Covid-19 home recovery system ‘much strained’: MOH issues FAQ guide, urges people to avoid jamming hotlines

Covid-19 home recovery system ‘much strained’: MOH issues FAQ guide, urges people to avoid jamming hotlines

23/9/2021 7:55:00 AM

Covid-19 home recovery system ‘much strained’: MOH issues FAQ guide, urges people to avoid jamming hotlines

SINGAPORE — With the system “much strained” by the recent surge in Covid-19 cases and home recovery now the default, the Ministry of Health (MOH) on Thursday (Sept 23) released a set of answers to frequently asked questions to guide patients who are recovering from the disease at home.

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Covid-19: S’pore will take 3-6 months to reach ‘new normal’ with trying few months ahead, says PM Lee

SINGAPORE — It will take Singapore at least three to six months to reach a “new normal” where people can resume doing the things they used to do and see crowds again without feeling worried or strange, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Saturday (Oct 9).

wasn't this an anticipated outcome since the minister said it? Shouldn't the preparation and readiness be there b4 the surge. A country lead by a foresighted founding father is now in the hands of non proactive people. Very disappointing Only if a proper guidelines were issued earlier before home recovery system started. Pls think before opening up more

If the symptoms are no more serious than that of a mild flu for vaccinated people... why need to go hospital? AT A GLANCE: MOH has issued a FAQ guide on Covid-19 home recovery. Here's what you need to know. Read the full story: Gov, you have to build more strength in recovery and please change your strategy. It is critical to change strategy now. We need actions and we need to act fast.

If instructions/ advise are not clear or worse, no instructions or advice, then chaos happen. Why isn’t the operation room fully staffed when PM Lee visit? Why we primed ourselves as technologically advanced but cannot cope with such Nee measures? After more than 18 months of this outbreak, why do we have such new measures if we are not ready?

Please dont roll out such schemes if you are not ready for it. Simple as that You opened the floodgates and now you tell us not to call you when there is no response

Ground operations ‘much strained’ as surge in COVID-19 cases causes delays: MOHSINGAPORE: The Ministry of Health (MOH) said on Thursday (Sep 23) that ground operations are “much strained”, with growing case numbers and home recovery the default mode of care management for COVID-19 patients. Some patients on home recovery said they Recover at home! Another words, you are on your own after we vaccinated you. sporeMOH Dua Kung, don’t want to go CB, let more and more grannies died! leehsienloong LL LawrenceWongST bopian Singaporean die lah Covid isn't going anywhere. home recovery for the vaccinated is a great step forward for sg and all countries in the world are doing this. Hospitals should admit patients only when the need to admit them.

Chinese city of Harbin orders spas, mahjong salons to shut after COVID-19 case confirmedSpas, cinemas and mahjong salons in the Chinese city of Harbin were ordered to close on Tuesday (Sep 21) to prevent COVID-19 spreading in poorly ventilated spaces, state television reported. The temporary shutdowns were part of a range of restrictions imposed on the northeastern city after one case of

Wang Leehom fined for COVID-19 SOP violationThe singer failed to abide by the self-health management rule set by Taiwanese government

Record high of 1,457 new Covid-19 cases; newly reported cluster at Woodlands dormitory

Three patients aged 50, 65 and 90 die of Covid-19 complications; death toll reaches 68SG should open up the borders now and let life be normal. Covid will be like a dengue now. Many will get it and survive but a few will succumb to it. Stop reporting numbers. It is already out of control in SG. We all live with it. Don't give false hope. world_news_eng Sorry to hear that! 50yr old. No balls for vax. Times up

Calls grow among experts in Singapore for mandatory vaccination as Covid-19 cases spikeSINGAPORE — Some health experts in Singapore are calling for mandatory vaccination against the coronavirus with a growing toll of severe Covid-19 among unvaccinated people as infections surge and with vaccine take-up plateauing at 82 per cent of the population. 'I would love to see vaccine mandates in over 60s, they are the group most likely to die,' said Professor Dale Fisher, an infectious disease expert at NUH. Read more: They will always spike, no matter what you do. If it does become mandatory,every country will follow suit. as far as the Delta variants is concern the main reason is that....