Abiola Ajimobi, Ajimobi’S Wife, Florence Ajimobi

Abiola Ajimobi, Ajimobi’S Wife

Why I forgave my husband when he cheated twice – Ajimobi’s wife

4/9/2020 12:04:00 AM

Why I forgave my husband when he cheated twice – Ajimobi’s wife

Eniola Akinkuotu, AbujaMrs. Florence Ajimobi, the wife of former Governor Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State has said she caught her husband having an affair on two occasions.Mrs. Ajimobi said this while speaking with her daughter, Bisola in a video which was posted on Instagram.

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According to Florence, when most men cheat, it is just about sex and nothing more.Mrs. Ajimobi said, “Even on one or two occasions that I caught him cheating, he will apologise and once he apologises and it ends, I never go back to them (the issues) again. I never, Bisola because what I’m saying is to err is human, to forgive is divine.

“We are friends. Even as a wife, sometimes I fall below his expectations. Sometimes we do something worse than cheating.”When asked what could be worse than having an affair, Mrs. Ajiombi responded, “There are some women that build houses without their husbands knowing. It is as bad. Why would you do such a thing without telling him? So, there are different things we do. It is not only cheating that is bad in a relationship.”

Florence, who is a grandmother, said as a wife, she also offends her husband and sometimes does not have the courage to see him in person.The former Oyo first lady said if a husband is caught having an affair, the wife should forgive and not overreact.

She added, “Most men when they cheat they just have sex with the woman but when a man is having relations with a woman he loves, he is making love, it is not about sex. So, if you are cheap enough, give yourself to my husband, he is mine. He will never go away. He will come back. You are eating left over because I have eaten the better part of him.”

Mrs. Ajimobi said it was not reasonable to divorce a man just for cheating, adding that violence should be the only reason for separation.She added, “The point I will opt for divorce is when it becomes violent. And I cannot take that. But I don’t buy divorce because I look at my background… My mother never married my father. I was born out of wedlock. I grew up with my mum and stepfather. It is not the best for any child.

“So, even before I got married, I made up my mind that this union called married would be forever.”Florence said domestic violence is sometimes caused by women.She said women sometimes say horrible things to their husbands and don’t know when to stopShe said, “Sometimes I know I have said horrible things to my husband and I see the look on his face. Before it goes further, I just lock myself in the toilet and he would ask me to come out and I will make him promise me that he will not touch me before I come out.

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“You tell a man some horrible things and they get angry and worked up. So, I want us to learn from that and learn what we say because an angry man cannot control himself. Neither can an angry woman control her words“So, sometimes we provoke the men to that level but when you know you’ve done it, don’t let any man beat you. Don’t allow it.”

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God bless you momma How is that our problem The beauty of tweeter...I think it’s good to read her account, take 1 or 2 lessons & move on. She’s a grandma and she shared her secret of remaining with her husband. If she had divorced him then, would she have lived a better life. Interesting comments tho...

This kind of advice can only come from a nurtured and matured mind. It should be a must read thing for all these so called modern couples who went to the extent of chopping off her hubby manhood extra marital sex. He cheated twice 😝😝😸 Wonderful and lovely Are you sure it's just twice? Wu dat one help.....suuuuu

Women should learn from this. Thanks ma Madam you caught him twice, he cheated a lot more than that we gotta learn that our resolve is not necessarily better than her choices. Sis is grown. She chose what she chose. Lets keep it moving Because he’s a successful man coz women never loved men with empty barrel.Thank u

teenagerstutor Why do men cheat? Madam Florence, leave story. Na the man's money tie you down. Story. Money. Its money She knows what she is doing!😏 The twice she knew of. Passing by.... Because you’re a.... He didn’t cheat TWICE, you only caught him TWICE. He probably cheated TWICE more times than he can remember 😊

I've learned a couple of lessons. She was born out of wedlock so she DECIDED to keep her marriage so that her kids won't have her terrible childhood experience. And nothing would break this resolve apart from domestic VIOLENCE. Cheating wont. Mama can’t leave that First Lady seat for any mf Both male and female going into relationships should learn from this - 🙏

But he's still cheating! Twice ke At least 1,000 times in the past 5 years alone to my understanding of men's behavior especially in Naija Well done Ma. You are good Bible student. Didn't the Holy book say we should forgive 70 *7? Money abi 'To forgive is divine' I hope this divine also applies to poor men.

