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Commentary: Nobody wants to return to a five-day work week as it was

Commentary: Nobody wants to return to a five-day work week as it was

7/6/2021 1:26:00 AM

Commentary: Nobody wants to return to a five-day work week as it was

Bosses who want everyone back in the office full-time face a showdown with their workers, says the Financial Times' Pilita Clark.

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SubscribeSHOULD IT BE ILLEGAL TO FORCE PEOPLE TO RETURN TO WORK?No wonder 75 per cent of office workers in one large European survey published last week agreed it should be illegal for bosses to force staff to work from an office.Of course some people, especially new recruits and younger workers, are itching to get into the same room as colleagues they barely know or need to learn from.

I too am keen to see colleagues in the flesh again and I miss what Apple’s boss, Tim Cook, called the “hum of activity” in an email he sent last week telling staff they had to be back at their company desks at least three days a week by September.But I do not know anyone who wants to return to the five-day working week as it was. That means an almighty showdown is looming between workers who want to be able to work at home at least one or two days a week, and employers who want all to be just as it was before 2020.

A huge, sought-after company such as Apple, which is inundated with job applicants, may be able to easily dictate terms.So too a Wall Street bank such as JPMorgan Chase, whose chief executive, Jamie Dimon, last month said remote working was no good for young people, corporate culture, ideas generation or “those who want to hustle”.

(Can you say no to returning to the office? We posed this question to Adrian and one CEO in our Heart of the Matter podcast recorded in October 2020.)A REVOLUTION IN THINKING ABOUT REMOTE WORKINGYet the pandemic has unleashed a revolution in thinking about remote working that is likely to make it harder for many employers to demand a full-time office presence.

“My sense is that that’s not going to fly,” says Nicole Sahin, chief executive of Globalisation Partners, a US-headquartered firm that helps companies navigate the process of hiring staff abroad.“They’re going to have a hard time recruiting people if they require everybody to be in the office.”

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Exactly how this should be done is one of the biggest workplace questions today. How affordable is it? What does it mean for office layouts?Can people still keep their old desks or does hot-desking have to become the norm? Should staff all come in on the same days or not? And that is just the start of it.

Few companies know all the answers yet but like it or not, a lot will need to find out very soon. Read more: CNA »

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不是不要,是找不到这种工作 Also in Singapore. Besides I've been reading 4hour work week and at the very least, if I do go back to work, it should only take 4 hours a day to keep the economy moving at the pace of the past 5years, and 3 hours a day, to make it move faster, and only if they hire better.

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