PhilHealth is hopeless, scrap it and establish a new firm –Roque

PhilHealth is hopeless, scrap it and establish a new firm –Roque

8/6/2020 5:50:00 PM

PhilHealth is hopeless, scrap it and establish a new firm –Roque

Presidential spokesman Harry Roque is still in favor of the proposed abolition of Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) in the wake of allegations of corruption hounding the state firm. Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque (CAMILLE ANTE / MANILA

Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque (CAMILLE ANTE / MANILA BULLETIN)Roque, author of the Universal Health Care Act when he was a lawmaker, has suggested the creation of another agency to replace the corruption-tainted state health corporation.“As author in the HOR (House of Representatives) of UHC (Universal Health Care Act), I proposed to abolish PhilHealth and replace it with another agency to rid it of corrupt people who unfortunately are protected by civil service laws,” he said.

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PhilHealth was established in 1995 with the approval of the National Health Insurance Act signed by then President Fidel V. Ramos. It is mandated to provide social health insurance coverage to all Filipinos. The state corporation is under intense scrutiny anew after a former PhilHealth official alleged that around P15 billion of corporate funds had been lost to corruption last year.  Lawyer Thorrsson Montes Keith, former antifraud officer of PhilHealth, claimed that the funds were supposedly stolen by the alleged mafia consisting of company’s executive committee. 

PhilHealth however has denied the allegations, saying Keith’s claims were malicious and not substantiated by evidence.Roque, who has long battled the corrupt practices at PhilHealth, admitted that Keith’s testimony seemed convincing and accurate. 

The Palace official, on the other hand, is worried by PhilHealth president Ricardo Morales’ admission that corruption is still rampant at the state corporation without present measures to eliminate anomalies.   “I did not hear steps that he has taken to remove corruption in the agency – that to me, is the most worrisome,” he said.

Roque maintained that the universal health care law could not succeed “unless we rid PhilHealth of corruption.”“We should never accept that even a single peso is lost through corruption,” he said, adding the funds must be used to provide free healthcare and medicines to those in need. “Every centavo counts, we cannot afford to lose 10 billion, not even 1 peso for that matter,” he said.

Before he returned as the President’s spokesman, Roque called for the abolition of PhilHealth at the height of the ghost dialysis treatment scheme last year.  He was then lawyer of the two whistleblowers of the alleged scam.At the time, then Presidential spokesman and Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo said Roque’s proposal to abolish PhilHealth should be addressed to Congress.

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Tungunu! Yun lang? Walang kwenta talaga tong gobyerno nato ang solution sa corruption scrap it!!!! God PLEASE help us SCRAP the corrupt, inefficient and brainless dictating officials! Anong scrap it!!! Balik nyo muna mga binayad namin!!! Ipakulong nyo muna yung nagnakaw ng 15B sa Philhealth ganun na lang yun pano yung mga nagbabayad gang ngaun tulad namin😡😡😡

Paano mga contributions? paano yung mga nagbabayad up to now? Why do this? To scrap the evidences too?! Tapos magstart new firm so they could do the scam all over again. Clean start, ganun? 😏 Why NOT investigate? Find the culprits! Ah dinepensahan nga pala ni tatang. Magtatayo ng bago, additional budget na namn..tapos at the end of the story it will be corrupted again just like the old one..hay...

mao ng hangtud karon nagpabilin ka nga rookie kay u kept things in a a hurry bisan dili pa angay. Same with ~ The government is hopeless, scrap it and establish a new one. pano mga contributions natin pag niscrap ang philhealth. Balik muna nila sa atin attyharryroque so paano na Yung mga corrupt ngayon sa teamphilhealth liigtas na sila? Aba ano kayo swerte!

kahit magtayo ka ng bagong ahensiya pero kurap din ilagay mong tao ganon din.. Phil-Chinese Health ganun? 🤔 Nice comment from a crap, very inspiring, remember a handicapped and those in coma are more useful than you Stupid suggestion! Dutae’s gov’t full of crap!🤬Corruptions in the house. Di naman problema PhilHealth eh ...yung mga namamahala sa PhilHealth ang problema eh ... Baguhin mo man yan tapos ganun ding mga tao ilalagay mo ... Wala din ... 😠😠😠

