Igp, İnsecurity, Security Threat

Igp, İnsecurity

We’ll be ruthless on those posing serious security threat –IGP - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

6/12/2021 5:50:00 PM

We’ll be ruthless on those posing serious security threatIGP - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

“This will go a long way in ensuring the security of lives and property in Ogun State and I want to assure that we will be ruthless on those posing serious security threats to peaceful coexistence in the country.”While handing over the equipment, Abiodun also declared that his government would smoke out criminals and prosecute them to serve as a deterrent to others.

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He said the government viewed criminality as an act of sabotage “against our collective responsibility.”Abiodun said, “Let me reiterate, just like the IG said, having done all these, any criminal in Ogun State, if you don’t stop your criminal activities or intentions, we will find you, we will smoke you out, we will arrest you and you will face the wrath of the law.” Because it is an act of sabotage our collective responsibility.”

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Is this picture a man or woman? Whatever he/she loves smoking 🚭😅 Security threats everywhere in Nigeria. Be proactive Oga IGP & justify your appointment Na now e start Your ruthlessness should have stopped the Jihadists and Terrorists instead of the armless citizens. Shame on ur sir Thank u Look at who is talking. With your fat bum or belle? You're appointed to make some money within the 2year because run you can't run, long walk you can't do, competent thinking too, you cannot do. Just steal as much as you can. We are not bothered any more 😜

Probably killer herdsmen inclusive right? Start your ruthlessness with bandits carrying unlicenced ak 47 riffles. Stupid person. have bandits have you people killed since you came in? Okay police why ban factory fitted tinted windshield cars? They don't pose security risks: bandits don't use jeep with tinted glass. They ride motorcycles. Fulani herdsmen that are marauding treck into the Bush. Why make our lives more difficult?

Start first with the murderous Fulani herdsmen who go about killing, maiming, kidnapping, robbing and raping members of their host communities with impunity through

We will deal with criminals ruthlessly – IGPProtesters are now criminals? Peaceful protesters are law abiding citizens. Except you guys are planning on releasing thus as usual. I think Nigerian Political, civil and military leaders should be sent to school to learn the act of proper communication. Their language of communication in itself militarizes the society.

Stop the shit man. Be ruthless in dealing with crimes, and not the personalities perpetuating the crimes. The former is often comprehensive and objective. It must be understood that crime is crime regardless of the individuals who are involved in it. Every Nigerian is a citizen Sir Waka sir Haven't u guys received enough security threat from ur bandits n herders?

IGP, be ruthless to the herdsmen and the kidnappers! But be merciful to the killer herdsmen? if you people have been this serious about the real security threat, Nigerians would have been better secured. This woman is not serious. Protesters are posing serious security challenge, while bandits are nothing to worry about.

BajTunji Grandma, rest This woman saf What is she talking about please 🤷

IGP, Abiodun threaten showdown against criminals in Ogun - Daily Post NigeriaThe Inspector-General of Police ( IGP ), Usman Alkali Baba and Governor Dapo Abiodun on Friday vowed to deal ruthlessly with criminals in Ogun State Baba Protesters are called criminals,and the news media is publishing such nonsense.

We hear you ma. You look like a woman, think and talk like a woman. No wonder your husband is issuing orders to serving officers. She's the man. MBuhari is the security threat. Even you that looks like old woman without a destination? Hear this ruthless Will wrap your face when the running become visible crazy leadership.

Starting from the north with the Boko Haram, bandits and killer herdsmen. Oga you talk too much. Meanwhile can't do more than your assignment to protecting the Fulani killer herdsmen terrorists and bokoharam. Stop fooling yourself. Nigerians are above this poor cunny statement E egbadun sir with ur black lips

Who are those posing the threat gan gan...d way they are swift to tackle nd deal with d unarmed civilians askin fr wot belongs to em is alarming! They should Chanel dat same energy to d boko haram, bandits nd kidnappers You have been saying this for decades and yet insecurity continues unabated. Even then, the innocent people have been harassed by the police force. It's you fish out the sponsors of insecurity for prosecution and stop your rigmarole.

But soft on bandits....or, were you referring to bandits? Starting with Fulani herdsmen and bandits? Begin your ruthless operation in sambisa forest, then we will take you serious.

Police'll be ruthless with hoodlums, says IGPThe Inspector-General of Police, Usman Alkali Baba, on Friday, threatened that the police in any part of the country will be ruthless How about bandits and killer herdsmen, ọ̀gá elétè jóná? Go an face Herdsmen now Nigerian killer squad! How many people will you kill?

I can’t recognize you ma Your Islamic jihadist plans should face your destroyed Northern region first, you sick IGP Blow their head. That is what u do right IGP you are mad!!!! and you are a big FOOL Mtchewwww He's indirectly saying they would deal with innocent people protesting against bad governance while doing nothing to stop banditary and kidnapping along wirh Bokoharam troublers.

Sir pls make sure the bandits ,killer headers are the first to crush down With due respect .... shey u Dey fagbo 😂 Sir, have taken out time to reason words that come out of your mouth? I don’t blame you.I blame that policeman and policewoman who out of ignorance acts on your words. PoliceNG the citizens aren’t your enemies. KeepitOn EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA FixNigeria June12thProtest

Empty barrell.............makes the loudest noise!

PUNCH Diaspora: Nigerian, Etute accused of killing man posing as woman on dating app - Punch NewspapersA now suspended Virginia Tech footballer, David Etute, has been charged with second-degree murder for the death of a man he met on dating app, Tinder. What?! Wait o! Did he kill him becos he was dissapointed when he finally found out the guy has no vagina... *Pls if you are online under this reply section, pls folo me for fast folo back. I promise to folo back. Waoh!!

