Health workers who died fighting COVID-19 ‘lucky’ to lay down life for country

President Rodrigo Duterte said it would be better to die helping the government’s fight against the recent coronavirus pandemic than dying in senseless accidents. | @GabrielLaluINQ

3/31/2020 1:55:00 AM

President Rodrigo Duterte said it would be better to die helping the government’s fight against the recent coronavirus pandemic than dying in senseless accidents. | GabrielLaluINQ

President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday consoled the relatives of health care workers who had died caring for COVID-19 patients, saying that their loved ones were “lucky” to have died serving the country.

During his over 19-minute address, Duterte also shared a bit of his “philosophy in life” — although he clarified that he was not forcing on other people.“My doctrine in life is that I, Rodrigo Duterte, if it is my time to die, then it is my time. That’s how I look at it because I cannot do anything about it. I cannot say when. So God, if it is my time, take me. Do whatever you want,” Duterte said.

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ADVERTISEMENT“I’m not telling you to follow my philosophy, but somehow, let the thought comfort you that I really worry about you, that I worry that you will not be able to reach old age with your children and grandchildren — because I am already at that ripe age. So let us continue working. The supplies are there, and we can buy the things that you need,” he added.

As of Monday, Luzon and other areas in Visayas and Mindanao remain under an enhanced community quarantine due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases.As of this writing, the Department of Health has counted 1,546 COVID-19 patiens, 78 of whom have died while at 42 have recovered.

Worldwide, 713,258 persons have been confirmed to have the latest coronavirus strain. Of that number, 33,658 have died and 148,707 have recovered. Read more: Inquirer »

GabrielLaluINQ 🤣🤣🤣🤣 GabrielLaluINQ For the betterment of the country, siya na lang namatay. GabrielLaluINQ Sunod ka na GabrielLaluINQ All hot air. But never to date, not once, has he done anything concrete for the frontliners. He like a General hiding behind his Sergeants. GabrielLaluINQ 🤦‍♀️ late na nga iba pa yung pinagsasabi! It is stated in the special power that you have to do weekly progress report!! Remember billion yang nasa kamay nyo and people deserve every cent for this crisis!

GabrielLaluINQ My thoughts...Di po ko die hard duterte pero parang malinaman ata yung interpretation nyo about what digong said...baka kailangan lang wag super sensitive...siguro Pangulo e please make sure that you have the healthworkers back or all our back... GabrielLaluINQ Indeed . GOD bless Philippines 🇵🇭🙏🏻

GabrielLaluINQ si peter lim buhayin GabrielLaluINQ Agree with this. Pity those soldiers who are dying from the hands of terrorists/npa. GabrielLaluINQ Baket yung ng reaction at comments ng iba dito talagang wala nang sense of patriotism. Wala lang ba yung flag ceremony? Remember the three last lines of our National Anthem?! 'Aming ligaya nang pag May mang aapi ang mamatay ng dahil sayo'

GabrielLaluINQ I dont think (Y)our president is in his right set of mind pa. GabrielLaluINQ I would have said im sorry that we were remiss in protecting our frontliners better and had to lose good people :( .... GabrielLaluINQ Buladas... GabrielLaluINQ Tama nmn!hindi kagaya ng last Admi, hindi na kailangan buli ng gamit o mg angkat!noong Dilawan namumuno hinayaan lang Mamatay ang SAF44 eh!!!

GabrielLaluINQ Bakit hindi kayong mga pulitiko ang mamatay at di yong mga frontliners na marami pa sana matutulungan if this govt did not fail them by not being prepared. Mas malala ang sakit ninyo kesa sa mga may Covid-19, your indifference caused the death of many. Yes, this is on you. GabrielLaluINQ Puñales! 😡

GabrielLaluINQ Nope. These deaths would’ve been prevented if you considered banning the incoming flights from China and other countries with Ncov cases. But you and Duque insisted we have systems in place. You insisted DOH has enough funds. You said we’re ready. Ready to die GabrielLaluINQ Senseless death of our health workers justified by the most senseless delusional leader

GabrielLaluINQ Ang mamatay sa tunay na giyera ay understandable pero ang mamatay dahil sa complacency, incompetence at corruption ng Govt officials ay senseless death. Sinabak niyo mga heath workers na walang baril. Preventable ang deaths nila. GabrielLaluINQ Those who died are so unlucky. They died bec of incompetent govt.😡

GabrielLaluINQ Then kill yourself...Philippines is better without you. Monster! GabrielLaluINQ Well, akam namin yan. ang tanong ano ang plano ng national govt? Paano masusuportahan ang mga tao particularly yung frontliners.. GabrielLaluINQ I think it's better if you don't die at all... GabrielLaluINQ to pd jetski to china

GabrielLaluINQ Hindi nya naisip na pwde din nmn mabuhay habang lumalaban sa pandemic. Inutil. GabrielLaluINQ After 1 week with the granting of emergency power, pls let us know what the government done to fight the spread of CCP virus? GabrielLaluINQ gobyerno tinulungan hindi taong bayan? tao bumoto sa iyo hindi gobyerno.

