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Twitter Ban: Malami Orders Prosecution of Offenders | Sahara Reporters

Malami directed relevant government agencies to ensure the speedy prosecution of offenders without any further delay.

6/5/2021 5:17:00 PM
Twittersuspendedinnigeria, Twitterbaninnigeria

Twitter Ban: MalamiSan Orders Prosecution Of Offenders | Sahara Reporters Malami directed relevant government agencies to ensure the speedy prosecution of offenders without any further delay. TwitterSuspendedinNigeria TwitterbaninNigeria READ MORE:

Malami directed relevant government agencies to ensure the speedy prosecution of offenders without any further delay.

Jun 05, 2021Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami (SAN) has ordered immediate prosecution of offenders of the Federal Government ban on Twitter operations in Nigeria.Malami directed the Director of Public Prosecution of the Federation (DPPF) at the Office of the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice to swing into action and commence the prosecution of violators of the Federal Government in earnest de-activation of operations of Twitter in Nigeria.

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Open Grazing Ban: Fulani Leaders ln Delta Condemn Threat Letter To Okowa

The elders and leaders of the Hausa/Fulani community in Delta State have condemned the threat letter addressed to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa over the ban on

MalamiSan How did Malami qualify for SAN? I tell you most truly, he would not have qualified as a lawyer if he were a southerner. This is why Nigeria is going down this route. Square pegs don't fit into round holes. MalamiSan Liars, it Nigeria that's banning Twitter for their rudeness to the country

MalamiSan Is this guy a lawyer? MalamiSan Zoo nation UAR MalamiSan Olodo MalamiSan This people wan to burn Nigeria Quickly This people are indirectly asking Police to start checking phones again .. Endsars reloaded MalamiSan craze, misplaced priority. U can't tackle unemploymnt, fixed dwindling economy, dying value of naira, over dependence on crude oil, corruptn, insecurity the list goes on n on yet u can comfortably ban citizens from using Twitter. If only d govrnmnt r dat quick 2resolve oda issues

MalamiSan And the question remains 'how will they track us using VPN to access Twitter' if the fools are not accessing the same Twitter they said they've banned TwitterBan MalamiSan But the Courts are not working na...shame on u MalamiSan This man's brain need proper examination as well as urgent psychiatric evaluation as a matter of fact. Awon Wheyrey

MalamiSan This man smokes dust, lugard why?

I never told Buhari to suspend Constitution, says Malami“The government does not operate in secrecy as it is not a clandestine operation. Hence, Malami discharges his constitutionally recognised mandates in compliance with principles of transparency, openness and accountability.” He did,he is a blatant lier Hmm oyibo! Let me add my own grammar of the flagabasted onmonopolistic dicsenchafrized ingeniunism of the Nigerian constitutionaliszation dichotomy allows the homologous homplotos jinx to keep affecting the Nigerian state by the government why? The martial law you suggested is already being carried out in Southeast

MalamiSan Free vpn were all over internet 😁😁😁. I'm advising you to install (melon vpn) to access twitter better. Useless set of people in Nigeria government. MalamiSan How did malami communicate this message ? MalamiSan Nigeria, where Northern Nigerians are being killed in their Hundreds daily, & Govt. MBuhari NGRSenate HouseNGR sent their PoliceNG HQNigerianArmy to the Southeast/SouthSouth to kill Biafrans UNHumanRights EU_Commission GOVUK AmnestyNigeria UN

MalamiSan These groups of terrorists people from Sahel has over stayed there welcome, it's time the real indigenous Nigerians emulate Central African Republic and chase them back to their desert MalamiSan This man lips is burnt.Go for surgery! MalamiSan MalamiSan you are a mumu man No be juju be that,,, 70yrs old man Oh my Go... U think say u r wise

MalamiSan W MalamiSan FULANIS don't use Twitter..animals MalamiSan Aims failure frustration now leading MALUmi to DEPRESSION MalamiSan Stop tweeting the names of the VPNs you’re using. IP addresses for common VPNs can be compiled and blacklisted by ISPs…you people should be smart for once, not everything you must put out on social media

Twitter Ban: Group Gives Nigerian Government 48 Hours To Reverse Suspension | Sahara ReportersIn a letter addressed to the Federal Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, the group stated that it will challenge the Federal Government at the ECOWAS Community Court of Justice if the ban on Twitter is not repealed within 48 hours. What suspension? Which group is that? Unknown gunmen on what?

MalamiSan U see how jobless the FG is? Keep fooling yourselves, your end is definitely near.... MalamiSan Nigeria BAR has finally made a monster !!! MalamiSan Tweeting live from Texas but still trapped in this shit hole contraption called ZOOGeria!!!! Buharimustgo MalamiSan I hope they have enough space to accommodate everyone arrested

MalamiSan Let him come himself make he see something. MalamiSan The Nigerian bar association needs to give an answer on how this man become a SAN, MalamiSan that can win a case against newly graduated law student. NBA has to provide reason why he gets to be a SAN MalamiSan Malami high on Codeine. MalamiSan Animal in the bush is talking

MalamiSan Fake news MalamiSan Under which law? Malami is a charge and bail lawyer who lacks knowledge of constitutional law. A shame! MBuhari NGRPresident