Mad man See as his mouth be Oh God why na see this one lips again Igbo master We need action! Wise for you to not have mentioned you’ll deal with Biafra or Oduduwa, cos any highly placed individual who does, dies mysteriously. PoliceNG IG, you won't be there forever. Those of you in Govt offices that support this tyrant called MBuhari will suffer, this generation will see to it that you not only rot in jail but also in hell. We will make life difficult for you here and afterlife.

Oga,why are you not ruthless against unknown gunmen and bandits The progressive Yorubas/Igbos home&abroad who want Oduduwa/Biafra Nation will be ruthless on those posing serious threat against achieving our nations. See who is talking that they are coward towards confronting Miyetti Allah,bandits,killer herders.

They are in Zamfara Forest! Mumu talk

We’ll crack down on fake products’ importers – SON - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Kudos to SON more grease to your elbow. Even harry kane couldn't na wash, when bribe never finish

Wayray! Channel your ruthless anger on bandits, Boko boyz, Fulani herds men Senseless talks ogapolice, when has protest become posing security threat to Nigeria? Do u know u are nobody without gun! When are you going to apply same method with banditry, bokoharam and corrupt politicians? Do something or are you one of them

Guy looks like all those village witches Idiot. Igbo smoker. Just try and observe this guy very well, in fact look at him again. Don’t he look like a woman in your eyes, he has a confused identity so is his brain. End tyranny in Nigeria June12thProtest Buharimustgo FixNigeria But you are pampering terrorists the 4th deadly terror group globally fulani hersman you never arrest any of them.

We don't need to be told knowing it's not new to every Nigerian that the police is a bigger threat to us it's citizens.. But it's ok we hear you. Be ruthless with fulani herdsman not innocent people

Ohanaeze, others tackle Buhari over threat of S’East clampdown - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Lol e go reach everybody ,oha neze ndi oshi should not worry following us to use VPN is the energy for me,aje you dey motivate me.

This woman talking in rubbish Please be ruthless to the bandits. Let's hear that your men are taking the fight to the bandits in the forests. Otherwise, it is just noise making. We see how it goes overdose government Terrorist Easton Towers is a newly launched project located at Maryland, Lagos. PRICE 500Sqm plot - 45m Actual price 500sqm plot - 32m (Promo price) *Initial deposit of 10m spread balance across 90days without interest and you get all expense paid trip to Zanzibar Call:07036301734

This Shemale don borrow the world “ Ruthless” from Buhari now we no go rest again. IGP that looks like a pregnant woman. No change! PoliceNG MBuhari Iya Ruthless My candid advice to this man is to thread softly. Remember the story of the man that was boasting of bringing the roof down on some certain groups of people lately and how Nigeria treated him at his death?

Did he mean Bandits. All there power is in the South😂 I think this man no serious with his life 🇳🇬💔

Let him go and face bandits and killer herdsmen Shut up Baba oni ikebe Fulani terrorists in Nigerian police uniform. This IG be like old woman😁 May you not live long enough to tell the story of how you brutalised the just, harmless and innocent protesters. Is this a man or a woman? 😕 Idiot na it you be oh

Go and be ruthless to your brothers tormenting Nigeria for years now 🐄 This Shemale don borrow the world “ Ruthless” from Buhari now we no go rest again. Be ruthless to bandits, Fulani herdsmen and boko Haram first

Be ruthless to the bandits and herders across the nation Go zamfara and show force there Shot up!!!! You are a mumu man ibo smoke, stop harassing innocent protesters June12Protest Baba e Trans( Your Fada) They are Fulani Herdsmen, Bandits, Boko Haram and Kidnappers! Pls be ruthless with them while upholding the right of innocent citizens to live securely

This fool… kidnappers and armed robbers no pose threat abi What ruthlessness have you had on bandits/kidnappers! Eni a lemu laa ledi mo Mumu IGP. Na for Youths matter e dey show chest. June12thProtest Very well. And the 'serious security threat' there re, actually, re boko haram, iswap, bandits, herdsmen... Until den, u can only be on a mission to GENOCIDE Dats d difference.

Without due respect sir and coming from the depth of my heart, may God punish you and your generations.

Empty vessels. All these muscles are for the southeast and peaceful protesters. Rubbish Wrong choice of words. Let's divide this country already Thunder fire your entire generation Bandits, Boko Haram, Hoodlums, Killer Herdsmen are daily serious security threat... But Peaceful Protesters is what you will think of before making this statement... Mumu law enforcement... EndBadGoveranceInNigeria June12thProtest BuharMustGo EndSars

Is this one a man or woman, if you are enjoying the common wealth of Nigeria 🇳🇬 now, your family generation will suffer it years to come. Foolishness in our leader's body's, we smell it everyday Always talking no action This one No get sense, we will commence Nomorepolice See him cap like tortoise shell...adiong nofí

Wetin be this man name Self

Incase You’re Joining The June 12 Nationwide Protest – See 5 Ways You Can Stay Safe During The Protest Number 4 is key!! See him like pata denge Stop ranting like a castrated he-goat. Bandits, boko haram, and Fulani herdsmen are posing serious security threat. Go after them if you have balls June12thProtest

Have u guys been ruthless to boko haram and unknown gunmen? Idiot bastards ! How about those bandits Useless man These people have refuse to grow up... anyways what do I expect from leaders with analogue brains. All these tactics is no longer working, can't you people see? Now we know the reason why Buhari choose Usman Alkali Baba, seems he is more heartless than the other candidates.

Abeg be ruthless with fulani herdsmen and bandits. Leave peaceful protesters alone segilolaa That’s how it should be, pickup the troublemakers and show them hell.

Be ruthless on the killer herdsmen, kidnappers, ritualists and stop being ruthless on peaceful protesters Ok madam IGP STFU