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[Newspoint] A desperate sell

Drafted or not by the coalition, Sara herself, despite all her dramatics, seems very likely to run

6/20/2021 4:06:00 PM

'Drafted or not by the coalition, Sara herself, despite all her dramatics, seems very likely to run.' PHVote WeDecide Read this ThoughtLeaders piece by Vergel O. Santos.

Drafted or not by the coalition, Sara herself, despite all her dramatics, seems very likely to run

They’re trying to disengage Sara from Rodrigo, trying to sell her prospective run as boldly defiant of Daddy’s express objection to it. That, I must say, is funnier than any Duterte joke I’ve heard and also too unusual a testament to a father’s unworthiness for emulation to be genuine, however deserving the father may be.

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The scheme is simply unworkable, an instant giveaway, for any Duterte. Duterte is no cheap name like mine. Mine allows for the easy escape of losing yourself in the teeming multitude. But being a Duterte, fair or not, you are automatically singled out, branded for life. And the closer you are to the defining Duterte the more you are marked. Which is Sara’s precise problem.

Rationalizing around her immutable genealogical makeup, her promoters can at best point out that she is only half Duterte. I imagine they are now scrambling for redeeming qualities on her Zimmerman side. But what for? Easily and decisively, the point is proved puerile by Sara’s unmistakable acquiescence in her father’s despotic and corrupt rule. Her own high-profile and proudly acted part as diplomatic, political, and social muse, outranking the common-law wife he has taken after his first, full-fledged wife won her annulment case, says it all.

If the tactic were for Sara to dissociate herself from her father, even for mere political show, wouldn’t she come across as more credible and respectable running on her married name – Carpio? Apparently, she is not herself ready to concede that the Duterte name, with the untold notoriety it has become associated with, may have lost its fooling power.

Desperation, they say, breeds delusion. It may hold true for the voter who, dying for a quick lift from generations of poverty and general inequity, picked Duterte in 2016. Desperate or not, Rodrigo Duterte himself is definitely deluded; that is certified to judicially and clinically no less. But I’m not so sure his delusion doesn’t work to his own advantage.

He is thinking of running for vice president, hoping to be able to go around the law that prohibits a president seeking a second term, although as vice president an ex-president becomes potentially a two-term president. If the way got cleared legally for Duterte and if he won the vote for vice president, he’d have been able to fool the national electorate twice.

In fact, he has begun floating his campaign line: There remains much more for him to do. – Read more: Rappler »

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Kumpleto na eleksyon pondo...yeheyyyyy Do not trust Sarah's words...She has the same attitude with his father... What kind of a father would push his daughter into a mess he himself created but is not man enough to face....?