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Are you suffering from RSF (Resting Stress Face)? Here's how to fix it

The stress of the coronavirus pandemic is written all over our faces.

9/5/2021 4:23:00 AM
Facial Muscle, Dominique Antiglio, Rsf, Clearer Skin, Dr Quinn, Dr Quinn, Dr John Quinn

Spending the best part of a year feeling stressed is now written all over our faces 😪

The stress of the coronavirus pandemic is written all over our faces.

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Amazon is the latest in a string of companies to condemn the HFPA for its lack of diverse membership Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke says it will not proceed with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association or its Golden Globe Awards until the HFPA resolves its diversity and inclusion problems. “We have not been working with the HFPA since these issues were first raised, and like the rest of the industry, we are awaiting a sincere and significant resolution before moving forward,” Salke said in a statement Friday night. Amazon is the latest in a string of companies to condemn the HFPA for its lack of a diverse membership. Friday, Netflix cut ties with the organization by requesting a meeting to discuss reforms, saying that the HFPA don’t go far enough to address its problems. The HFPA said it would “love” to sit down with Netflix to discuss the arrangement, in a letter sent by president Ali Sar to Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos. Recently 100 companies banded together to boycott the organization, which has no black members and a history of snubbing the work of Black creators in awards seasons. Time’s Up demanded an overhaul of the HFPA which then lead the group to hire USC professor Shaun Harper to examine its “systemic” issues. Harper soon quit once he was confronted with the scope of HFPA’s problems. Earlier in the week HFPA promised it would double the size of its membership, elect new board members and hire professional executives to lead the organization. The HFPA also said it would consider taking “serious measures” if the new reforms weren’t approved by the membership, including the current board resigning. Read original story Golden Globes: Amazon Studios Joins HFPA Boycott Until ‘Sincere and Significant’ Reform At TheWrap

7 hours agoThe WrapBill Maher Wishes Dems Would Do More Drugs and Have More Sex Than Matt Gaetz (Video)“Real Time” host is annoyed that Republicans seem to be out-partying liberals Bill Maher is really annoyed that conservatives appear to be out-partying liberals and during the “New Rules” segment on the latest episode of “Real Time,” he basically begged Democrats to do more drugs and have more sex and to stop being “fun-suckers.” And he also wants Republicans to get back to being religious fundamentalist wet blankets. “Republicans can’t spend decades chastising liberals for being too permissive about sex and drugs, and then be completely silent about Matt Gaetz,” Maher said at the start of the bit. He then summarized the ongoing — and absolutely hilarious — scandal involving the Florida congressman, particularly the reports of his illegal drug use and hiring prostitutes at hotel parties. “Okay. Wild hotel suite parties — that’s our thing,” Maher said with joking indignation. “Democrats are the party of free love and fun and forgetting where you parked your car. Republicans cannot be the conservative, stick-up-your-ass party, and then take our drugs and f— our women.” Maher argued that America “works best like a mullet. Republicans do business in the front. Democrats party in the back,” and as examples cited JFK alleged hard partying during his presidency. “Now the politician who comes closest to carrying on that legacy is Matt Gaetz? No.” Maher complained about former Republican congressional leader John Boehner, who “now sells pot for a living. My old job,” and about unhinged lunatic Marjorie Taylor Green, who he reminded the audience is “reportedly into polyamorous tantric sex.” He also brought up Ashli Babbitt, the capitol insurrectionist who was killed while trying to overthrow the government on Jan. 6. She “turns out to have been in a ‘throuple’ with her husband and another woman,” Maher said, and then for good measure showed a photo of Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels. “If it was fun, Republicans were against it. They got apoplectic over Clinton getting a blowjob. They invented abstinence-only education. Mitt Romney has never seen himself naked,” Maher continued. “John Ashcroft, I’m not kidding, once covered the tits on a statue. Rick Santorum wears a sweater vest! Newt Gingrich once said, quote: ‘Democrats were the party of total hedonism, total exhibitionism, total bizarreness, total weirdness.’ Well, on a good night I suppose.” Maher argued that “we need to restore the natural order of things. I don’t want to live in a world where liberals are the uptight ones and conservatives do drugs and get laid. Once upon a time the Right were the ones offended by everything. They were the party of speech codes and black lists and moral panics, and demanding some TV show had to go. Well now that’s us. We’re the fun-suckers now.” Maher complained that liberals now “suck the fun out of everything. Halloween. The Oscars. Childhood. Twitter. Comedy. It’s like woke kids on campus decided to be all the worst parts of a Southern Baptist. And that’s wrong — because it’s cultural appropriation.” Maher made the point that a lot of Democratic heroes from the past had very off color private lives, but now “Democrats are now the party that can’t tell the difference between Anthony Weiner and Al Franken.” As an example of the problem, he brought up former congresswoman Katie Hill. Hill, “like Ashley Babbit was found to be in a throuple, and pictured holding a bong, and that was too much for our new puritanical Democratic party. Quite the opposite: This should be our logo.” Then a photo of Hill holding a bong turned into a stylized logo. “We’re the throuple people! The bong people! The tantric sex gurus. Not f—in’ Matt Gaetz, us,” Maher said as he wrapped the bit up. “We did f—ing in the mud, and bra burning, and turn on and tune in and drop out. They’re the party who won’t bake wedding cakes for gay people.” “It’s time to switch back. Because frankly, you’re not good at being us, and being you sucks,” he said at the end. Watch the whole thing at the top of the page. Read original story Bill Maher Wishes Dems Would Do More Drugs and Have More Sex Than Matt Gaetz (Video) At TheWrap headtopics.com

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