Akeredolu, Dave Umahi, Fırs

Akeredolu, Dave Umahi

Umahi to Southern Govs: Be your brothers’ keeper, Ebonyi won’t implement VAT collection

Umahi to Southern Govs: Be your brothers’ keeper, Ebonyi won’t implement VAT collection

9/17/2021 2:15:00 PM

Umahi to Southern Govs: Be your brothers’ keeper, Ebonyi won’t implement VAT collection

Ebonyi State Governor, Dave Umahi has knocked the Southern Governors' Forum for supporting the collection of VAT

17 September 2021Ebonyi State Governor, Dave Umahi, on Friday, knocked his colleagues on the platform of the Southern Governors’ Forum over their resolution supporting the collection of the Value Added Tax by states.Umahi, who is the Chairman of the South-East Governors’ Forum, made it clear that Ebonyi won’t pursue VAT collection or implement the decision of the Forum made at a meeting in Enugu on Thursday.

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He spoke on Channels Television’s ‘Sunrise Daily’ breakfast programme monitored byThe PUNCH.VAT is a consumption tax paid when goods are purchased and services are rendered. It is charged at a rate of 7.5 per cent.Although Rivers and Lagos states have started the process of collecting VAT within their territories, the Court of Appeal in a ruling on September 10 stopped the collection pending the determination of an appeal filed by the Federal Inland Revenue Service against the judgment of the Federal High Court sitting in Port Harcourt.

Apart from Lagos and Rivers states, Ogun State has also started the process of passing a bill on VAT in its House of Assembly.The Southern Governors’ Forum led by Governor of Ondo State, Rotimi Akeredolu (SAN), reading a communiqué at the end of a meeting on Thursday had said, “The meeting resolved to support the position that the collection of VAT falls within the powers of the states.” headtopics.com

‘I believe in administrative restructuring’But speaking on the television programme on Friday, Umahi, who was represented at the meeting in Enugu by his deputy, Kelechi Igwe, said the resolution of the Forum does not reflect his stand on the issue.He said, “In any gathering, the minority will have their say and the majority will have their way. For example, there was an issue that came up. I’m not sure it is clear to some of our colleagues on the issue of VAT but it is very clear to me.

“We (Ebonyi) took a stand as a state with our leaders on the issue of the VAT war that is going and so my deputy carried it on to say that this is what my governor is saying and this is what the state is saying and he went ahead to explain with some other deputies that represented their governors.

“But together they were in the minority and it didn’t stop the majority from coming up with their communiqué. When it comes up to implementation and voicing out, I will continue to say: this is where is I stand; if it is a choice, I will choose what would benefit my state.”

Umahi also said there is no state in the country that is not enjoying the help of other states.“When they (Southern governors) say that this VAT collection is part of true restructuring, I said I never believe in total restructuring; I believe in administrative restructuring,” he said. headtopics.com

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Be your brothers’ keeper, Ebonyi gov tells Southern colleaguesUmahi said a number of states would collapse should VAT collection move from the federal to the subnationals. Read more: The Punch Newspapers »

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Oka nma na ero.. Do you even understand what it means to be your brothers keeper? Come back when you understand the Difference between being your brothers keeper and Betraying your brothers… ☹️ Errand boy.... E choke! I only see desperation in the part of Umahi. This is the worst sycophant to ever come out of the south My problem with him is that he can’t even play the role of a sycophant very well

Is Ebonyi viable with FEC allocation? yOrUbAs are bEtrAyAls 😖😖 Of course Ebonyi state won’t support collection of VAT bcos the state is one of the top 10 poorest states in Nigeria and the poorest state in the southern region. He enjoys taking private jet to Abuja to collect monthly allowance and can’t think of generating income in his state.

He will sing a new song very soon. Let's sit and watch. Selfish you. They will never unite.. Aka economic and fiscal lethargy. 🤡 No be who get dey give? See Ebonyi wey be North inside east oo

Ebonyi APC chair lampoons Wike over attacks on Umahi - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Wetin be the lampoon again na. The man no lie na Wike said the truth, by that Umahi statement that Buhari is a kind hearted person, he had shown his sycophancy, foolishness and emptiness in his leadership position a public disgrace to the entire Ebonyi people

See im face anything to please his masters 🤦‍♀️ Even APC stunch and strong hold wants state to collect VAT that's what is in constitution but Dave Umahi said No. Since this man cross to APC he has sacrifice the future of Ebonyi people to fulani hegemony . How much is Ebonyi generating self, he can help jigawa and gombe, I pity indigenous people that live there

Lazy saboteur! Says the son that points his father's house with his left hand..... Odé Dude do ur homework and stop expecting free fund, if u cant generate money from a state of over 2million inhabitants then you dont fit to lead them, resign honorably and let others do the job if u cant And those that own this business they are destroying is who's brother?

Umahi is a mad man Where is you love for your people, North is destroying the economy of the south and you are talking about brother keeper, the gold mined in the North why are they not sharing with the South, don't be a slave boy trying to get out of EFCC list after your tenure.