This government lost its empathy for its people 🙃 This government lost its empathy for uts people so building a new firm guarantees no more corruption will happen, attyharryroque ? talinomodin Paano kinaltas ng PhilHealth? Ibabalik? Pano ang mga contributions namin? Scrap na din 😡😡😡😡 LOL PANAGUTAN NIYO MUNA AH

PhilHealth is not the problem attyharryroque..Its the people governing it..And it starts with Duterte..As long as he tolerates corruption, kahit ano pang ipalit mo dyan, nanakawan pa rin yan.. Scrap it para magkalimutan sa nakawan? Style nyo bulok! Sindikato talaga kayo! Scrapping Philhealth will leave many unanswered questions & suspicions of cover-up. Investigate, find the truth & charge those who are found responsible. Forfeit their ill-gotten wealth. Improve the system. Revamp & reorganize Philhealth from top to bottom.

Of course, they'll want to scrap it entirely. It'll probably scrap the evidence too and bury the issue under the rug. All so they could start a new firm and do the scam all over again. Sige, abolish. Yung mga contributions namin, ibabalik mo ba, Mr. Fake Human Rights Lawyer? Dedma the corruption and palitan nalang... And alam na natin kung ano sunod - malas + sakit = malasakit center

Sainyo narin nanggaling yan, why are you still trusting the President of Philhealth? Ganun ganun nlng Use the same people Wow! Just bury philhealth along with its pending obligations to hospitals and the 15billion fiasco and how about us who’s been paying up contributions? Before scrapping it, please jail those officers who embezzled the funds...

Bago Gibain ganun ganun na Lang I balik ang 15 Billion!!!!leche ka roque Some people need to go to jail first. Imbes na ayosin gigibain nalang kasi mga tao ni pduts ang involve para walang kaso ganun Sino niloko mo roque ulul mo!!!!! Walang kwentang gobyerno!!!! Roque And duterte pareparehas Lang kau mga leche!!!! Mga satanas

pwede bang president nalang palitan pwede ba sya mgresign nalang for the sake sa bansa natin . grabe na super horrible na ang mga ganap sa pinas Si dutae pa kaya ang namumuno? O Ang mga gangster na alipores nya. Matanda mahina may sakit. Kaya pa bang mamuno ng taeng ito? Same could be said about this administration, actually. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Duterte tiwala pa rin sa PhilHealth chief sa kabila ng mga alegasyon: Roquemga kagaguhan nyo. baka sa dulo kay duterte pala napupunta ang pera. Ano this , may pag asa paba ang Pilipinas Death Penalty sa KURAKOT!

'Worrisome' that PhilHealth chief unable to end corruption in agency – RoqueDuterte will not fire PhilHealth President Ricardo Morales without evidence of ties to corruption, but his spokesman Harry Roque says investigations by three agencies will help the President 'do the correct thing' once the truth comes out. With an equally super corrupt and incompetent president, the Philippines is now a failed state where cronies and gangmates race to steal whatever remains in the public coffers! With uncontrolled corruption more Filipinos will suffer and die in this pandemic! Oo naman! Remember, he didn't meddle in the abs-cbn franchise hearing but got what he wanted di ba. He apparently is not keen on firing morales bec there ain't any proof of his corruption. So abangan ang sure na susunod na kabanata...

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Lawmakers want PhilHealth case rate policy abolished over P102-B overpaymentsAnakalusugan Representative Mike Defensor argues that the policy is the root cause of corruption at PhilHealth. No moron, corrupted people are the root of corruption. Isa ka sa ugat....bwiset ka... Hey MikeDefensor, speaking of corruption, we would like to know. Are illegal logging and mining still the root causes of corruption in DENROfficial? Please clarify. Thank you!

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