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Covıd 19, Taiwan

Taiwan condemns 'groundless' accusations it attacked WHO chief

4/9/2020 6:30:00 AM

Taiwan condemns 'groundless' accusations it attacked WHO chief COVID19

Taiwan's lack of membership of the WHO, due to pressure from China which claims the island as its own, has infuriated the Taipei government during the coronavirus outbreak, which says it has been unable to get timely information and that Taiwanese lives have become political pawns. The WHO denies criticisms.

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On Wednesday, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus rejected "racist slurs" against him, which he said had originated in Taiwan.Taiwan's Foreign Ministry said it "strongly condemned and protested the groundless accusations" which it labeled "imaginary."

"We are a mature and highly-accomplished advanced democratic country, and have absolutely not instigated our people to personally attack the WHO's Director-General, and have absolutely not made any racist comments," it said.Taiwan condemns any form of discrimination, and any attacks on the internet against the WHO's boss have nothing to do with Taiwan's Foreign Ministry nor have been instigated by it, the ministry added.

Tedros' comments were irresponsible and he should clarify them and apologize to Taiwan, it said.Taiwan has been proud of its early and so far effective measures against the coronavirus, logging just 379 cases and 5 deaths to date, far lower than many of its neighbors, even as it has been excluded from the WHO.

The WHO, in a rare statement about Taiwan last month, said it was closely following the development of the coronavirus there, is learning lessons from how they are fighting it, and detailing how the WHO has been working with Taiwanese health experts.Taiwan says the WHO ignored its questions at the start of the coronavirus outbreak and has not shared with member states information Taiwan has provided on the coronavirus including details on its cases and prevention methods.

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WHO failed this one because they played politics. If Filipinos followed the WHO directive to not wear masks then we’d be in a worse situation. Also, the WHO spent the first two months of the year: 1) changing the name of the Wuhan Virus to Covid-19 upon China’s insistence; and 2) lying about human to human transmission.

WHO is full of politics! You put politics first before health. Better be abolished TEDROSRESIGN WHOLiedPeopleDied WuhanPneumonia CCPVirus CCPLiedPeopleDied Tedros should resign And he's pulling the race card on Taiwan, which is arguably the most progressive country in Asia. Even now Tedros is playing political football.

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