US exposes FG’s plan to pay APC gov $100m from Abacha loot

Abacha Loot, Atiku Bagudu

Abacha Loot, Atiku Bagudu


US exposes FG’s plan to pay APC gov $100m from Abacha loot

President, Major General Mohammadu Buhari (retd), and Kebbi State Governor, Atiku Bagudu. Eniola Akinkuotu, Abuja The United States Department of Justice says the Federal Government led by the President, Maj.Gen Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), is blocking attempts to recover Abacha loot traced to Kebbi State Governor, Atiku Bagudu. The DoJ made the claim in court papers filed before the District Court for the District of Columbia in Washington, Bloomberg reports. The PUNCH reports that Bagudu, who is a close ally of Buhari and a prominent member of the ruling All Progressives Congress, was indicted by the US Government for helping the late military dictator, Gen. Sani Abacha, to transfer billions of dollars in the mid-90s. According to documents from the DoJ, Bagudu spent six months in federal detention in Texas while awaiting extradition to the Island of Jersey. However, before he was handed over to criminal trial in Jersey, he quickly agreed to return $163m to Nigeria and was released on bond to Nigeria, where he was meant to be prosecuted for money laundering. However, on returning to Nigeria, he was cleared to contest in three different election cycles – once as a senator and twice as governor – all of which he won and now enjoys immunity. In a report published by Bloomberg , on Friday, it was stated that the US Department of Justice says the Nigerian government is preventing the US from seizing Bagudu’s alleged loot. “The DoJ also contends that the Nigerian government is hindering US efforts to recover allegedly laundered money it says it’s traced to Bagudu. Buhari’s administration says a 17-year-old agreement entitles Bagudu to the funds and prevents Nigeria from assisting the US, according to recent filings from the District Court for the District of Columbia in Washington,” the report stated. According to the report, the disagreement may hamper future cooperation between Nigeria and the US to recover state money moved offshore by Abacha, whom Transparency International estimates may have looted as much as $5bn during his 1993-98 rule. “A commitment by Nigeria to transfer the funds to Kebbi State Governor Abubakar Bagudu appears to undermine Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari’s pledge to quell rampant graft in Africa’s top oil producer,” the report stated. Neither Bagudu nor a spokesman for the Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami (SAN), responded to requests for comment. A spokesman for Buhari said the settlement and the litigation were matters for Malami. A spokesman for the DoJ declined to comment. Successive Nigerian governments have sought to recoup the money looted by Abacha, who died in office, and have so far repatriated more than $2bn with the cooperation of other countries, according to US court filings. The DoJ said in a February 3 statement that Bagudu, 58, was part of a network controlled by Abacha that “embezzled, misappropriated and extorted billions from the government of Nigeria.” Bagudu is the chairman of an influential body of governors representing the ruling All Progressives Congress, Buhari’s party. “Despite the forfeiture action being initiated following a Nigerian state request in 2012, Buhari’s government now says it can’t assist the US because it’s bound by a settlement Bagudu reached with the administration of then-President Olusegun Obasanjo in 2003, according to the court filings,” the report states. Under the terms of that accord, which was approved by a UK court, Bagudu returned $163m of allegedly laundered money to the Nigerian authorities, which in exchange dropped all outstanding civil and criminal claims against him “stemming from his involvement in government corruption,” according to a December 23 memorandum opinion by District Judge John D. Bates in Washington D.C. That meant “Nigeria renounced any interest whatsoever” in Bagudu’s trust assets, including those the US is attempting to recover for the West African nation, the opinion stated. Bagudu was able to return to Nigeria after concluding the settlement and was elected as a senator in 2009. Six years later, he was voted in as Kebbi’s governor in elections that brought Buhari and his party to power. After Bagudu successfully sued Nigeria for violating the 2003 settlement, Buhari’s regime reached a new agreement with him in October 2018, according to the court filings. “That would result in the transfer of ownership of the investment portfolios, worth 141m euros ($155m) to the Nigerian state, which would then pay 98.5 million euros to Bagudu and his affiliates, according to Bates’ December 23 opinion. The funds are currently restrained by the UK at the request of the US,” it added. Nigeria’s government claims the updated 2018 agreement with the Kebbi governor, which requires court approval in the UK, will “curtail and mitigate its looming exposure” from the judgment in Bagudu’s favor. Buhari’s administration submitted the 2018 deal to the UK court in September to support its application to unfreeze the assets so they can be sent to Nigeria, according to the opinion. The court has yet to make a decision. DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Receive Alerts on: Read more: The Punch Newspapers

We salute any news coming from Nigeria. We are not surprised. We can only laugh APC government wants to re-loot it. After they will be claiming that they are fighting corruption and their efcc wouldnt find anything now. APC government is only good at re-looting funds Exactly why they're banning Nigeria. Corruption of the highest place.APC should be ashamed.

