Court junks ill-gotten wealth case vs Marcoses

The court ruled that the government “failed to prove by preponderance of evidence” that the defendants by themselves, or in conspiracy with the Marcoses, obtained ill-gotten wealth.

10/9/2019 1:45:00 AM

The court ruled that the government “failed to prove by preponderance of evidence” that the defendants by themselves, or in conspiracy with the Marcoses, obtained ill-gotten wealth.

MANILA, Philippines — The Sandiganbayan Second Division has rejected a government effort to recover more than P1 billion worth of art, property and investments from the family and associates of

But the court ruled that the government “failed to prove by preponderance of evidence” that the defendants by themselves, or in conspiracy with the Marcoses, obtained ill-gotten wealth.The decision was written for the court by Associate Justice Michael Frederick Musngi and concurred in by Associate Justices Oscar Herrera and Lorifel Lacap Pahimna.

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The PCGG declined to comment, saying it had not seen the decision.But Malacañang said the government would appeal the ruling.Presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo gave assurance that the closeness of Solicitor General Jose Calida to the Marcos family would not affect the government’s decision to appeal the decision.

“The solicitor general will always base his decision on the … law and the evidence on hand,” Panelo said.Marcos loyalistADVERTISEMENTCritics have accused Calida of being a Marcos loyalist and supporting an alliance that backed the failed vice-presidential bid of Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. in 2016.

Panelo, however, said the government would “always” run after ill-gotten wealth.The civil case involved expensive artworks and jewelry, duty-free shop franchises, tax-free importation privileges, businesses such as Rustan International Marketing Corp., Eagle Mining Corp., Rustan Pulp and Paper Factory, and properties in New York, Hawaii, Rome and Forbes Park in Makati City.

The government had also sought the forfeiture of motor vehicles, cash in hand and in bank, notes, loans and three Cessna aircraft.But according to the court, the government failed to present enough evidence to show that the wealth was ill-gotten.During the trial, the PCGG presented only four witnesses, after which the court, in an October 2006 order, waived further presentation of evidence, citing the “unjustified nonappearance of government lawyers.”

Rejected evidenceThe court also rejected other pieces of evidence because the PCGG failed to present them in the discovery proceedings, despite directives from the Sandiganbayan and the Supreme Court.Other documentary evidence offered were rejected for being “mere photocopies.”

It was the second civil case against the Marcoses and their associates that the Sandiganbayan dismissed this year.In August, the Second Division also dismissed a P102-billion forfeiture case against the Marcoses and their associate Roberto Benedicto.The court threw out the case also for lack of evidence.

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Selda, a group of victims of human rights abuses during Marcos’ martial-law rule, condemned the Marcoses’ latest victory in court, saying the government appeared to have purposely failed to present original documents during the trial.“No doubt this is part of the machinations of the Duterte administration and Solicitor General Jose Calida, who used to be a Marcos boy. They are trying to rehabilitate the Marcoses,” said Danilo de la Fuente, chair of Selda.

“This is the only case I know of [where] the evidence presented [were] not original documents,” he added.The Marcoses enjoy good relations with President Duterte, whose 2016 campaign they reportedly bankrolled.Just months after he was sworn into office in June 2016, Mr. Duterte allowed the embalmed body of the dictator to be buried at Libingan ng mga Bayani.

$10-B ill-gotten wealthDuring 20 years of dictatorship, Marcos, his family and cronies amassed an estimated $10 billion in wealth, according to the PCGG.After Marcos died in exile three years after he was overthrown, his widow faced hundreds of cases to recover assets believed to have been stashed abroad and in the Philippines.

The government won a victory in 2018 when the Sandiganbayan sentenced Imelda Marcos to 11 years in prison for making illegal bank transfers worth $200 million to Swiss foundations while governor of Metropolitan Manila in the 1970s.She is out on bail pending her appeal.

Imelda Marcos had served several terms in the House of Representatives, while her daughter Imee is a senator.Her son Bongbong also served in the Senate and lost the 2016 vice-presidential election to Leni Robredo, widow of a popular home affairs official in the administration of President Benigno Aquino III.

Bongbong Marcos is contesting Robredo’s electoral victory. —Reports from Patricia Denise M. Chiu, Julie M. Aurelio and the wires Read more: Inquirer »

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Hindi lang naman ngayon nadismiss ang kaso ng mga Marcos. Kahit noon pa sa mga International Courts. I am not pro/against Marcoses. Kung maka-kutsa yung mga netizens sa ating korte - napaka iresponsable. Ung mga anti Marcos kc puro bunganga lang ang pinapaandar khit wla nman ibidensiya eh ung mga marcos meron sila cgurong ptunay n yaman nila un kya panalo sila

Justice prevail😀 What? Only 4 witnesses in 30 years? Holy gun ism! That is the problem with PCGG created by Aquino in 1986. Sequestration was abuse of power. 'If there's a crime in society, there's no justice. ' - Plato We all know that they still have the majority of the gold bullions that was recovered in Baguio and Corregidor. But in a court of law, you need tangible evidence. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE. (X-FILES theme music plays).

Stupid stupid court decision Tangina Ano ba ang aasahan natin sa gobyerno ni duterte?! Eh, kaibigan nya ang mga marcos. Nakita na natin ang lahat-lahat. Kaya ung iba pang pending na kaso ng mga narcos ay ididismiss lahat yan sa panahon ni dotard duterte. Needless to say, this is moro moro at the highest level. This government think of pinoys as idiots. Go sell your bananas somewhere else.

Eto un mahirap puro kaso sa marcos pero walang mga evidence. Pero sira na marcos sa mga fake news !

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Sandiganbayan junks another ill-gotten wealth case vs. MarcosesMANILA, Philippines – The Marcoses scored another victory against the government after the Sandiganbayan dismissed a civil case filed by the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) for

Sandiganbayan junks another ill-gotten wealth case vs. MarcosesThe Second Division’s decision was hinged on the insufficiency of evidence to prove that Bienvenido Tantoco and his other relatives, acted as a dummies of former President Ferdinand Marcos and his family in acquiring expensive assets. Read more: Tantoco of Rustansph ? GabrielLaluINQ Satan has blessed their souls. GabrielLaluINQ 'The Marcoses scored another victory with the help of the Du30 government...' 💩 There... Fixed it for you. 😂

PH gov't losses another ill-gotten wealth case vs Marcoses

Sandiganbayan junks ₱1-B civil case vs. Marcoses, Tantocos, other croniesThis is the second victory for the Marcos family this year in connection with their ill-gotten wealth. 4167Jas77 CNNIsTheEnemyOfThePeople 4167Jas77 WeLiedToYou FakeNews EnemyOfThePeople Galing talaga ni Digong. Yes, everything leads to that kurwa.