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Cambodia's coronavirus complacency may exact a global toll


Cambodia 's coronavirus complacency may exact a global toll | via nytimes

But after hundreds of passengers had disembarked, one later tested positive for the coronavirus. Now, health officials worry that what Cambodia opened its doors to was the outbreak, and that the world may pay a price as passengers from the cruse ship Westerdam stream home.

But Hun Sen’s critics worry that the aging autocrat might have acted rashly.But deficiencies in screening for the coronavirus aboard the ship, along with continued complacency about the epidemic in Cambodia, are raising fears this small Southeast Asian nation could prove to be a surprising vector of transmission for a virus that has already killed more than 1,700 people, mostly in China, the epicenter of the outbreak.

“To tour the city is better than staying in rooms or at the hotel feeling bored or scared,” said a post on Hun Sen’s Facebook page.Last week, when the Westerdam docked in Sihanoukville, the Cambodian government and the cruise operator deemed the vessel virus-free.

The woman who twice tested positive after traveling on to Malaysia, an 83-year-old American, was not among those 20, Holland America said.Some health experts have questioned the efficacy of infrared thermometers, also known as temperature guns, saying they measure the heat emanating from the surface of the body, rather than core body temperature.

Even if temperatures are accurately gauged, people may be taking medication that lower their temperature, like some arthritis drugs.In the wake of the positive test in Malaysia, Cambodian health officials said they would be relying on a domestic lab to test all passengers and crew members still in the country for the coronavirus.

On Monday afternoon, more than 100 Westerdam passengers took up Hun Sen’s offer of a capital tour, piling in buses to see the royal palace and other sites.Even as other governments instituted China travel bans that angered Beijing, Hun Sen traveled to the Chinese capital and met with Xi Jinping, China’s leader, in another photo op.

A torrent of Chinese cash has remade Cambodia, nowhere more so than in Sihanoukville, a once sleepy beach town that is now a sprawling construction site of gilded casinos and towering residential blocks. More than 90% of businesses in the city are now Chinese owned.

In a country where Hun Sen has dissolved the biggest opposition party and political assassination is not uncommon, such mild concern is as much as many ordinary residents are willing to muster.On Monday, Hun Sen announced yet another publicity stunt: He wants to invite the passengers of the Westerdam to a party.

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Hope they make all the money they were seeking ... Masks don’t stop the spread of a virus. Only a respirator will. The surgical masks do NOTHING Hardly. This panic is hardly justified with the available/revealed data. Unless someone wants to manipulate world markets and stock prices. coronavirus mortality is less than 1% Recovery rate is way higher than that.

Quel pavillon ce bâteau ?!!? Thailand too: landed at DMK in Bangkok last night from Saigon and was not subjected any screening. Nor was anyone else as far as I could tell. It has been a Chinese colony for some time, no independence. Absolute pantomime... what a mess. All for a reckless political show by the dictator who ruled as Cambodia's PM for over three decades.

Trump junior....aka: SCUMBY Cambodia is afraid of China. They cannot deny cruise ships berthing for Wuhan pneumonia.

Cruise passengers scatter, take Cambodia bus tours despite virus fearsThese ppl of POS. Total disregard for ANYONE else. Smh

Corona virus is a flu virus. Flu viruses only survive in cold weather (hence flu season). It’s super hot in Cambodia right now. There will undoubtedly be cases from travelers, but becoming a “vector of transmission” is quite the exaggeration. Covid 9 Ny times Yes. awesme Wow. Thanks. Don't think the country is ready to cope with an epidemic.

Yet I keep seeing articles that masks don’t work and no need to wear them. nytimes Totally agree with this article on Cambodia’s apparent China leanings. That’s the main reason why the ship was allowed to dock. Duterte would’ve probably done the same, good thing somebody told him not to do it

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