Charge, Hong Kong

Charge, Hong Kong

China to charge 12 from Hong Kong caught fleeing by boat

China to charge 12 from Hong Kong caught fleeing by boat

27/11/2020 1:33:00 PM

China to charge 12 from Hong Kong caught fleeing by boat

Chinese authorities said on Friday they are set to charge 12 people from Hong Kong with border violations after they were detained in China more ...

AsiaFILE PHOTO: The father of Cheng Tsz Ho, one of the 12 detainees, stands on a peak overlooking Yantian district in the neighbouring Chinese mainland city of Shenzhen, in Hong Kong, China Nov 21, 2020. (Photo: REUTERS/James Pomfret/File Photo)27 Nov 2020 06:28PM

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Share this contentBookmarkHONG KONG: Chinese authorities said on Friday (Nov 27) they are set to charge 12 people from Hong Kong with border violations after they were detained in China more than three months ago while trying toflee from the city by speedboat

.The 12, who had all faced charges in Hong Kong linked to anti-government protests, have been held virtually incommunicado in a mainland prison since they were detained at sea, apparently while trying to reach the island of Taiwan.AdvertisementAdvertisement

They face charges of illegal border crossing and organising an illicit border crossing, which could carry a sentence of up to seven years in jail, mainland authorities said. Read more: CNA »

fktws The PRC is turning into the DPRK FreeThe12 CCPChina save12hkyouth save12hkyouths save12hkyouths BringThemBack All countries keep an eye on the affairs of all HK protesters. Then they can keep their personal safety. StandWithHongKong FreeHK save12hkyouths Elena41869008 This is not a proper prosecution. China is kidnapping HongKong people. Hong Kong is no safe place to stay or invest!

CCP are inhumane to those 12 HKers. Doesn't grant fundamental rights to them. Their family still can't visit them this moments. CCP are committing atrocious human rights violations. Save12HKYouths BringThemHome save12hkyouths BringThemBack StandWithHK FreeHK save12hkyouths There’s no rule of law in China. The 12 Hong Kong youths did not detain by due process in the beginning and won’t be able to receive proper advices from the Beijing-appointed lawyers. I can’t imagine how desperate they are in Shenzhen. save12HKyouths

save12hkyouths Let them have a fair and open judgment. the chance of the detained 12 facing a fair and transparent trial in China is zero save12hkyouths save12hkyouths StandWithHongKong Fuck CCP save12hkyouths 90 days and more. When can we actually know what is happening to them. Not through those letter full of simplified Chinese, but actually can see them face-to-face? save12hkyouth

From arrest, transport, interrogation to sentencing, the CCPChina's judicial system has not made this case transparent. No one knows the situation of those 12 people, even HongKong gov't has no info as well. This is so called 'Sunshine justice'. SAVE12 save12 save12hkyouth save12hkyouths Proven in a non-stop way... CCPChina is definitely a tyranny, the greatest threat to the free world and all universal values. save12hkyouths soshk CCP_is_terrorist

Their legal right to have a fair & justice to appeal is totally ruled out by CCP & none of the HK Govt official is offering help to them. The best way to save them is CCP disappearance in the world. save12hkyouths The world please save12hkyouths by pressuring and sanctioning CCP China. The detention is a planned political prosecution and human rights abuse. StandWithHongKong HongKongProtests Chinazi

We are really worry about 12HKers. Please save12hkyouths kerokero_HKer The World should say no to Tyranny! . Although facing the evil Chinazi, NationalSecurityLaw & PoliceBrutality, Hongkongers are not giving up! Sanction XiJinPing, CarrieLam, HKGov & CCP Officals! FreeHK SOSHK SAVE12HKYOUTHS StandWithHongKong AntiChinazi

kerokero_HKer No matter how evil the CCP Chinazi NationalSecurityLaw are No matter how brutal the HKPolice is HKer are still fighting for justice, liberty & democracy 💪🏿😠 Hongkonger are not giving up! StandWithHongKong HongKong PoliceBrutality HumanitarianCrisis save12hkyouth kerokero_HKer How evil can the Chinazi Tyranny be? . Hongkonger well knew CCP China & HKPolice HKGov are evil brutal Totalitarianism long ago.. HKer is still fighting, For justice, HumanRight & democracy! StandWithHK FreeHK SAVE12HKYOUTHS SOSHK SAVE12 StandWithHongKong

save12hkyouths Kathleen_HKer Say no to Tyranny! . As a Hongkonger, my dream is simple but difficult.. So difficult for HK to have justice, HumanRight, liberty & democracy.. But We’re still fighting! save12hkyouths No PoliceBrutality, CCP Chinazi Totalitarianism! StandWithHongKong StandWithHK

CCP_is_terrorist HumanRightsViolations save12hkyouths save12hkyouths Hongkonger is under HumanitarianCrisis now :( Pls dont give up HK in this big crisis, HKer not surrender! Still fighting for justice, HumanRight & democracy! Dear world, StandWithHK! SOSHK FreeHK save12hkyouth HongKongNeedsHelp NationalSecurityLaw DefendingHongKong

Please help to save hk youths😭😭 Communist China is notorious for its rule by law, secret trials, forced confession & human rights abuses on detainees. Hope the int’l community could keep a close eye on save12hkyouths, & hope attention could at least ensure their safety...StandWithHongKong China has gained much notoriety for crackdown on dissenting vioces, including lawyers, reporters, activists. The 12 youths will never be free if the world stops spotlighting them. save12hkyouths

Pray for these 12 HongKong youths kidnapped by the CCP, under the help of their own govt which see the city's youth as its enemies. save12hkyouths