Joanne, Of, Girls, Leaves, Group, For, Health, Reasons

Joanne, Of

Joanne of Z-Girls leaves group for health reasons

Joanne of Z-Girls leaves group for health reasons

6/2/2020 7:36:00 AM

Joanne of Z- Girls leaves group for health reasons

DIVTONE Entertainment regrets to announce that Joanne (Wang Nai Xuan), a member of the Z- Girls , will be officially leaving the group following her...

June 2, 2020DIVTONE Entertainment regrets to announce that Joanne (Wang Nai Xuan), a member of the Z-Girls, will be officially leaving the group following her doctor’s advice for health reasons.Joanne was selected as the Taiwan winner of Z-POP Dream and became one of the Z-Girls members.

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Debuted in February 2019, Z-Girls have released four singles and performed live in various cities, most recently, at the Vh1 Supersonic Festival in India in February 2020.“We appreciate Joanne’s efforts during her time with the Z-Girls and we are sad to see her leave the group. On behalf of the Z-Stars and everyone at Divtone Entertainment, we send our well wishes for her recovery and she would be missed by all of us,” said Norimitsu Kameshima, CEO and founder of Divtone Entertainment.

The Z-Girls will continue to perform with the remaining six members -- Bell, Carlyn, Mahiro, Priyanka, Queen and Vanya.The Z-Girls was formed in 2018, following the first season of Z-POP Dream project, where a search for talents across Asia was organized to form a K-Pop inspired group.

Two groups were formed after the first season, Z-Girls and Z-Boys, comprising of one male and one female member from seven different countries -- India, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.The Z-Girls and Z-Boys -- collectively known as Z-Stars -- spent a year in Seoul, South Korea as part of their training and development.

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