_TheGbolahan_ see your Man 😎 You forgive 💰 not your husband Forgiveness is very IMPORTANT in relationships. It will be just sex until he comes home with a disease that ends the family. I have seen AIDS turn children to orphans because of the father's indiscretion. He infected the wife and they both died. It's fine to forgive but know when to draw the line. Cheating is not normal

leschique easy read Katikati Skies will still be blue Grasses will still be green, the sun will still be hot, winter will still be cold, it is what it is, nobody cares because it is what it is. How can you compare cheating to buying a house without your spouse's knowledge as the same thing? The woman is dumb Sha. God forbid bad thing.

Third time's the charm Has he stopped cheating? He was a governor, and very rich so why wnt you forgive him... Na who for loose nw? If he was a bricklayer or keke driver would you have forgiven him? Nigerian women leave their husbands for life threatening abuse not for infidelity. My take Ma, he is still cheating.... should I loud it?

Madam, nobody leaves a Governor when he cheats. At least not in Africa. Constituted authority radarada 😄😄😄 Who ask you mrs constituted authority that got voted out of power? Rather when you found out twice mam! Na mother be that Yes of course stay with him to save your marriage till he gives you an incurable STD! If you can't be faithful, please don't get married. Marriage is not compulsory for everyone. ToThyselfBeTrue

Tonto Dicke! Come and hear o! “I can stand it and I can’t bear it” all na lie Ajimobi's sidechicks typing... Motivation He's still cheating ma 😂🚶‍🚶‍🚶‍ Ma'am, you cannot fight the 'constituted authority'. ...and why is this information public? He cheated twice or u r aware twice? Lucky madam sure it's only two, the man is a politician and an Oyo chieftain,jaree mummy don't swear if himself don't follow they follow him in their hundreds 😎

Who wouldn't forgive a govr If you open the link, you will understand her reasons for staying put. Every offence does not have to lead to divorce except in extreme cases. This doesn’t have to do with money. Mind you, Abiola is still cheating but you are unaware. Because he has hard currency so will you keep quiet

If the guy no get money,u for don leave am! Leave story!! RadioPaparazi Don't worry I pray u don't experience the 3rd one am not sure what you will do then This is not a good time for this kind of publication. There are more pressing issues at hand. Temitop19894872 So baba dey do side chick... Before unko you want to leave your first lady post ni abi you are tired of all the money you are receiving 😀😀

Ode... You'll still have to forgive hin again. Dat is your business madam Has he stopped cheating. It is obvious he is a cheater bc an adage says if a road is gud u will ply it more than once Nobi mistake The only 2times you caught him. It's a shame this won't be the case if the tables were turned. Once again patriarchy wins.

That's very thoughtful of you. But note that you may have caught him twice. So has he stopped cheating? Please read the full article before you castigate her, I think the article is explicit Money good ooooo!!! When you cheat as a wealthy man, you are forgiven...📝 Cuz money talks ,bullshit is taken. Summary of what she said is. As far as she is concerned, it's only violence that would make her divorce her husband not cheating. Her opinion though. But telling women to forgive, tolerate, and remain married to a cheating husband in the 21st century is total BS.

Owo wa! E no concern me o Are you serious. Nice one May God give you all the grace and wisdom to continue forgiving him. We self dey forgive these ones....since they are all same. Make them sha dey responsible for house be the koko. Just twice? I'm shocked No man alive or dead has ever cheated twice Great. You are a wonderful woman. Blessed are you among all women.

