Cebu City may start vaccinating minors in coming days

Cebu City may start vaccinating minors in coming days

10/27/2021 5:27:00 PM

Cebu City may start vaccinating minors in coming days

CEBU CITY, Philippines -- The Cebu City Health Department (CHD) is expecting to start the vaccination of minors aged 12 to 17 years old soon especially for the children with

|October 27,2021 - 09:37 PMA college student of one of the higher education institutions in Cebu City gets vaccinated in one of the city’s vaccination sites. | Dyrecka LetigioCEBU CITY, Philippines — The Cebu City Health Department (CHD) is expecting to start the vaccination of minors aged 12 to 17 years old soon especially for the children with comorbidities.

Doctor Jeffrey Ibones, the CHD officer-in-charge, said that they are now looking into the possibility of starting with the minors with comorbidities, at 825 registrants as of October 27, 2021. A total of 7,549 minors have been registered to the program as well.

“Possible karon nga week or early next week, magsugod na ta sa pagpabakuna sa mga bata. Gi-iron out palang nato with Department of Health (DOH) ang venue,” said Ibones.The city’s chief doctor said that the DOH wants that the minors’ vaccination be in the hospital, but the agencies may consider another site as long as it has all the necessary equipment and medical staff to assist the minors.

The CHD has written to the Philippine Pediatric Society to help the city government man the vaccination sites for children as the DOH insists that pediatricians be available on site.The sites should be close to the hospital as well just in case of emergencies.

However, for the launching of the vaccination, especially for the minors with comorbidities, it is most likely to be conducted in a hospital setting.This is to ensure that the minors with comorbidities can be strictly monitored for any health complications and necessary medical intervention can be performed immediately.

Still, CHD notes that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been proven safe to be used for minors 17 years old and below.For now, Ibones said they will continue to communicate with the DOH on the possibility of conducting the vaccination of minors in an ordinary site instead of hospitals.

Return of contact sportsMeanwhile, the Cebu City Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is mulling the return of contact sports for adolescents.The EOC met with the Sports Commission over the possible return of contact sports especially for children 12 years and above.

“Ato na iregister ang mga bata nga athlete sa vaccination program. We will not allow contact sport if di gyod sila mavaccinan,” said Councilor Joel Garganera, the deputy chief implementor of the EOC.The EOC is helping the Sports Commission formulate specific guidelines for sports centers so they can allow more individuals to play in certain sports.

Parents have been appealing that their children who are athletes need to hone their skills again in training as more than a year of stay at home may have affected their performance.Garganera agrees that it’s time children be able to play outside their homes as long as it is in a controlled safe space.

“They really need to go out, they need to play, they need to be a child. But still, we need to side with caution,” added the councilor.As for adult contact sports like barangay leagues, the EOC is eyeing to allow barangays that have vaccinated at least 60 percent of their population to do so provided the players are fully vaccinated. /rcg

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