Coronavirus outbreak gives Singapore impetus to boost supply chain resilience: Chan Chun Sing

26/2/2020 5:16 PM

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. Read more at In addition to using the downtime to restructure its processes and upskill workers, Singapore needs to relook its supply chains from labour to materials to ensure the country is not overly dependent on any single source or market, he said.

The survey of 225 member firms, which was done in conjunction with Sandpiper Communications, sought to understand the impact of the outbreak on their operations and outlook, and the business environment here.

“Technology has fundamentally changed supply chains in the region and beyond. Then the second wave came from US-China trade issues, and now with the disease outbreak, these three sets of forces have really added impetus to our efforts to re-examine our supply chains.

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“We are even going into where the components form that supply chain, in order for us to have a resilient supply chain. We also have to look at our markets mix and product mix. If we are not diversified ...

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