Labi_bboy ITT God bless America... Please keep the money, we don't need it now Nigeria leadership without exemption is one big criminal enterprise. A gang of crossbreed Kleptocrats. When it was convenient PDP had him as senator, until he found a willing bride in APC, who knew his murky coeruption-riddled background but looked the other way to make him gov.

What would APC Government going to do with said amount?.Obviously said money would go to some one account or few same politicians who are responsible for our misery and hardship. You should have added 'due to Agreement by OBJ govt' MrFixNigeria Why? That money is meant to be used for physical infrastructure project... APC fraud!

MrFixNigeria In 2015, I kept wondering how Buhari who was closest pals with Abacha could be the kind of incorruptible personae they claimed he was. His best friends are these thieves like Bagudu who plundered and looted Nigeria to stupor. So much for corruption fight. Mr Magu, this one is more powerful than your coronavirous.

US Visa Ban Came To Us As A Rude Shock, Ngige Tells US AmbassadorUS Visa Ban Came To Us As A Rude Shock, Ngige Tells US Ambassador After all the warnings? Rude shock kee you dia. the fear of book haram is the beginning of wisdom everyday population of nigeria increase in violent or criminal or religious war U pple mayb out of this world to say it came to u as a surprise

Buhari's war on corruption is fake Buhari of the fighting corruption United is going to compensate his ankor man for the Election Waka he did for him, America 5-0 corruption United 'Buhari is the man we trust. This must be a lie.' Nigeria is deeply bleeding and if not cared for hmmmmm. Federal Govt. Actions at times encourages corruption. All you got to do is to steal as much as you can then you negotiate to release some and keep the rest. What a form of fighting corruption. Plea bargain!!!

Am not surprise anyway 😏😏😏 Am not personally surprised if true, what happened to the ones collected before now? A country full of unhonest leaders who only cares about themselves & nothing more. It does not matter what we say today. Nigeria is IN and only thing needed of us is how to come out. This buhari is the biggest sham in history. Mr integrity trully indeed.😒

Massive corruption,Terrorism,incompetence,cluelessness,tyrannical et al all found in one person. Incredible! IzuOgbeleje

You’re not qualified to join us, APC tells FayoseGbas gbos Wait is he planning on Joining them? If yes, then politics is a joke😂 LMFAO Why now, Fayose

integrity So na so this man be. Buhari and his APC thieves As a nation, we ingested poison in 2015. 😷 This country must surely divide oo Even USA get first hand information before we wey Dey live for here. Come can’t u people just share one of this man loot ni. Please use BVN. If u give us 1m each this money go still remain now

Buhari was virtual no 1 in the Abacha Cult; & Bagudu & Buhari's supporters/hailers worshipped at the Abacha Shrine of infamy, for Abacha was a god who could do no wrong! Now they're beneficiaries of Buhari's evil governance. What happened to loans? War on corruption is a fraud! Nigeria can’t be mended, it has to be broken n restarted again

The man is now 58 years old. Helped Abacha loot lots of money around 1997 when he was just 35years of age. It's a pity, one day they will all die and their children will waste this money in the most stupid way ever, then they will wail in their graves for not doing the right thing.

US opposes Nigeria's plan to hand Kebbi governor $100m from Abacha loot | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsThe United States is opposing plans by Nigeria to give $100 million from loots recovered from former Nigeria military dictator Sani Abacha to Kebbi State governor Atiku Bagudu . USA no give 9ja govt this money. Use the money set up organisation that will run scholarships, healthcare and skills training. Mind you, no even think to involve Nigerian govt for the plan. Good one I have a feeling the recovered loot is being processed for re-looting.

These people are evil. They came to steal,kill and destroy. Been aware of the kind of government we have, we know they're capable of that...but speaking from a rational view, we need evidence to authenticate this... How did the US get to know? Is it through Satellite/GPS?😂 What's happening in this country vis-a-vis the present administration is utterly disturbing. How did we come this low ?

Nigeria is dead Buhari is the bigest thief in Nigeria. Please realDonaldTrump USEmbassyAbuja don't release the money Buhari and his gangs are armed robber. It is so disheartening how Nigeria has been recycling political criminals who keep looting the country resources. For what na? To do what with it Kai!