U forgave him bcoz u aren't ready to trade ur firstladyship for anything in d world . Talk true Not cheated twice but caught him twice madam love all How is that our business or problem? Instead to pack out and leave the cheat, by now you would av gotten yur self a better husband. Yeye dey smell Do you have choice ?..abeg. .Who you wan leave am for..

Or for the twice you caught him. Don't tell me the man is so faithful. 😁😁😁 Women will forgive men. Madam has been married to her husband for decades plus kids are involved so the fact that she has had the best of him and any woman who is sleeping with her husband now is eating her reminant is correct o! It is now on a record that Mrs Florence Ajimobi is the wife of ex governor

Wetin be our own madam na money u dey afta Jare Just twice 😂 plot twist. He let his guard down twice so he can flush you away (to bring in freaky freaky as official). But with you being too clingy, Papichulo continued 'Incognito Style' 😎 When you caught him twice Lol Madam, because you needed that 1st lady title stop pretending.

Well said Just twice you say!😋😋 Odindin fine boy senator cum governor She only know that he cheated twice. Well, with the much money and glamour, You don't even wish to know if he is still cheating before you will be booted out. Maybe na twice she sabi. What is our business with that. Person wey u suppose don give rat poison

hope others will emulate Your cup of tea. Who asked you? I don't blame you. Only twice A good advice from a wise woman. Don't divorce your husband because he cheated on you. It may be one night stand and because of that you destroy marriage of many years. Africa men heart is large that is why there are space for other women.

Assuming he isn't wealthy would she have done such? Love in TOKYO. Dey deceive yourself ! Maybe wife too , play Home.😀😀 So basically, he is just another adulterer with anger management issues that we elected into power?🤨 Cc..Future wife Money 🤔 Is this really our concern? mtchewww She spoke well I swear.. Nice 1 Ma FlorenceAjimobi

Smart woman What a nice and noble woman u know how to keep ur home. So in your mind he cheat only twice? So Bro isiaka do have time for this kind show too 😂😂😂 Only twice... He is innocent na Wisdom is not cheap Yeah, because if you loose him, you lost all forever. When both are thieves nko. Oil company of Lebanon with oyo state money.

Your husband cheated twice and you believe? Don't deceive us because this cheating is still going on Twice bawo When money they U for leave him now Maybe u no go suffer am Awon ole gbogbo Lol Save me the stress madam 😂 If looting IB is not there, you should forgive her trice This woman is overating herself.

Read the article please Just twice ? U forgive him when he loot the state resources for you 😂 More like you only caught him twice. Guys kindly like this tweet and I will follow you Don't forget to follow back The whole video na okoto abeg 🙄🙄 When money and power collabo to be ur business partners, almost everyone will want to be ur punching bag to be firm also..

This unassailable truth is hard to swallow. What she's simply saying is what had worked for her marriage, it may not be applicable in some. She's speaking from a deep level of understanding. 😂😂😂 You alone know why You forgave him because he is a 'Constituted Authority' Bcos he has currency Why won't you forgive him, if it is poor man I know by now you will be telling ur children that their father is a useless and stupid man after you have packed ur load out there... Radarada

Na money jare fancy_temi She cheats too so she don't care as far as credit alert don't stop It is only two times that u are aware of; asked his friends you will now the truth, it is money that makes you to stay not love. NONSENSE Shameless people. More money 💰.... You mean when you catched him cheating twice

Twice😳? you are taking the funk madam😝😜😅 PLAIN TRUTH To err is human, to forgive is divine. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mrs. Florence Ajimobi. Yeye dey smell. This is the kind of talk that gives the men more impetus to keep cheating. Who told her he stopped? 😂😂😂😂 OganiruD na wa Is it worth it to leave a blissful marriage because your husband is having extra marital affairs?

What of Jagaban? Funny replies under this tweet Lol! Someone who kept her marriage for about 40years and still on...some of you toddlers think u know better or she's stupid Make una continue!!!😊😊 You are aware of only twice..... hmmm He has money now. You can’t help it madam! 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Hmmm Money is why..

oladseyOOE Will he forgive and stay with her if he caught her cheating ? Some nonsense interview Sha!!! No money, no life. Madam, I could relate the matter. Mtchwwwwww 💼 Constituted authority is always right Patriarchy wins it again . Women are more forgiving when the man is rich If you caught your wife cheating twice, will you forgive her?

