Apple Daily, Hong Kong

Apple Daily, Hong Kong

Crowds gather for hearing of two Apple Daily executives on national security charge

Crowds gather for hearing of two Apple Daily executives on national security charge

19/6/2021 4:33:00 AM

Crowds gather for hearing of two Apple Daily executives on national security charge

HONG KONG : Crowds gathered outside a Hong Kong court early on Saturday (Jun 19) ahead of a hearing for two executives of newspaper Apple Daily ...

BookmarkHONG KONG: Crowds gathered outside a Hong Kong court early on Saturday (Jun 19) ahead of a hearing fortwo executivesof newspaper Apple Daily charged under the city's sweeping national security law, in a case that has drawn international condemnation.

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Editor-in-chief Ryan Law, 47, and chief executive Cheung Kim-hung, 59, were among five Apple Daily executives arrested on Thursday when, which authorities described as a"crime scene."AdvertisementAdvertisementBoth are charged with collusion with foreign powers, raising alarm over media freedoms in the financial hub as authorities intensify a crackdown under the contentious legislation.

READ: Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily increases print run after police raidThe other three, chief operating officer Chow Tat-kuen, deputy chief editor Chan Puiman and chief executive editor Cheung Chi-wai, were released on bail late on Friday, according to Apple Daily.

"I already left Apple Daily due to personal and safety reasons," said Chan, 37, a former Apple Daily reporter.AdvertisementAdvertisement"I hope the two being charged can think about themselves first. They also have their families. I worked with them before. We are like friends."

The national security law imposed by Beijing in 2020 on the former British colony has brought an authoritarian tone to most aspects of life in Hong Kong, including education and arts.It punishes what Beijing broadly refers to as secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces with up to life in prison.

Police said dozens of the newspaper's articles were suspected of violating the national security law - the first time media articles have been cited as potentially falling foul of the legislation.AdvertisementCrowds gathered at dawn on Saturday outside West Kowloon Magistrates' Courts, some holding yellow umbrellas or wearing Apple Daily T-shirts saying,"No fear, fight on."

"Right now, you can be charged with NSL because of a word or a speech that they didn't like. It’s a big regression,” Lo, 29, a reader of the popular, 26-year-old paper, said.The arrests and scale of the Apple Daily raid have been criticised by Western nations, global rights groups, press associations and the chief UN spokesperson for human rights.

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Apple Daily and its listed publisher Next Digital have come under increasing pressure since their owner, pro-democracy activist and staunch Beijing critic Jimmy Lai, was arrested last year under the legislation.Lai, whose assets have been frozen under the security law, is already in jail for taking part in unauthorised assemblies and awaiting trial in his national security case.

As investigations into Apple Daily and its senior executives ramp up, some employees and observers have expressed deepening concern over the newspaper's future.Since the law was imposed by Beijing in June last year, more than 100 people have been arrested, with most denied bail.

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Apple Daily: the Hong Kong tabloid that dared to challenge ChinaOver the past 26 years Hong Kong 's Apple Daily newspaper has evolved into the city's most popular tabloid by punching up against a particularly powerful entity that brooks little criticism: China's communist leadership.

Hong Kong police raid newspaper Apple Daily, arrest 5 including editor-in-chief HONG KONG : Hong Kong police arrested five directors at the Apple Daily early on Thursday (Jun 17) morning, including its editor-in-chief, the ... what kind of regimes arrests newspaper executives? Could Hong Kong communist party or CCPChina State which foreign powers that appledaily are collude? CCP_is_terrorist appledaily SupportAppledaily 撐蘋果日報 FreedomOfPress FreePress saveappledaily jimmylai FreeJimmyLai WeNeedAppleDaily

HK's Apple Daily says police arrest 5 directors in latest blow to tycoon Jimmy Lai

HK tycoon Jimmy Lai's Apple Daily newsroom raidedIn an early morning raid involving hundreds of officers, Hong Kong national security police arrested five directors of the pro-democracy Apple Daily newspaper.Thursday's raid is the latest blow to media tycoon Jimmy Lai who owns the tabloid and is a staunch Beijing critic.Officers entered the tabloid with a warrant to seize journalistic materials.They were later seen sitting at computers in the newsroom and sifting through reporters' notebooks.It's the first time authorities have cited media articles as potentially violating the national security law.The legislation, which came in last year, is not retrospective but can use actions from before its implementation as evidence.Senior superintendent Li Kwai-wah said the tabloid published dozens of reports dating back to 2019 that 'incited foreign countries to impose sanctions'.Lai has been in detention since December and was denied bail under the security law.He's serving several sentences for taking part in unauthorised rallies in 2019 and faces allegations of national security offences.Under that same law, Lai's assets have been frozen.

Two Apple Daily executives charged with collusion with foreign country HONG KONG : Hong Kong police charged the chief editor and chief executive of newspaper Apple Daily on Friday (Jun 18) with collusion with a foreign ... 撐蘋果日報 saveappledaily WeNeedAppleDaily jimmylai FreeJimmyLaiFreedomOfPress FreePress Hong Kong dictatorship destroyed our democracy, freedom, education, justices and human rights But Hong Kong people never give up Let’s fight against China dictatorship StandWithHongKong Totalitarianism is the biggest enemy of democracy side!! Free World must take it down to save universal values and rules!! FightForUniverialValues StandWithHongKong

HK police charges two Apple Daily execs with collusion with foreign country Hong Kong police charged on Friday the chief editor and chief executive of pro-democracy tabloid Apple Daily with collusion with a foreign country to endanger national security. Apple Daily reported the two charged were editor-in-chief Ryan Law and chief executive officer Cheung Kim-hung.