid conversations that include gossip, blame, backbiting and discussions of how terrible the world is. You don't have to be a Pollyanna, acting as if everything is already perfect. Simply focus on not participating when you can feel that a situation is turning toward anger, resentment, envy and hostility in any form.

Wednesday: Taking no sidePeace consciousness wants peace to be equally shared by everyone. This isn't possible if you take sides, judge against others, or indulge in us-versus-them thinking. Today, be aware of everyone's right to have peace. When you find yourself reacting with a knee-jerk response against a certain person, group, faith, ethnicity or belief system, remind yourself that you can hold a different viewpoint while still wishing peace for all concerned.

Story continuesThursday: The intention of peacePeace consciousness becomes more powerful as it deepens. One way to deepen your awareness is to put an intention out to the universe, which really means connecting with your higher self. Today, any time you witness or confront a situation that needs a peaceful resolution, ask inside that the way to peace is opened for everyone. Sit quietly with this intention for a few moments, letting your heart go out to those not at peace.

Friday: Commune in peaceWhen people of peace get together, they magnify their consciousness. Today, find a way to commune with someone else who wants peace. This can be through sitting with a child and absorbing their innocence, or discussing the topic of peace with a sympathetic person. You might consider joining a group that is working at any level of peace, such as preventing violence or helping troubled teens. Feel the warmth of sharing your peace with others.

Saturday: Selfless servicePeace consciousness wants to be of service. It does little good to be at peace passively in isolation. Today, allow someone else to feel the peace you have found by being of service. Let yourself experience the kindness, goodwill and compassion you can bring to a troubled situation. Your service can be as modest as visiting the elderly or as active as joining a community outreach project. Your aim is to give and receive at the level of peace that benefits both people at the same time.

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Sunday: The soul's peaceAt the deepest level, there is infinite peace, undisturbed by the play of opposites and the clash of darkness versus the light. From the soul's perspective, there is only pure being. Today, take time to meditate on your true nature as unbounded love, compassion, reverence for life and unite with the divine presence. See the light expanding from your heart in all directions. Let simply being here be enough. Soak up the beauty of nature and realize that you are an indispensable part of the journey to enlightenment that lies ahead for everyone who steps onto the path. Just as there is only one state of pure being, there is only one peace, which blesses every person equally.

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