GabrielLaluINQ Bigyan ng PPE yan para magkasilbi!😏 GabrielLaluINQ If you finally provide proper equipment, testing kits, medication, etc then maybe people won’t end up dying. The President needs to stop rambling and making insensitive and demoralizing statements. GabrielLaluINQ for a change. why don't the President, senators, congressman, mayors, governors die for the covid-19. let's all try that. just fir a f&$king change.

GabrielLaluINQ Bakit kailangan laging may mamatay? GabrielLaluINQ Please complete the statement and internalize GabrielLaluINQ Jetski na! GabrielLaluINQ That is so not what he said 😂😂😂😂 GabrielLaluINQ Dramatic grandstanding ang inutil na hinDuts walang silbi puro lang dakdak yawa dee gong buang GabrielLaluINQ I rather to die fighting war against China than to die in covid19.

GabrielLaluINQ Walang kailangang mamatay kung handa lang ang gobyerno. Kung ginawa ng gobyerno lahatcpara tulungan sila. Ever since your govt took over lagi na lang ang bukambibig mo patay, mamatay, namatay. For once isipin mo yung mga maiiwan nilang mahal sa buhay. GabrielLaluINQ 'Ang corona veerus ay dala ng paggamit ng droga!', di kaya?

GabrielLaluINQ well may point naman sya GabrielLaluINQ Pardon my French pero gago sya. It's best kung maiiwasang mamatay ang mga tao. May emergency powers na sya pero wala pa syang kongkretong plano. Mamamatay talaga mga tao kung ganyan lang sya nang ganyan. GabrielLaluINQ Gago dahil ito sa mga intsik na pinapasok mo dito.

GabrielLaluINQ I think it's the other way around...It's better to die serving the people, than to hold office and not doing anything... GabrielLaluINQ It would be best if nobody died. Idiot. GabrielLaluINQ swap na lang.. yung mga namatay na doktor kay Mang Kanor.. + cash pa OustDuterte2020 COVID19PH Eleksyon2020

GabrielLaluINQ A but you yourself are afraid to die for our country. We're still waiting for you to jetski. GabrielLaluINQ Anong klaseng tao ba ito? GabrielLaluINQ I'm sure given a choice no one wants to die fighting against this virus. Casualty sila ng incompetence ng gobyerno. GabrielLaluINQ To the government. Please act immediately to help the Filipinos affected by pandemic corona virus. Do not rely merely on donations of foreign countries and private sectors. Please wake up.

GabrielLaluINQ 𝙾𝚗𝚎 𝚘𝚏 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚠𝚘𝚛𝚜𝚝 𝚙𝚛𝚎𝚜𝚒𝚍𝚎𝚗𝚝𝚜 𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚛! 🙄 GabrielLaluINQ Why these health care workers are dedicating their lives helping sick people, politicians are busy corrupting and breaking protocols. GabrielLaluINQ President Duterte, it would also be better to die helping fight the Coronavirus than die needlessly in a senseless war on drugs.

GabrielLaluINQ Wow ha. Kung ganitong klase ng gobyerno Hindi nila deserve mamatay para sa bayan! GabrielLaluINQ Mas mayaman ang Vietnam kesa sa Pilipinas pero nagagawan naman ng government nila tumulong sa mga mamamayan nila ang malaking tanong is bakit hindi kayang gawin ng Pilipinas ito? GabrielLaluINQ how about its better nt to die!!!🙄

GabrielLaluINQ Namatay po ang mga doktor at iba pa dahil sa kapabayaan at walang klarong plano o istratehiya ng gobyerno. Tsaka late na naman po kayo. GabrielLaluINQ Parang lahat ng sinabi mo galing lang sa napanood mo sa Netflix! Di ka talaga maistorbo aa pinapanood mong Series no!? Tulog ka na lang ulit Mr President!

GabrielLaluINQ Is his head screwed on right? GabrielLaluINQ Mas mainam siguro kung walang namamatay na frontliners dba? As usual puro ka-sh*tan na naman ang sasabihin nya. Worth waiting ba for 6 hrs GabrielLaluINQ We are unlucky to have you as president GabrielLaluINQ Duterte is right. stop misleading the people with your double meaning statements. Stop profiting from hate, anger and lies that the corrupt politicians and oligarchs command you

GabrielLaluINQ I think there's a better way for the president to convey his appreciation for our FrontlinersPH. What he said sounds like encouraging a suicide pact. GabrielLaluINQ Better naman pala eh bat nag quarantine ka pa GabrielLaluINQ Iba yung namatay dahil sa pagseserbisyo sa bayan kesa namatay dahil sa gobyerno 😓

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