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Covıd 19, Coronavirus

China's new coronavirus cases double as imported infections surge

4/8/2020 6:05:00 AM

China 's new coronavirus cases double as imported infections surge COVID19

New confirmed cases rose to 62 on Tuesday from 32 a day earlier, the National Health Commission said, the highest since March 25. New imported infections accounted for 59 of the cases.The number of new asymptomatic cases more than quadrupled to 137, the health authority said on Wednesday, with incoming travelers accounting for 102.

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Chinese authorities do not count asymptomatic cases as part of its tally of confirmed coronavirus infections until patients show symptoms such as a fever or a cough.To stem infections from outside its borders, China has slashed the number of international flights and denied entry to virtually all foreigners.

The government has recently tightened screening of travelers arriving overland.China also maintains strict health screening protocols domestically, concerned about any resurgence in domestic transmissions, especially among virus carriers who exhibit no symptoms.

The rise in new cases came as curbs on the central city of Wuhan, in lockdown since January, were lifted. The capital of Hubei province saw just two new confirmed infections in the past 15 days.China sealed off the city of 11 million people to stop the spread of the flu-like virus to other parts of the country. Over 50,000 people in Wuhan caught the virus, and more than 2,500 of them died, according to official figures.

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ABS pinapatulan nyo pa ba mga sinasabi ng China ? Puro kasinungalingan iyan, ang totoo sa kanila galing ang virus! China should stop telling lies about this pandemic. China should also stop their citizens from going abroad with the risk of spreading the disease again! Imported infections? Ask them to shut there borders..

Confusing, i thought covid free na sila Litong lito na ko ah 🙄😅 Click LINK below, this documentary video on the origin of the CCPVirus or COVID19 from Wuhan China. And this explains how China Communist Party lied & created the spread of this global pandemic. POTUS DonaldJTrumpJr SenTomCotton TrumpSupporter_

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China becomes world's top patent filer – U.N.In the main category – the Patent Cooperation Treaty – China topped the ranking for the first time, with 58,990 applications, overtaking the US which filed 57,840 applications

NAVFORCEN receives 2 patrol boats from ChinaThe Naval Forces Central (NAVFORCEN) received two patrol boats (PB) from China that will be used to perform sea patrol missions around the region.

US warns China not to 'exploit' coronavirus for sea disputes👏👏 This Chinese people really don’t give a damn care for others people . Kaya ako, I don’t trust them sending a plane troop full of medical people acting like they are the saviour of Corona virus , of whom which they are the Center of infection where it developed .

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