Aklan solon pushes for Boracay Island Council creation

Aklan solon pushes for Boracay Island Council creation


Aklan solon pushes for Boracay Island Council creation

A congressional representative of Aklan province is pushing for the creation of a council that will manage world-famous Boracay Island in Malay town.

Haresco’s bill, which is now under the Lower House’s Committee on Natural Resources, is a move that aims to institutionalize Boracay’s massive rehabilitation program, which the administration of President Duterte initiated last year when the resort island was closed off to tourists for a six-month period.

The council also aims to establish management strategies for Boracay’s land use and zoning plans; habitat conservation and rehabilitation; marine and fisheries protection; curbing air and water pollution; socio-economic researches; among others.

Meanwhile, Senator Franklin Drilon also has a separate bill in the Senate for the creation of the Boracay Development Authority.

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