More than just a brand: Filipino brands and their sustainable initiatives

24/06/2022 8:30:00 AM

More than just a brand: Filipino brands and their sustainable initiatives

More than just a brand: Filipino brands and their sustainable initiatives

Select companies dominate various industries in the Philippines—and with good reason. Filipinos trust these brands because of quality products or

services and dedication to upholding standards.Editor’s note: This press release is sponsored by SM Store and was handled by BrandRap, the sales and marketing arm of Rappler.local operators to replace popular brands.The new PetBuddy stores are in Sta.

Yet there’s more to these brands than what meets the eye.In today’s world, where people are concerned about sustainability efforts to protect nature and future generations, several Filipino brands also share the same advocacy and implement them through their products, services, or non-business-related activities.The SM Store recently launched the SM Green Finds initiative to make everyday living better for the planet and for Filipinos.As large corporations, they believe they can make a significant impact in society and encourage the public to follow in their footsteps.“We have never seen such daily turnover in the whole time McDonald’s has worked in Russia.These sustainable efforts involve the environment and local communities as brands strive to preserve natural resources and empower their stakeholders.Alongside SM retail affiliate brands, SM Green Finds offers resourcefully made products made from natural ingredients that promote local artisans and support community livelihood.Practicing the 3Rs For the Universal Robina Corporation, its sustainability efforts revolve around the people and the planet.said in a statement.

The company believes it’s imperative to take its business to the next level by embedding a sustainability program that secures continued growth while strengthening its competitive advantage as a premier multinational company in Asia and Oceana.By making greener options easier to find and making it more affordable, we can easily shift to living green,” says SM Retail Inc.Hiring is continuing, Paroev said, who also wants to expand cooperation with strategic partner , though ruled out a shareholder role for Russia’s top lender.ADVERTISEMENT Since URC is reliant on natural resources, the company closely monitors their production to make sure that their materials and resources are used properly.URC prides itself in producing food and beverages made from natural ingredients.According to the UN Environment Program, in order to live sustainably, one must have an understanding of how our lifestyle choices impact the world around us.It relies heavily on natural resources around the country, hence the need for sustainability initiatives that manage their impact on the environment, while enhancing responsible management of relevant resources.In an emailed statement, McDonald’s said it has “finalized the sale of its Russian business and exited the market.They practice the basic 3Rs in sustainability, reduce, reuse, and recycle, based on the requirements of their production plants.“We find ourselves with a very unique opportunity to bring both our customers and our supplier partners toward a greener shopping experience – one that prioritizes the welfare of our communities and our common home, our planet,” adds Manalo.The addition of the four new PetBuddy stores brings AllHome’s small specialty network to 21 and the group’s overall store network to 62.

Several plants use non-virgin water in washing relevant raw materials for their snacks.It also studies regulatory requirements, establishes guidelines, and develops immediate action plans.Greener Practices through the SM Green Movement The SM Green Finds is one of the many initiatives under the SM Green Movement – a collective effort of SM, together with its partners, customers, and communities towards Green Living, a Green Culture and a Green Planet.While continued use of the McDonald’s brand is a violation of Russian law, the company cannot take legal action because it has no rights to the brand, he said.These meet the standards of environmental regulations created by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, National Water Resources Board, and the pertinent City or Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office.URC also complies with energy regulatory bodies like the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC).It has been investing in green solutions like water catchments facilities and solar energy panels.URC explores creative approaches to managing their environmental waste.Govor bought around 700 restaurants, Paroev said, leaving about 100 unaccounted for and while Vkusno & tochka still has access to old suppliers, other ex-franchisees do not.53% or seven centavos to finish at P4.

Moreover, URC also explores other creative approaches for waste disposal and transforms their scrap plastics into multi-use, marketable products to reduce the environmental waste from their production plants.It has engaged its customers and communities to take part in keeping the environment clean through its programs like Trash to Cash and coastal clean-ups.Leveraging the power of technology As the leading supermall in the Philippines, SM implements several sustainability efforts in its operations.Besides developing green spaces and reusing water in their malls, SM recently added more e-vehicle charging stations in select branches across the country.Through the SM Green Movement, SM takes its commitment further by creating practical solutions to make green living easier for everyone it serves.” Supplier headache Vkusno & tochka is determined to maintain product quality, Paroev said, but keeping a familiar taste is a challenge.Environmental pollution due to carbon emissions remains a leading cause of air pollution in highly-urbanized areas.E-vehicles aim to lower the number of harmful chemicals in the city landscape.6MW capacity to recycling an average of 8.