Buhari DE Mr Integrity is fighting corruption. Toilet Newspaper. Use it to wipe shit.

Abacha Loot: US opposes Buhari govt alleged plan to give Kebbi Gov, Atiku $100m - Daily Post NigeriaThe United States is opposing alleged plan by the federal government to give $100 million out the recovered Sani Abacha loot to Kebbi State Governor, is buhari's mindset in any way suitable for running a federation like Nigeria? Shld we be afraid for our lives? I wonder if he thinks he’s running a northern republic “an existing 17-year-old agreement entitles Bagudu to a fraction of the repatriated funds” pls who entered the agreement with him? 🤦‍♂️

Chai there is Godoooo Sai baba See people wey dey fight corruption. We still dey laugh oh! Abeg people from the west how market? 😀 😀 😀 😀 LagosTalks913 Apc led federal government wants to reloot Abacha loot. This country has been totally messed up. I can't recall things being this bad since we returned to democracy!

FGN plan to pay, blocking US DoJ from investigating an accessory to Abacha loot. Bravo! This report would win at the next Oscar's. Where is you prove you fake news channel If the senate is not rubber stamped by now, impeachment processes ought to have commenced. nassnigeria

US sanctions are ‘great honour,’ says Iranian councilTrump is a Pompeo fool: his trade games won’t work anymore. The way him and his father did things is over. The reign of the white man is over. If he continues like this, the China the Middle East and Africa will shut the doors, and reality will set in Really? Why not wear the batch and stop whining about it, lobbying nation's to help you out of it's strangulating grip.

The headlines and the real details MrBanksOmishore Bihari is a bastard NGRPresident see una life.. shame everywhere. Tufia Continue spreading lies against the present government, no wahala.. Corruption fighters,I hail una surely knows lazy Nigerians that will conclude just from the headline alone. You are just bent on destroying this govt whereas you will be the one to go down.

Two extreme criminals!!! Na so all them bad plans go they expose...😡😡 And this man claims he's fighting corruption. God will judge him o Is this not the people you should place a life ban on and their families and even them relatives? Place a blanket ban on all of our Political class and relatives too. And Please, dnt give them that money, they will still steal it

US Prepares To Sign Withdrawal Deal With TalibanUS Prepares To Sign Withdrawal Deal With Taliban The best deal for USA IS TO WITHDRAW THEIR TROOPS. In the first place, NO ONE INVITED THEM. SO THEY ARE OCCUPIERS, INVADERS. ILLEGAL INVADERS AND OCCUPIERS... US does not negotiate with terrorists - according to Saner Clime FC So what have US achieved in invading Afghanistan now! Absolutely nothing rather than radicalizing the society further!

Fact remains that almost all these politicians that are claiming anti corruption crusaders are criminals..if not at home, (because their party makes them saints), then abroad. Except for a few, if you dig deep, you'd find something incriminating. Tueh!! This headline is misleading.... what are they exposing?

iammcrain But our President said abacha did not loot rather saved the cash for Nigns, is the savings only for the gov’s? Nigeria is a scam Give out a piece of paper and ask all these people making comments here to summerise wht they understand in this news report, u will see 94% scoring zero. Twitter sorry

Just one man ...this country is a mess When I thought it won't get worse. Buhari wants to sponsor terrorism as usual LocusBendi

One can't help but imagines the amount of money looted by other heads of state that would have been recovered if not that they refused to join Abacha Na you people the eat our money nja my country 100 million dollars? What? Integrity ole My Integrity 😭😭😭 God bless them Okay... what’s our own? 🤷‍♂️ When we Nigerians realize that this is the greatest criminals that have ever govern Nigeria. I just read it in yahoo News I was very ashamed to call myself a Nigerian. Buhari is a big disaster

Tired of reading stuff like this. I want to be excused from this sort of news abeg. Ahhh!

That's how they distribute Niger Delta money amongst themselves. Corruption fight ala Buhari Exposed them all I read your news because you are strong critique of this administration, I was so perturbed at the headline, now I have the full story. Please unite the country with objective reporting and not otherwise. So disappointed in

Ole Barawo MBuhari Are you still fighting corruption? officialEFCC the toothless bulldog, are you still alive to your responsibilities? Don't forget that Buhari was part of the govtooo that looted this moneyooo, na the same people... He filed against Nigeria the moment Buhari became President because he knows that the case will go for his Favour. Thieves in Govt

APC Buhari & Yall Mofo's What do we call this? Y'all wagon if fat old thieves! EFCC would turn a blind eye on this am sure, yall crooks! Y'all milking for decades upon decades and its never enough! Y'all wont rest in peace if una die well. Daniel_Ayanate My goodness, Thieves everywhere, How will anyone take Nigeria serious, How a thief is a governor, How was he cleared, Where is that officialEFCC

If the cabals have taken the decision, nobody is going to stop them Thieves for ever.

