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Hong Kong clinic punished for recommending Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine over China's Sinovac

Hong Kong clinic punished for recommending Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine over China's Sinovac

24/3/2021 12:37:00 PM

Hong Kong clinic punished for recommending Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine over China's Sinovac

HONG KONG : Hong Kong health authorities have ejected a private clinic from the city's COVID-19 vaccination programme after it reportedly ...

BookmarkHONG KONG: Hong Kong health authorities have ejected a private clinic from the city's COVID-19 vaccination programme after it reportedly recommended the German-made Pfizer/BioNTech shot to patients over the one from China's Sinovac.The move illustrates the Hong Kong government's sensitivity to any criticism of the Sinovac vaccine, which has a comparatively lower efficacy rate and was fast-tracked by regulators despite a lack of published data.

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AdvertisementAdvertisementThe city's health department said Tuesday (Mar 23) that the clinic would no longer administer COVID-19 jabs because a doctor violated an agreement with the inoculation programme.Authorities said they had also reclaimed unused Sinovac doses from the clinic.

The announcement came after a photo of a notice at the clinic comparing the two vaccines' efficacy rates went viral online over the weekend.AdvertisementAdvertisement"Advice: Don't take Sinovac, take BioNTech," the notice read, adding one of the clinic's own doctors had chosen the latter.

Ta Kung Pao, a newspaper that answers to Beijing's Liaison Office in Hong Kong, then ran a report accusing the doctor of"smearing" the Sinovac vaccine.So far about 403,000 Hong Kongers - about 5 per cent of the city's population - have received their first doses.

More than 250,000 of them got the Sinovac jab, while the rest got Pfizer-BioNTech shots.AdvertisementSeparately on Wednesday, the government suspended the Pfizer shot due to a packaging problem, but stressed it did not believe there was a safety risk.

LIMITED DATAChina's COVID-19 vaccine makers have been less forthcoming than their competitors in publishing peer-reviewed data from clinical trials - even as Beijing pushes those shots around the world as an alternative to Western-made shots.The Sinovac shot was approved by Hong Kong after the company submitted data directly to regulators, not to a peer-reviewed medical journal.

READ: HSA starts review of Sinovac COVID-19 vaccineData on the jab from trials in other countries points to efficacy of between 50 per cent to 80 per cent, depending on the studies, compared with Pfizer/BioNTech's 94 per cent to 95 per cent.Hong Kong began its vaccination drive last month but the public take-up has been slow and ensnared by roiling distrust of China, fuelled by Beijing's sweeping crackdown on the city's democracy movement.

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A recent poll said only 37 per cent of adults planned to get vaccinated.Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam has previously lamented the tepid enthusiasm for vaccination and accused critics of"smearing" China's vaccines. Read more: CNA »

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In today's HongKong, even science and basic common sense have to give way to the toxic patriotism of CCPChina. FreeHK StandWithHongKong All HongKong's pandemic measures are poltically motivated! StandWithHongKong save12hkyouths save12hkyouth comparing the foreign vs sino vaccine is disrupting national security since telling the truth (foregin vaccine have better efficacy and side effects profile) is not accepted in totalitarian society.

As speaking true is a crime in HK now This is HK now. You can speak whatever you like, as long as it's not against China. Free speech with Chinese characteristics. HongKong DefendingHongKong FreeHK SOSHK HongKongPoliceTerrorists PoliceBrutal PoliceState HKers Save12HKYouths save12hkyouth BoycottChina CCP_is_terrorist FreePress AntiChinazi 香港人12人の若者を助けて 12홍콩인을구해주세요 12युवाओंकोबचाओ Save12 HumanRights

It is prohibited to tell the truth in hk What do u expect from the rodents of CCP? The doctor is just saying the truth: sinovac has a poorer reputation then biontech and works less well. Seven people died after used Sinovac vaccine also not necessary stop. But now bloodycarrie government stopped Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine immediately because the problem with the packaging!? CCP_is_terrorist CCPLiedPeopleDied WuhanCoronavirus boycottBeijing2022

china sucks ChinaLiedPeopleDied Everything in HK is political task, just like that in China. Wonderful news. China Sinovac is not proved to a useful vaccine, while many people died of this vaccine. Don't take the vaccine from China. HongKong government arrangement is a mess. The information about the vaccine is so unclear.

People who aged over 60 are not recommended to receive Sinovac in China, yet there are suspicious cases of HK people who aged over 60 died or feeling unwell after receiving Sinovac jab. We are not lab rats for China. Now HongKongers get punished for saying the facts out loud... StandWithHongKong why people who analyze the truth is punished 😑

9 deaths after injecting CCPChina's Sinovac vaccine! However, no one stop injecting! Ridiculous!

“Be patriotic” as they say. nobody can criticise anything related to China in Hong Kong PoliceState Nonnepossopi1 Communist can't afford having yuan coming to America😂🤣 7 deaths after injecting China's vaccine Speaking truth is not allowed That's how China make everything political to ignore HongKongers' safety StandWithHongKong

How ungentleman can CCP be? Disgusting nationalism over professionals. Made recommendation base on scientific data led to punishment. We cannot estimate how many ridiculous things would be happened in Hong Kong everyday.... When there’s no. of citizens died after injecting the Sinovac vaccines, Hong Kong govt told people to ask for the advice of doctors before vaccinating. Now the doctor gave out his professional advice, which is opposite to what the govt wants, he was punished for giving advice.

What the clinic says is scientifically true. The regime is strenuously obscuring the fact that China's vaccine kills people. PPPonGo Truth is not allowed in Hong Kong.

Never, ever trust CCP. CCP_is_terrorist CCPLiedPeopleDied Anyone do right and say truth will be punish in nowadays Hong Kong . By this simple comparison, it is evident that Sinovac vaccines made in.China are worse than BioNtech vaccines. This is the objective evidence. However, the HongKong government doesn't allow anybody to criticize the Chinese products.

Today, the HongKong govt suspends the more viable BionTech quoting 'packaging issues', but continues the more fatal Sinovac despite surging deaths and disabilities. Very hard to say there aren't any political motives behind. China should stop interfering in clinic recommendations.