Boris Johnson is back to counting rebels in his Tory party: 5 key dangers for the British PM

31/5/2022 1:57:00 AM

Boris Johnson is back to counting rebels in his Tory party: 5 key dangers for the British PM

Copy to clipboard https://str.Copy to clipboard https://str.LinkedIn LONDON : British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is hugely disappointed by how Liverpool soccer fans were treated at the Champions League final in Paris, his spokesman said on Monday, describing footage of crowd trouble at the match as upsetting and concerning.Copy to clipboard https://str.

sg/w2rx LONDON (BLOOMBERG) - Boris Johnson says it's time to move on from"partygate" and that he won't"spend a second more talking about that stuff".The drips of Conservative MPs still calling for his resignation from the prime minister's office suggests he may not find it so easy to consign his troubles to the past.Labour's Deputy Leader Angela Rayner called on the Cabinet Office to look into reports that Ms Carrie Johnson organised a gathering on the evening of her husband's birthday in 2020 with a group of friends at their Downing Street flat.British civil servant Sue Gray's probe into illegal pandemic parties contained no smoking gun when it was published last week, and an immediate attempt to oust the prime minister did not materialise.We know many Liverpool fans travelled to Paris in good time.But the tales of rule-breaking soured the mood among his MPs, many of whom were already fed up with what they see as a string of unforced errors and U-turns.The alleged event was not mentioned in the report by senior civil servant Sue Gray into lockdown breaches that was published last week.Mr Johnson's chaotic leadership style has effectively left piles of kindling around Westminster and one spark might be enough to send the whole thing up in flames.2 per cent.

Here are some of the dangers: The Conservative Party's mood is dire The Tory reaction to partygate shows there is no collective view on Mr Johnson among the party's 359 MPs.10 earlier the same day.and we're hugely disappointed by how they were treated," the spokesman said.His allies regard the scandal as contrived by the opposition, and talk is of the prime minister getting the"big decisions" correct on the pandemic and Russia's war in Ukraine.On the flip side, some regard Mr Johnson as a disgrace and 26 have publicly called on him to quit.A spokesperson for Ms Carrie Johnson told The Sunday Times that Ms Gray was"aware of the exchanges as part of her exhaustive inquiry into alleged breaches".It's a number that is growing slowly but persistently, while there are others who have questioned his position but not called for him to resign - at least not in public.It's not just partygate.If the Prime Minister was found to have deliberately misled MPs that would, in theory at least, be a resigning matter."Today the murderer is in power, the thief is in power, that's why we must change who is in power if we want to be able to live in this nation, to simply live," Mr Petro told a rally in the agricultural city of Fusagasuga earlier this month.

Some Tories are angry at being asked to defend the government's policies, only for the position to be reversed only hours later.Mr Johnson's botched attempt last year to save a Conservative MP - who was found to have broken ethics rules - continues to undermine him.The committee may also examine the so-called"Winner takes It All" Abba party that allegedly took place on Nov 13, 2020, following the departure of controversial aide Dominic Cummings.Divisions on cost of living Mr Johnson's response to Britain's cost-of-living crisis offers a snapshot of how Tory MPs differ in their reasons for objecting to his leadership.A £15 billion (S$26 billion) support package announced 24 hours after Ms Gray's report was seen by many as imperative to tackle the squeeze on living standards.Since Ms Gray published her report last Wednesday, a further nine Conservative MPs have publicly come out against Mr Johnson's leadership, taking the total who have called for him to go to 24.Yet traditional pro-business Tories accused Mr Johnson of abandoning party principles by imposing a windfall tax on oil and gas companies, and jeopardising what they see as the Conservative claim on economic competence."Petro's rhetoric performs best when he paints himself rallying against a candidate from the elite.

The decision came days after Tory MPs had been ordered to oppose the measure when it was put forward by the opposition Labour Party.It would take 54 letters of no confidence to prompt a vote in his leadership.The debate feeds into Tory criticism that it's not clear what Mr Johnson and his government stands for - he talks about being a fiscal conservative and raised taxes to their highest level in decades.Voters get their say The two parliamentary elections - both triggered by sex scandals involving the sitting Conservative MP - on June 23 loom large for Mr Johnson.More On This Topic.Opinion polls show the Tories at risk of handing the former"Labour red wall" seat of Wakefield, West Yorkshire back to the opposition party.Meanwhile the traditional Tory"blue wall" seat of Tiverton and Honiton, southwest England is being strongly contested by the Liberal Democrats."Fico voters and Uribe supporters would vote for a rock before they vote for Petro.

Defeat there would bolster the view of MPs in similar seats that Mr Johnson's focus on the North is coming at the expense of traditional Conservative constituencies.Losing both so soon after a local election drubbing would undermine the view that Mr Johnson is still the party's best bet to fight the next general election, expected in 2024.The latest YouGov model shows that if that election was held today, Mr Johnson would probably lose his own seat to Labour while the Tories would hold just three of 88 so-called battleground seats - the ones that swung from Labour in 2019 and those they hold with a majority of less than 15 percentage points.More On This Topic Stained by the partying, beaten down in polls, now Britain's Boris Johnson wrestles with stagflation Confidence votes can change things quickly For now, the question is whether the rebels can muster enough support to trigger a no-confidence vote - it requires 54 to trigger one - and they are a long way from the 180 votes required to oust the prime minister.But much can change between a no-confidence vote being called and the votes being cast.More On This Topic Colombia decriminalises abortion up to 24 weeks of pregnancy: Court Petro supporters of all ages told Reuters they believe he is the candidate to bring change to the Andean country, especially via his environmental policies - including a ban on new oil contracts - and his promise to offer free public university studies.

If a Tory heavyweight such as Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak or Foreign Secretary Liz Truss makes clear they'll go for the top job the dynamic could change quickly.Winning the vote would - in theory - leave Mr Johnson immune from another such contest for a year.But it's no guarantee of safety: his predecessor, Theresa May, won a confidence vote in December 2018 yet was still out of Downing Street months later as the Tory party tore itself apart over Brexit.Partygate is still rumbling on Mr Johnson refused to quit even after became the first sitting prime minister found to have broken the law.So after Ms Gray's report turned up little that wasn't already in the public domain, he was determined to move on."We've had the same vision for years, not four years but four decades," she said.

But Ms Gray didn't investigate the so-called Abba party, for example, which allegedly took place in Mr Johnson's flat and included his wife and special advisers on the night the prime minister's controversial aide Dominic Cummings left his job.On Monday (May 30), Mr Johnson's spokesman refused to deny there was another - as yet not investigated - party in the apartment on the premier's birthday in 2020, hours after the event for which he was fined along with Mr Sunak.A parliamentary committee is now investigating whether Mr Johnson deliberately misled MPs over the parties, an offence which would normally merit his resignation.The committee is not expected to report until October at the earliest.That could be just as the Conservative Party gathers for its annual conference.More On This Topic.

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