Just read the content of the report and jusxtapose with headline, u will realize that is a junk newsdesk that should be sanctioned and banished in Nigeria God will punish the editor This one will not be newsworthy for your toiletpaper! QuotedReplies Oh.... My Country My Country who has cursed you with this Man?

Fake news again. Send Abacha loot to Nigeria and stop all this excuses. If I owe you money, I should just pay you and stop complaining. yommywindy America will know - GEJ On a normal day, this thieving Bagudu should be in jail for the role he played in helping Abacha and himself loot Nigeria mercilessly. It just goes to show how insensitive this administration is to the issue of corruption.

MBuhari wants to collude with AABagudu to reloot the looted funds. Buhari has no integrity, himself & his followers are celebrating a fabricated integrity. Pmb is corrupt, his govt stinks of corruption. Buhari is a colossal failure & a misfit. aishambuhari ProfOsinbajo budXcurious This has always been the drill💔...smh😥

Its a shame ...sad for this nation

BuhariOle This northerners are wicked Mr corruption fighter wants to reloot Abacha's loot. Lol 😆😆 😆 Mr.integrity Chop I Chop association of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This is how this administration is fighting corruption. This Government is a Joke. Mr fighting corruption😂😂 This is Nigeria every be criminal

Propaganda can only take you to an extent. They entered power with it instead of dropping it they continued thinking that Nigerians and the world are fools. Some day they will die by it officialEFCC are you seeing this? Dear Nigerians this is an eye opener.

Nigerians will have sense by force. Why only APC Gov.? This all speaks of incompetency at its peak... For one single individual to be holding an entire federal government of a whole nation of millions of people to ransom on the government's own money is just unbelievable! This is painful, men! Chxta AishaYesufu please note we are fighting corruption.

These people can never change, imagine planning to reloot $100million. Shameless people Casted !!! The only time when this country will progress is that which the President after Elections belongs to No Party in critical sense.The looters ll never stay out of the rulling Gov't which serves as the second immunity after the constitutional one. That's how PMB fall along d line

Sai Baba and the impressive fight on corruption Nigerians suffering and praying Interesting.

YarKafanchan Dead Country Wow Imagine useless and corrupt people we have telling us they're fighting corruption. Oh my my! Na sooh? Na today? They've been doing that since 2015. But what do I know? Ihu I expect FemAdesina and GarShehu to be on top of this news already.The onerous is on them to defend the anti-corruption and integrity mantra.

Bagudu an international convict now governor, buhari a repentant bokoharam. This administration has stopped at nothing to drain and squeez life out of this country!! Lobatan. Next neqs headline: PDP behind US allegation about APC sharing loot

Ok I knew sth was wrong with the 'integrity ' of baba immediately when he publicly defended Abacha that he never stole from Nigeria! Something interesting abt thieves is that they shield one another. cchukudebelu Scammers in government Shame of a country called Naija.. Mr. Integrity my foot! If it's like that, let the US keep the money USEmbassyAbuja

When GMB was asking UK to return Nigeria's money in their custody, we don't know baba was asking for Nigeria's money looted by a Nigerian looter, for him(the looter) and not for the government.... All hail Our saint President, Mr Integrity, the champion of Anti corruption and.. This is how we fight corruption

Aloota continua This country sha always realDonaldTrump please see o, MBuhari has started again o with the recovered loot... They also claimed FG blocked Evey efforts to prosecutes him on looted funds laundered through him. The stupid senseless punch journalists and board of editors don't ask question can even see if there is evidence. Was it not OBJ that signed the agreement that the money should go to Bagudu in 2003?

All this Fulani Janjaweed are arch criminals and this are the reason the zoo will never see anything good. Buhari is as corrupt as any other goverment in nigeria Jesu.. Tats reloot and share wat kind of leaders are these?!!!🙆🏼🙆🏼🙆🏼🙆🏼 False information chinex1000 That's how they have been governing us all along. Poor Bagudu, just used him to bring out the portion they want to share. Thank you US. Help us expose the buccaneers that have been tormenting us since 2015 to the whole world. They are friends to UK.

Med o!