Alaye didn’t cheat twice ooo..check well..and you no get choice than to forgive him cause he has money..my guy make money ooo Meanwhile some men and women would wrongly accuse their partner of cheating on them and begin to cause trouble until they break up. All because of power, wealth an money All is well

The truth is bcos he is successful Why U forgave my husband when I caught him twice cheating. This should have been a better caption Cheated twice? How naive. The man is still busy on the train Stop worrying about him and mind your homefront. He will always have side chicks arranged for him. Let it go.

Mtchew...na still money Is it easy to be addressed as yur excellency, first lady, she can't loose the position and all that comes with it. But ma, you're part of the people that makes this current generation believe that cheating and beating their wives is their right as the man of the house. Shior You cannot surrender the original copy to enemies, having toiled for years building your lives together.

Problem ti e ni yen.... Kilo kan mi E pass twice, you only knew 2? You only caught him twice ma Problem tiyin Niyen 😏 Is it only twice? You people lack contents tbh. Madam, I bet he didn't cheat on you twice, you rather caught him only on two occasions. Their is a difference. Because he's filthy rich and you're not done getting your shares from the government dough

What’s our business with this bullshit? But he is a Muslim. Why won't you forgive him? Mẹ́ ni Ọlọ́un wí Abeg this isnt any beneficial news . There are lot better news happening around to report Is That the case we are treating now Twice means you only caught him twice in several. And that you have accepted him as a serial cheat.

You married a wealthy con Man He was rich nothing else Would he have forgiven you if you were the one that cheated? But why is this news? They’re alot of stories on the street you could report on than this. What’s my business with your husband cheating? He has money He made more money Lol He will still cheat the third time

This is news When you caught him twice Naaaaa because of money And he has not cheated since then? Odiegwu. Bet some side chicks are laughing their heads off 😂 People are so interested in crass nonsense and mediocrity in this society. Look at the number of comments here on an issue that brings no benefit to the common man. Smh.

Mitscheew.. He's still cheating! Twice is the one you know. What of the ones you no know? Abi he carry meter? Lol.. abeg make una park well..we have coronavirus to deal with now. Well forgiving him has worked for her. Some women aren't so lucky cos forgiving their men just left them open to contracting diseases from them.

Its obvious naa... Only twice Enablers! Some men say, they no longer make them like our mothers, well, there you go Everything she said is around pleasing the man Cheating shouldn't be the reason a woman leaves a man? Should the man leave the woman if she cheats? 'Today' is just exquisite to be a woman

'Cheated twice' Does it mean AAAjimobi has children outside your marriage with two women? Seems I don't understand cheated twice... Ma'am are you sure it was only twice or u mean to say Twelve thousand Give him hypo Ajimobi is too handsome to have cheated only twice madam. Wetin be my own? Olodo! Na only twice?

You did not forgive him else we would not have known. No be only twice You caught him twice doesn't mean he cheated twice. Be guided! He got money ma, nobody like suffer Only twice, madam you are a mumu. More than 65 times I guess he cheated more than twice. That guy is very smart. PLAIN TRUTH Among other things, DIVORCE/SINGLE PARENTING, is root cause of crimes among AFRICAN-AMERICAN communities in U.S. I stand with Mrs. Ajimobi, that for the sake of saving marriages & the future of kids, VIOLENT ASSAULTS should be the last resort to DIVORCE. Shalom

I no even bother open the link... The reason is MONEY!!!!!!!!!! When u caught him twice because he has cheated multiple times Aleast she's better than those women who chop up men's dick because of cheating....abi na who devours help.......she took the decision that would favour her. Ewwwww Punch!!! When you're not Linda Ikeji. There's no story here c'mon!!

