Toyota PH increases GR Yaris price for next batch - Auto News

1/27/2022 10:43:00 AM

Ipon na guys 💵

Ipon na guys 💵

Toyota GR Yaris gets a PHP 90,000 price increase for 2022

Kelvin Christian GoToday - 12:50 PMOne of the most sought-after models from Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is the GR Yaris. At its launch last year, it had an SRP of PHP 2,650,000. For those that could afford it, the price of this turbocharged, all-wheel-drive performance vehicle is tempting.

A recent check of theTMP websiteshows that the company decided to increase the price of the GR Yaris for 2022. It now retails for PHP 2,740,000 – an increase of PHP 90,000. But wait, why increase the price; aren’t all models already allocated? With the price increase, it seems like there could be a second batch of GR Yaris models arriving in the country.