DOH cautions against spraying, misting: It does not protect against COVID-19

The Department of Health cautions the public against spraying or misting disinfectants to kill COVID-19 virus, saying such may even cause harm.

4/10/2020 12:35:00 PM

The Department of Health cautions the public against spraying or misting disinfectants to kill COVID-19 virus, saying such may even cause harm.

The Department of Health cautions the public against spraying or misting disinfectants to kill COVID-19 virus, saying such may even cause harm.

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, April 10)— The Department of Health cautioned the public against spraying or misting disinfectants to kill COVID-19 virus, saying such may even cause harm.“There is no evidence to support that spraying of surfaces or large scale misting of areas, indoor or outdoor with disinfecting agents, kills the virus,” DOH said in an online advisory on Friday.

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The health department said that contrary to protecting against COVID-19, spraying even poses health and safety concerns, as it can cause the virus to spread further from the direct application of a spray.Spraying or misting may also result in skin irritation or inhalation of chemicals that may cause respiratory issues, DOH said. It added that spraying disinfectants may also cause environmental pollution.

The DOH advised everyone to instead “soak objects completely or disinfect surfaces directly to kill the virus.”As of April 10, the country has recorded 4,195 confirmed cases of the viral disease. The death toll stands at 221, while 140 patients have already recovered.

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Ganyan ka bobo ang putang DOH! More than a month na ginagawa ang misting sa buong bansa ngayon lang sila nag bigay ng babala? it will help at least Eh, bat ginagawa yan ng mga doctor bago umalis ng hospital? Medical workers lang ang makakaunawa nito Takte naman Oo! Why only now? Ano ba talaga ang tama? Wala naman kayo ma suggest na iba?!

in other countries they dis infects too lol here goes DOH like WHO, the guys who said no need to wear masks if your immune system is strong after the pandemic strikes now wear masks they say lol Then why are they doing it in other countries? Please DOH, be consistent with your policies. Better sur thn sorry.DOH is so convoluted in thr announcements thy really need 2get thr act 2gether.1st, thy said;'only thos who feel sick shud wear masks' thn now 'every1's required 2wear masks' thn now 'misting does not kill the virus?'Peopl SPIT,STEP on sputum,crap,etc!ANO BA?

Pls explain and why only now? Other countries are doing this. omg! why just now? DOHgovph what a waste... useless... So does it mean ineffective din sa ibang bansa? Duh 🙄 Eh di nasayang lang iyong ginastos ng mga LGUs? Di ba itong iyong mga bagay na dapat sinasabi sa una pa lang? Sa Dubai ginagawa din nila to

Ang tanong kasi kaninong idea or sino nagsabi na effective pag mist ng disenfectant? Is it from DOHgovph or from head of each municipality? Why? It is being done in other countries also. It may be inefficient but i0t does help. DOH should warn on the right and safe way of doing it. This is the same DOH saying that fumigation and fogging does not help in dengue control.

Always contradicting themselves. SecDuque Matagal na po nag gaganyan bakit ngayon nyo lang po sinabi? Kayo po ang sa Department of Health diba, sino po ba inaasahan nyo sa mga bagay tungkol sa Health? May iba po bang in charge? Sana may katulad ulit ni 'Flavier' may MALASAKIT talaga sa mga Pilipino. Nasayang lang pala yung BUDGET ng LGU at yung PAGOD at HIRAP ng mga FRONTLINERS na gumagawa nito. For almost 1month, NOW lng tlga nag advisory ng ganito ang DOH.

Why just NOW, this advisory from DOH? Ang tagal n gingwa yan ng halos lahat ng LGU for like almost 1month na po. mag ka iba sila ng pananaw ng WHO. bakit? wait for next announcement, relax lang Make credible news as what the pic told.a govt. Implementation to fight covid.and that says all.thank you Ganyan kabobo ang DOH. Laging weeks behind. After weeks of mistings, hindi pala siya effective.

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