Duterte apologizes for taking Sinopharm vaccine, asks China to withdraw donation

After being criticized for taking the unregistered Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine, President Rodrigo Duterte apologizes, but says it was his doctor’s decision. Read more:

5/6/2021 1:45:00 AM

After being criticized for taking the unregistered Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine, President Rodrigo Duterte apologizes, but says it was his doctor’s decision. Read more:

President Rodrigo Duterte has asked the Chinese Ambassador to withdraw China's donation of 1,000 Sinopharm vaccines to the Philippines, after he was criticized for taking the unregistered doses.

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, May 5) — "Sabi ko tanggalin mo na lang[I said just forget about them]," the President said during his address to the nation Wednesday night."You withdraw all Sinopharm vaccines - 1,000 of them -'wag ka na lang magpadala ng Sinopharm dito para walang gulo

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[Do not send Sinopharm vaccines here anymore so we can avoid trouble]."The President also apologized to the public for choosing to bevaccinated with Sinopharm. He said medical experts had reached out to him about the danger of his taking a dose not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration. 

"We are sorry for the things you are criticizing us for, we accept responsibility," Duterte said."We are sorry, you are right, we are wrong."However, the President also pointed out that the use of the Sinopharm vaccine is allowed under a headtopics.com

compassionate use permitwhich makes it legal. He added that the vaccine has also been used in other countries such as Brazil, and that his doctor advised him to take it."'Yung tinurok sa akin[What was administered to me], it's a decision of my doctor and all things said, this is my life," Duterte added.

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Ĺp00⁰0⁰ Ahhhh kasalanan nanag doctor 😝. Bobo ! Dispensing vaccine without EUA from FDA is ILLEGAL Palagi ka nalang above the law DutertePalpak Ito yong klase ng lider na hindi marunong sumunod sa patakaran! In short mahilig sa illegal! Kingina mo! Tlga ba? I thought ilang beses mo ipapaubaya ang vaccine sa mas may nangangailangan? Kapag illegal na gawain jan ka number 1. WPS major issue, depensahan mo pa China!

no shame in breaking the laws that he is mandated to enforce. duterteTRAYDOR 👊🏼💩 Hayaan nyo na kase kung anong gusto nya iturok sa kanya. He doesn’t care dahil maikli na lang naman kase ang buhay nya. This is what you get when you elect the most popular boy in your class, who has no clue on how to run the classroom.

Our government did everything so we didn’t have a choice but to have Sinovac and in the meantime he can have a choice and also be arrogant about it.

Duterte, bristling at criticism, asks China to take back Sinopharm vaccine donationDuterte said this was his response to medical experts who criticized him for taking one of the donated doses despite these were not covered by the emergency use approval of the Philippine Food and Drug Administration. READ: Napaka-petty ng inutil. 🙄 Echas Ulol! Ikaw nag-utos ismuggle yan! Always above the law, right?!

Duterte to still take 2nd dose of Sinopharm vaccineAfter President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the return of 1,000 donated Sinopharm vaccine doses, Malacañang clarified that one of those doses would remain in the country as the Philippine leader's second dose. The CLUELESS president The meter stick wielding can't do anything right and timely Duque The self promoting senator whose peculiar perversion is to be in every photo of the clueless president It only took these 3 persons to destroy a nation's health and economy Who cares, he can even drink all remaining sinopharm vaccine.

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