The owners and editors of this newspaper should be ashamed of themselves. A national newspaper that cannot stand for truth and report the truth is a disgrace Shame on you MBuhari Waoh! officialEFCC they won't say anything to this na to dey act like mumu ..awon ode REVOLUTION NOW, there goes your Mr integrity, MBuhari is as dirty as they come, shame on all you old men destroying and raping Nigeria blind.

And nothing go still happen!! Lmao 😂 EvansTed101 New panda cover Olisemekaobi sai baba Yeahmeahh MistehOG Be guided with your headlines!

I think it's high time we stopped letting those that have benefited or held an office in the government no longer have access to contest for any political office again as well has not to be given any political appointments. Femi and Lie over to you guys. Waiting patiently. Oju Ole da ..! ? Ahhh.. Mr. Integrity,🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️

Anyone still believe in Buhari’s integrity cloak? They want another round of re-looting of the Abacha loot abi. quqie123 Mad o! cchukudebelu This country is finished. See the people shouting change, saying they want to fight corruption. Abacha loot that the corrupt PDP fought for is being relooted by the righteous APC.

The only option for us is to split this country the north doesn't want any good for this country....smh Foolish leaders

I weep for my country.... These kind of stories has made me lost all hope in this country, wetin dey occur If this is true What are Bihari and Magu saying? This is CORRUPTION Let us expose them This country is a joke Buhari's administration is hopeless. Integrity my foot. 🙆🙆 I don't want to hear anyone saying that the government is fighting corruption. We are corruption personified. Nigeria is corruption. Corruption is Nigeria.

TheAkande Lol 😂 Is this for real? So we are being deceived? Integrity is only a word it doesn't mean anything in this part of the world.

See our life with these Fulani guys? But Buharig claims to be fighting corruption If Fela still dey alive, he for make more money under did regime Wow 🤦‍♂️ The US is trying so hard to hel get back money looted from a country but the country isn't willing to assist... What foolery is this!! Abacha money no dey finish.

Nigerians do not read and Punch Newspaper is 💩 Ghenghen

International thieves Corruption is fighting fighting back. The USA is now supporting PDP to fight against the govt. Thats the statement am expecting from the NGRPresident 😳 phonzaman Am happy the US is now showing us how to fight corruption not like Buhari's kuaraption fait. APC is a joke No need to say Buhari resign.. Say Nigeria divide... This country needs to be divided

And this efcc or what they called themselves are crying and chasing Alison all over the place why can’t they investigate this stuff God Knows We Are Far From Progress In Nigeria! For real?Shit* US please monitor the Abacha loot well.

SamanthaVouPam Yahoo Boys everywhere........... MR. Integrity. biggy_orobo Fabricated integrity🤡🤡 Buhari’s corruption fight is only good for Nollywood. Mr fake integrity, incompetent and highly corrupt Born to Rule doesn't mean you can rule. Buhari's rule has exposed the Northern agenda like never before! I'm ashamed! Tufiakwa

The US we never learn, don't give this loot to politicians, just collect our Data from banks and share this money in 'ori o jori way' If US ever put eyes in Nigeria, Know it that the TOTAL DISSOLUTION of NIGERIA is quite near. TrumpIsComingToAfrica Buhari should resign now. Read this and if you tell me Buhari is fighting corruption........i will know you are sick person!

realDonaldTrump show us proof What a headline

The case is deep All i know is No matter how much you loot , you won't carry a penny with you once you die , why this excessive looting competition. That is their own way of fighting corruption Can you imagine ....? I hate these people... oya Lie Mohammed defender of the universe where are u. come and scan if this is fake news

Change Mr Integrity!!! Fight qurusion TheLastImpaler Chaii So much for a government fighting corruption. abi is this fake news too? Very ridiculous. Not surprising though, as this government hasn't made any difference in leadership. The fight against corruption has been a hoax ,so far

Ole!!! This can't be true.This administration sworn to doggedly fight corruption. I'm expecting NGRPresident to deny it... Criminal administration See integrity's Godfather.😂😂😂😂 We have been scammed. Shame We are fighting to survive here ayemojubar We r our own problems US should ban the distributors and the beneficiaries.

This is a doom nation

Inclination to looting public fund and declination to public scrutiny How well can one relate a man whom the fairytale of how simplicity of life was projected to unbeknownst citizens but now fall flat to a ruse since the amalgamation? davexam Am not surprise.. If your expecting anything different from this Govt, your in for a serious disappointment.

