CPF Housing Grant Eligibility in Singapore: How Much BTO, Resale Flat and EC Buyers Can Get (2022)

1/6/2022 3:53:00 PM

Everything you need to know about the grants and how you can qualify for them 💰

Everything you need to know about the grants and how you can qualify for them 💰

CPF housing grant eligibility will affect which and how much HDB grant you can get for BTO, resale flat and EC buyers. Here is an overview on the different types of CPF grants available in Singapore and their eligibility criteria.

Types of HDB GrantsEHG, first-time applicants buying as a family/couple can get up to $80,000 in grants, while singles can enjoy up to $40,000The household income for the past one year must be $9,000 or below. At least one applicant must be working for a year.

Employment:The remaining lease must be also enough to cover the youngest buyer until 95 years old, or the grant will be pro-rated.If you’re buying as a single or with a non-resident spouse, your income must not exceed $4,500 and you must be employed for the past year. If are buying a flat with other singles or a resale flat with your parents then your income must not exceed $9,000. Like families and couples buying with the EHG, the remaining lease must have at least 20 years left and must cover you until you’re 95 years old. You also cannot own any property in Singapore or abroad or must dispose of any property within 30 months before applying for the flat.

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