It's only been twice because u were able to caught him twice... cheaters never quit honey, its an addiction. Good thing u forgave him amids covid19, enjoy lockdown19 with him 😂 Twice University of ibadan girls is this true It can never be twice, I refuse to believe No no no no most definitely it’s more than twice. Ah ah twice ke? Mama you have been played 😭😭😭😭.

Iwa ibaje ninu afin oladseyOOE Girlfriends are you seeing this Sometimes you just gotta forgive him & give him another chance, he won’t fuck up 🙃🙃 Mamá, try and cheat once you will see live temple run... You don't know Money answers all Mama, try and cheat once, he will see live temple run He cheat everyday madam

The progression in his cheating antics is as continuous as Taylor's series. U just stopped solving after the 2nd term. tayoazeez01 It's within your descression ma That's family issue not Twitter issue How won’t she forgive him when she know say Alaye get money 🤣🤣🤣 valerian247 Do u have choice? If u like no 4give am. It doesn't change his personally and history being an automatic leader.

Smh Because she no get option Na your wahala be that He will still cheat the 3rdand 4th time Me to Ajimobi's wife 🙇🏼‍♀️🙇 You have no option Sure he is still cheating ... just smarter lol I just see people commenting it's because of money. Truth is, 21st centurists are almost doomed. With all this una woke attitudes and mentality. I can't take this, I can't take that. Love rewires people and make you do things you didn't think you would do.

and you tink he av repented abi Who cares? Please with who dondekojo She said 'cheated twice' shall we.....? Why won’t you forgive him when you don’t want to go back to square one Who cares to know... Madam shift. Olurops And citizens forgave him when he looted their common wealth too Why won’t you forgive when money is involved. money drives the relationship

Mr& Mrs constituted authority.❣️❣️E good now. Dirty l... You for leave am Cheating governor And you’re sure it’s only twice he cheated ? Joker When you see looted money chop every day Se oro leyi abi isolenu A different story if he had cheated with a reckless wallet. Stick with money all is well. Money Ma Money Dey nah. 💴💴💴💴

Are you sure he cheated twice or you caught him twice We no be maga Only twice is the one u know I don't think her formula still works in this our generation. Hes still the bread winner... forget all this suku storylines If you are a broke nigga & cheat, you will meet your kaya for gate 🤣 Lamba kee u there

Great woman That actually means he cheated 2000 times not twice Madam. Who told u he only cheated twice ? Smh You did not count properly Na because you only got him twice. Hunkle sabi cover his tracks well ooo. Ma if you see the full video, i doubt you will still forgive him. D question is Y won't u. D correct statement should read when I caught him cheating twice

When money is involved you will always forgive him Wao God bless ur union with long life That's a good wife that want to secure her marriage.. People with gap teeth cheat He has money. Are sure it's twice Madam, he is still cheating.....😂 Apart from staying cos of money and which I wouldn't blame her, her ground of her child not witnessing her experience without father is worth it. You re indeed a beautiful mother.

You dey talk in the rubbish My dear, it's not only twice he cheated. He has been cheating and he still cheats. Everything is CONSTITUTED! He didn’t cheat twice! You only caught him twice Constituted authority has not stopped cheating.stop deceiving yourself. 🤦‍♂️ smh .....is this the situation we are in now?

Hmmmmm. Did you say twice? PLAIN TRUTH This woman has said NOTHING but the TRUTH. She is a WISE WOMAN. You sure say na twice abi you just later gba fun olorun lol ndi ara Why will she be angry, when she too don chop other women husband We really don't give any 🖕s. Lol.. This is how the older generation enabled themselves in the rubbish they did.

Good wife Punch news is very stupid aswear Why not! She has already forgiven him a thousand times more. Make another woman come chop her dinner So he does it too. Na wa oh Love equation is balanced always when money is the catalyst We are fighting Covid. Stay at home with him. What else if not because of money... 🥴

U were seeing d future... Funny... Don't tell us its because of god sha Faabu.. Money! Money!! Money!!!

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