We've already seen enough of this administration . Shey na pple dey fight corruption b dz . ? The presidency should reply US , cos dz is defamation if this is lie ooooo cos I trust sai baba, na saint wey dey tk us to nxt lvl b dt Na today 😔 Arrrhhhhn Buhari!!!! You are a criminal, walahi!!!! Nigerians really need to be grateful to President realDonaldTrump.

Homeleopard Have they given a reason as to why? How did we get here self...ahhhh naija...God bless GEJ...stealing is not corruption If true, this is another terrible feat of this Buhari regime or can I say Administration. US is trying to hold someone accountable and he’s been protected. But they claim to be fighting graft. Shame!

Am not surprised of the news

Wow! Terrible Country... Next time someone asks where you’re from, tell them you’re from West Africa and mention your tribe, because the name Nigeria sounds appalling to most, either as a country of scammers or a country with most corrupt governmental practices. We celebrate thieves See headline.... Well-done I see the punch

9jaVoltron Ibrahim Mahama try loot Ghana and images and evidence shown The inflammatory headlines are entirely different from the content of the report!!! Repent, for the sake of posterity. God have mercy The money is for wat.. And NGRPresident NGRSenate HouseNGR NigeriaGov you keep borrowing money, Infrastructures are lacking, poverty everywhere. What is your purpose for Nigeria. Your not representing us.. Your representing yourselves.

topaz_artistry Do not mistake it as corruption. Corona virus is the agent carrier of corruption. MBuhari is lighting kworuftion.

Mr integrity wants to pay his loyalty compensation allowance.This is one of the best way to fight corruption. Congratulations MBuhari.Is anyone surprised the same President said Abacha is a saint. realDonaldTrump realFFK CNNWorld PremiumTimesng The United States of America should not release any money again to this thief's and a Visa band should be place on everyone of them

Only in Nigeria that people with criminal records and Associates of bokoharam are voted into power Una go just post fake headline and some ignorant Nigerians go just comment like illiterate . Waiting conerm US with our internal affair . No country has right to interfere with our own affair . Fake news

This bubu is most corrupt being in this part of world, and idiots that has enabled all this years-ascribing all kind of name to him, like a man of integrity, are the most Brian dead. Buhari and His Terrorist Cohorts Only Came To Inflick More Hardship, Insecurity And Corruption On Nigerians Shame on him and his useless supporters

Corruption and corrupt elements are in the ring exchanging blows, punching our commonwealth with hard hits. Will it survive this? legendrichekwus here Bro, another reason to be very 'positive' Mr integrity at it again We have always known Buhari to be part of Abacha family. Not surprise

I only pity those who take Nigeria serious as fighting corruption. What do you guys expect from a president whose stand is that “Abacha did not steal any kobo” Really? Mr integrity 🙆 Hehehe I thought as much We are truly fighting corruption MBuhari you are hypocrisy raised to power infinity. This is astonishing and embarrassing for a government, brandishing fight against corruption as its achievement.

Buhari is a joke he and his useless people fucked us hardcore😠😠 The same Buhari who claimed Abacha never stole money is the same person who wants to re-loot the recovered funds. Buhari is the most disingenuous human to ever lived. And people claimed this idiot has integrity. Integrity and Buhari should NOT be in the same sentence.

Buhari has integrity like a stinking goat asked to watch over yams 😀 See them 🤡🤡

Tissue-paper at it AGAIN 👆😂 We aren’t surprised anymore GarShehu MBuhari NGRPresident what do you have to say about this....please note that I asked without any insult and I dont belong to any political party. POTUS USEmbassyAbuja should please expose more. MBuhari should resign He is not only a scam and a sham, he is also corrupt...This country is going nowhere under this maniac

Bagudu spent six months in federal detention in Texas while awaiting extradition to the Island of Jersey. However, before he was handed over to criminal trial in Jersey, he quickly agreed to return $163m to Nigeria and was released on bond to Nigeria, where he was meant to... Read this, just to make sure you guys copied verbatim.

Nigerians both home and abroad are solidly behind MBuhari 100%. Your haters shall continue to be in severe pain. In Shaa Allah!!! Oga of corruption. God would definitely show himself soon. Greedy leaders The so-called “incorruptible” MBuhari! aishambuhari, see your life THIEVES

Fake news....ur headline is not corresponding to what we are reading..... fools The country is finished and there's no remedy.. Abacha hell will be modernize differently Unrepentant fakers! Thieves in disguise Writing headlines like bloggers looking for clicks. No wander Hmmm Naija they are already planning on how to report the Loot,

evil journalism

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