Designer behind otter on TraceTogether check-in page wanted it to dance

23/1/2022 9:14:00 AM

Designer behind otter on TraceTogether check-in page wanted it to dance - Late last year, the ubiquitous TraceTogether app saw an addition that brought a smile to many people's faces.Upon checking in at a location, a smiling otter pops up, swimming leisurely across a teal-coloured check-in pass on the screen.

The moving animal brought much-needed levity to what some have found to be a grim process. One user has touted it the"kawaiification of TraceTogether", a reference to kawaii, or the culture of cuteness in Japan.Behind the page's success is Government Technology Agency (GovTech) designer Joycelyn Chua, 30, who told The Straits Times last week that she initially intended the animal to dance across the page.

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