I have no apologies over my comment on Buhari –Gov Umahi - Punch NewspapersI have no apologies over my comment on Buhari –Gov Umahi Sycophant. This are the kind of people IPOB should be demanding accountability from. But they love soft targets, the poor masses. Umahi remember power is transient. It is one thing for people to say you are dumb and another for you to open your mouth and make statements like this and leave no doubts. Buhari's presidency is the retrogressive presidency since 1999. Bush man

Sometimes I dey wonder who this man wan impress and why 😂😂😂 Ambition can make a fool of men. Uchu! Lol Family matters now, kwa But d brother u want to keep is killing you n enslaving ur children? I thought he was shouting before? 🤣😂😂🤣 This is Hypocrisy Umahi is a fool. Mudafuka

2023: Umahi endorses Ali Modu Sheriff for APC National ChairmanThe Chairman of the Southeast Governors Forum, David Umahi on Wednesday endorsed the former governor of Borno State Ali Modu Sheriff as the national There goes the fulani-queen 😂 Lol, so thoughtful of him. Give heed to this at your own peril This Umahi must be going through a lot. It can only end in depression

mikelodegreat Irresponsible idiot. Horrible human that can do anything to be in Buhari's good book, my happiness is that power is transient, where is Jonathan, IBB , Abacha, where are they Does the North practice being your Brothers Keeper? Umahiiii EBONYI STATE is BIAFRA LAND you can be generating our money giving it to your slave masters soon you will join them in the North you don't belong to EBONYI STATE

Fool. Fulani people are not 'brothers keepers​' when their hisbah destroy businesses in the name of Sharia, during their government appointments and in support of terrorism. This Umahi must be a fool Mumu man! How many people has Umahi taken care off in his own state before extending it to the north. Northern cow don b!t€ Umahi. He now speaks in northern language. Be your brothers keeper.

Once lagos and rivers set the pace, other states will fall in line so this is just animal noise

No apology for describing Buhari as 'man with good heart' -- Gov UmahiNo apology for describing Buhari as ‘man with good heart’ — Gov Umahi God help us. Non requested nor needed! I knew you are protecting/fighting for your stomach thus betraying your kins men so enjoy oga Ade. Later him go dey beg say make FIRS collect tax lazy man

We're the fulanis their brother's keeper when they went about killing, raping, maiming and destroying propertise of other tribes? Umahi us a hypocrite, together with Hopeless Uzodinjo. Lol, how much is Ebonyi state generating? Ebonyi doesn't have anything to give, it's one of the parasite states He can leave the southern governors meeting,he’s of no use to them

Who is your brother? Onye Nzuzu If ebonyi people keep quiet on this thats means they don't like themselves..nonsense man Fulani errand boy thinking they’d consider him for 2023 that won’t happen. 2)....southern states are generating.l 1) There is nothing in Ebonyi. VAT revenue from that state is very poor. Katsina, Kogi and some northern states generate more than Ebonyi. This is why they want federal govt to be collecting it so that they can be benefitting from what Lagos and Rivers and other productive....

Being your brothers keeper is by standing by your brothers decision even if it doesn't appeal to you. This stand by Ebonyi state Governor is one of the many set back of the Igbo Nation (South East) never respecting collective decisions.

Southern Govs Back VAT Collection by States*Insist president must come from South in 2023 Governors from the south of Nigeria have expressed their support for the collection of Value Added Tax (VAT) by state governments. Gov. Rotimi Akeredo…

WomanOfVoice In 2 more years you will no longer be relevant in Ebonyi. Ask Martin Elechi. This umahi na Bokohari real ashawo Someone should please silence this man These Igbo Governors live in SABO. Bunch of saboteurs. Mumu man Who will brother keeper the south, senseless talk. Feel free to cede your allocation to your 'brothers', impoverish your people on the altar of politics.

And who will brothers keeper to the South? Why is the south constantly doing the keeping and the other ones doing the eating and destroying? Restructure Nigeria abeg. He doesn't speak for Ebonyi people. What do u have in your Ebonyi. Do u think we are talking of beans here. U better keep waiting the coin u collect from the FG.

Weyrey wettin your state dey bring to the table… all they want is to enjoy from people doing the real work and not doing anything…

Southern govs back state collection of VAT, laud anti-grazing law progress - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

Igbo people are very good people but they have a very bad and selfish leaders, who doesn't care about its people. For igbos to survive in Nigeria they must do something about their evil leaders those people are evil. Hahahhaha Desperate Fulani lapdog🐕🐕 Just to be presidential nominee of APC. Only an Igbo man will fight against his own brother. All the other SW supported the movement.

Useless Why hollering, when you collect your VAT, take it to aso rock. So simple!!! What's Ebonyi GDP again ? Ebonyi is parasite nah. Why should they try such a suicide mission. An unproductive state can never support VAT collection by States Mumu Slave licking Buhari Anus Your brother’s keeper with Igbos money ? Saboteurs everywhere

Umahi will be heartbroken and disappointed at last when 2023 approaches! Adeu Umahi. Not that his state Ebonyi is really bringing anything to the table anyways. I will pass

😭😭😭😭 seriously it is unfortunate he is my governor, no wonder, he was not in southern governors meeting yesterday. Foolish Man 🤯 Mugu Foolish man. What does Umahi Ebonyi Produce Your selfish ambition will not destroy you in Jesus name 😆😆😆😆😆that is your business with those you govern. Olosho done drop quote

Now u are begging. U de form big boy since, all of a sudden people are suffering in ur state. I thought u said Buhari has brought positive change to ur state... today on Channels u said ur state is poor. Hahahahha. U are on ur own Umahi is looking for alliance by all means...

Na Igbo governors be the real sabo. Judas Iscariot. Onye mgbu Coward Mumu man Judas was an apostle. Wait Lagos and Port Harcourt wins the case at supreme court maybe by then you tell FIRS to continue collecting from your state Power is transient... Add licker