Covıd 19, Covıd-19, Social Gathering, Coronavirus

Covıd 19, Covıd-19

Cap of 5 people for social gatherings, household visits to return as Singapore tightens COVID-19 measures

SINGAPORE: Limits on social gatherings and visitors to homes will be reduced from eight to five from May 8 to May 30 as Singapore tightens ...

4/5/2021 2:02:00 PM

Singapore has not ruled out a possible COVID19 circuit breaker as it reintroduces Phase 2 measures to curb community spread: Multi-ministry task force

SINGAPORE: Limits on social gathering s and visitors to homes will be reduced from eight to five from May 8 to May 30 as Singapore tightens ...

BookmarkSINGAPORE: Limits on social gatherings and visitors to homes will be reduced from eight to five from May 8 to May 30 as Singapore tightens COVID-19 measures amid a rise in community cases.People are also advised to keep to two or fewer social gatherings per day, said the Ministry of Health (MOH) on Tuesday (May 4).

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AdvertisementAdvertisementThe proportion of employees allowed to return to the workplace will also be reduced during the same period.“Employers must ensure that no more than 50 per cent of employees who are able to work from home return to the workplace at any time,” MOH said. This is down from 75 per cent currently.

Social gatherings at the workplace should be avoided, said the ministry.AdvertisementAdvertisement"However, if they cannot be avoided, for example during meal breaks, the gatherings are subject to the revised community limit of 5 persons," it added.

GYMS, FITNESS STUDIOS TO CLOSEIndoor gymnasiums and fitness studios will have to close from May 8 to 30 as they have been identified as higher-risk settings."These are small enclosed spaces where people are frequently unmasked while exercising, and in close proximity with many other unmasked people," said MOH.

AdvertisementOrganised outdoor exercise programmes and classes may continue, subject to a class size of 30."This includes group sizes of up to 5 persons and a 3-metre distance between each group," said MOH.MOH said it will “remain vigilant” and continue to monitor other higher-risk settings and activities such as indoor sports halls and personalised services such as massages, spas, and facials.

“If the community cases situation does not improve, we will consider taking further actions on these higher-risk settings and activities,” MOH said.Co-chair of the COVID-19 multi-ministry task force Lawrence Wong said at a press conference that the measures will take Singapore back to Phase 2 for a few weeks.

"This is not a circuit breaker. We certainly hope not to have to invoke another circuit breaker," he said.While the measures will take effect on May 8, Mr Wong urged people to scale back on their activities as much as possible from Tuesday.SMALLER GROUPS FOR EVENTS, PRE-TESTING REQUIREMENTS

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To minimise the likelihood of large cluster formations, MOH said it will reduce event sizes and the limits caps beyond which pre-event testing is required.Congregational and other worship services will from May 8 to May 30 require pre-event testing if there are more than 100 attendees at any one time, capped at 250 attendees.

“To further reduce the risks of transmission, congregational singing will be suspended in religious organisations to manage any risks of spread,” MOH said.For weddings, the maximum number of attendees will be 250 attendees in total -including the wedding couple but excluding the licensed solemniser and vendors for the entire event - in zones of up to 50 attendees.

Pre-event testing will be required for the wedding couple for solemnisations involving more than 50 attendees, MOH said. Wedding receptions may also proceed with up to 250 attendees in total for the entire event, in zones or timeslots of up to 50 attendees each.

“Due to the higher risk at receptions where people are unmasked while enjoying their meals and come into close and prolonged contact mingling with one another, pre-event testing for all attendees (including the wedding couple) will be required for wedding receptions involving more than 50 attendees,” MOH said.

For funerals, attendees at the day of the burial or cremation will be limited to no more than 30 persons, down from 50 persons currently. The cap for other days of the wake remains at 30 attendees at any one time, MOH said.As pre-event testing is not required, attendees are reminded to maintain safe distancing and keep masks on at all times to reduce the risk of spread, MOH added. As a new requirement, all mass participation sports events will be suspended and no spectators will be allowed. The maximum number of attendees allowed at live performances at designated venues, pilot business-to-business events and cinemas will be reduced from 750 to 250.

Pre-event testing will be required for all attendees of these events if there are more than 100 attendees. Similarly, cinema attendances will be reduced to 100 attendees, with the “potential to increase to 250 attendees with the additional requirement of pre-event testing”, MOH said.

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Operating capacity will also be reduced from 65 per cent to 50 per cent at museums and public libraries.Mr Wong said that while the hope is that the measures will slow down the COVID-19 spread, a circuit breaker is not out of the question."If new unlinked cases continue to emerge in the coming days and weeks, then certainly, we will not hesitate to take even more stringent measures, even the possibility of having to enter another circuit breaker down the road," he said.

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Will this effect current SHN people? I have 4 days left in SHN. I flew from US, had 3 negative PCR tests and fully vaccinated? The new limits will help to control the spread of COVID19. Thanks for keeping us safe. Any financial support from govt budget for the next cb. PAP CLAP welldone singaporeansufferfornothing

Being cancer-stricken and begging CPF Board to repay overdue debt; that which in any case cannot be done as the money had been commingled and funneled to private entity Temasek Holdings for Ho Ching to wager on unviable, untenable and ultimately, invariably doomed gambles If you're holding a wedding or a religious gathering in Singapore this month, these are the COVID19 rules to take note of:

Is it because Malay hari raya? Phahahahaha this is friking LAUGHABLE. A couple of cases and the regime locks everyone up - it’s pathetic. Singapore will NEVER get out of lockdown if this is their approach. Just drift into significance due to a virus that’s as dangerous as the common influenza.Get a grip clowns

Here we go again.... I hope my company would follow the WFH measures. Cue the 'no raya this year' crowd

‘Return to Phase 2’: Cap on gathering size, daily number of visitors per household to be reduced from 8 to 5Introduction to 4G leaders..... All the result of having incompetent leaders in charge. What a disgrace. How many infections have been caused by indoor exercise facilities and classes?

Selamat hari raya Selamat Hari Raya

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