However, there are only several charging ports available in the metro.The coffee blend will stay, he said, supplied now by an Indian investor who bought the Russian operations of Finland’s Paulig.SM Supermalls hopes to change that with the additional charging stations.With the SM Green Movement, we can only expect more innovative green spaces to rise.Select SM Supermalls have e-Vehicle charging stations in a bid to lessen carbon emissions in the environment.It coincides with the government’s National Renewable Energy Program, which promotes a more eco-friendly society for all Filipinos.Sustainably designed, the two-tower, 14-storey office has received the IATF-LGU’s safety seal requirement as well as the WELL Health-Safety Rating for facilities operations.“The fact it has now gone from the menu does not help us.It’s also a part of SM’s Green Movement campaign that highlights the brand’s sustainability efforts.

Meanwhile, SM Supermalls also has a sustainable initiative that involves shoppers in the journey towards going green.For responsible management of resources, it is equipped with automated lighting systems to lessen power consumption, water recycling facilities for water closets in employee washrooms, and proper waste management facilities where recyclables are endorsed to the Trust International Paper Corp (TIPCO) in Tarlac.Within The SM Store, mall-goers can purchase products ranging from beauty, technology, fashion, and home tools that boast eco-friendly and sustainable features through the Green Finds badge.’” – Rappler.Under the Green Finds badge, consumers can support products made from natural ingredients, while promoting local artisans to support community livelihood.All buildings have designed back racks for employees to encourage green mobility.SM Supermalls advocates locally-made products through their Green Finds badge.Pushing for responsible waste management Smart and PLDT don’t restrict themselves from participating in sustainable efforts despite being network and telecommunication providers, respectively, for Filipinos across the country.

In championing sustainability, the two brands tapped into the largest industry in the Philippines, agriculture, as there’s a growing demand for sustainable approaches that safeguard the industry and empower farmers.PLDT and Smart, together with Farmvocacy, champions sustainable farming technology for local rice farmers.Recently, PLDT and Smart piloted the #FarmSmart Farm program in Santa Cruz, Occidental Mindoro, alongside the social agri-enterprise Farmvocacy.The program is a part of PLDT and Smart’s mission of improving the livelihood of Filipino farmers, while implementing environment-friendly farming practices.The brands continuously embed sustainability in their core business and corporate shared value programs.

#FarmSmart Farm creates a climate-smart farming ecosystem where rice growers use environment-friendly inputs that boost production while preventing damage to their surroundings.Aside from developing innovative and sustainable technology for local farmers, PLDT and Smart secure their stakeholders’ interests during harvest time.The brands pledged to connect beneficiaries directly with consumers through the Buy Local initiative to ensure fair market prices for their goods.During harvest season, PLDT and Smart will link farmers directly to consumers.With their #FarmSmart Farm program, PLDT and Smart accomplish several sustainability goals by protecting the environment, reducing hunger, and empowering local and marginalized communities who play a significant in providing necessities for the Filipinos.

Creating a framework that invests in community growth Sustainability goes beyond environmental balance and preservation.It also includes economic and social dimensions before a community can achieve sustainable development for present and future generations.MPIC empowers local fisherfolk by teaching them how to protect their nearby marine ecosystems.Metro Pacific Investments Corporation, a publicly listed investment management, and holding company recognizes the need to support local communities for sustainability.As a result, it developed its company’s sustainability framework to include a positive community impact.

The MPIC also supports individuals in the metro by teaching them self-sufficiency through urban farming.They can no longer ignore the demand for sustainability as the world faces environmental and economic crises.With their actions centered around sustainability, they create a better community that protects nature and the well-being of the people.Their precedence also set an example that others can follow as they soon realize that achieving sustainability isn’t a corporate social responsibility alone, but also includes the efforts of everyday individuals, regardless of the size their actions might be.Tags:.

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