Twitter Ban Is Ploy To Stifle Freedom Of Speech— NBA, Concerned Nigerians Group | Sahara ReportersAccording to the NBA, there is no constitutional authority to support the Federal Government's indefinite suspension of Twitter. NigBarAssoc ConcernedNIG Gov

MalamiSan Hehe hehe! MalamiSan This man Don finally mad MalamiSan Perhaps, he is still using Twitter via VPN. He is a hypocrite. He should go and hug transformer MalamiSan 🤣even Sahara too would be arrested MalamiSan This is how a failed government goes about with confusion, instead of handling the prominent issues traumatizing the nation, they went ahead creating a confusion and attention diverting scene. The govt of PMB is a failed government that has no mission and vision

MalamiSan When people are protesting Endsar Some people are said it is yahoo boys that were protesting you see this bad governance . Now it touch all of us rich and poor MalamiSan He can't stop us from using twitter MalamiSan Omo as I get India, dem don dey dance for 3 hours straight 😭😭😭 MalamiSan Stupid Man

MalamiSan These agencies must be stupid to obey this clueless order. whichwaynigeria

EXPLAINER: How To Use Twitter In Nigeria Despite Ban By Buhari Government | Sahara ReportersA virtual private network extends a private network across a public network. It enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network. This government is preparing for war Y'all try OD VPN, it seems like it's free, no account needed 😂 Government awon oloribu

MalamiSan Mad man. Drug addict MalamiSan Ani Weyrey lawon people yi se MalamiSan Yoruba proverbs sayz, if one house is peaceful, is because Omo ale wey dey dat house ko ti mature... Na big Omo ale dem be MalamiSan This man investigated, no jokes, he has a secret agenda against Nigerians that we don't know

MalamiSan Twitter deleted Donald trump’s comment several while he was president of the United States of America, did you see them ban Twitter in America? No, But here in UAR, sorry Nigeria 🤦🏻‍♂️,the tyrant president and AGF are just going against people’s fundamental rights MalamiSan Open court first and expand the prisons to accommodate us all

MalamiSan How did they know we use vpn to tweet?🤔🤔i thought it was blocked🤔 MalamiSan The FG thinks this is a military regime where they can dictate or strip Nigerians of their Basic Human Rights & expect Nigerians to keep silent; The jokes is on 'em. It's so shame the govt is picking a fight with Twitter whereas bandits are wreaking havoc all over the nation.

MalamiSan Hmmm.. Some people tongue go long from here reach abuja, after serious flogging with native belt. This time we go keep bible one side first.. And go local, u c me for road u arrest me because of twitter on my phone. Phone I bought with my own sweat.. Touch me and disappear. 😡 MalamiSan Malami don dey maaaad!!

Group Demands Arrest, Prosecution Of Lagos Council Boss, Buraimoh Over Violence At LG Polls | Sahara ReportersThe group accused Buraimoh of being in possession of firearms which some hoodlums allegedly used to injure voters on Election Day.

MalamiSan They always talk like fools🤦🏿‍♀️ They banned twitter operations, yes Did they make it illegal for citizens to use it? No If yes, under what statute? What act? Mtcheewww awon werey MalamiSan Those people that brought this government into power should be punished MalamiSan Malami is busy looting Ecological Funds which has not released any quarterly tender since 1st quarter of 2020 yet billions were appropriated. His diversionary tactics will not deceive Nigerians. Why is MalamiSan anti people? At his age and level of exposure is a disgrace to us

MalamiSan Aljazeera is discussing about this Twitter banned with Aisha Yusuf now MalamiSan Even the mumu crowwe app is using VPN. Arrest Garba. MalamiSan And this same set of people wanted Twitter to bring there African HQ to Nigeria!!,imagine what other potential foreign investor will feel like right now, Let lie Mohammad will blame the citizens.

MalamiSan How did you people get here in the first place.. how could all allow Weed smokers men who do drugs to come and be leading you people. Wow hmmm e hard oo MalamiSan For all those that loves freedom please 🙏 retwitt and Post, go to my well and see more videos, this is injustice, Humanright is been abused in Nigeria, fulani head'smen is raveging the whole indigenous tribes in Benue State, 😭😭😭 Buharimostgo

MalamiSan They don finally put food for Nigerian police mouth MalamiSan Which court?

Nigeria Twitter Ban: Free Speech Is A Dictator’s Worst Enemy, By Ibrahim B. Anoba | Sahara ReportersNigeria TwitterBan: Free Speech Is A Dictator’s Worst Enemy, By Ibrahim_Anoba | Sahara Reporters Nonetheless, the regime must understand that a Twitter blackout means many small businesses will suffer, if not forced to close. READ MORE: Ibrahim_Anoba Nigeria has finally gone into a dictatorship era but we must resist. June12Protest Ibrahim_Anoba Nonsense ban, a small free VPN keep us going. Ibrahim_Anoba Good morning from London 🇬🇧

MalamiSan VPN kill you there useless government MalamiSan It's becoming clearly now that the memo this AGF denied initiating is being activated to turn Nigeria to Police State, using the instrument of martial law as revealed in the memo. This is surely part of their fulani agenda to turn other nationalities to captured slaves of theirs.

MalamiSan Who offend who? Malami should face twitter and leave all dis stupid talk. MalamiSan And you are calling ya self a true leader let's them arrest your family bcos am sure they are using twitter MalamiSan Prosecute MalamiSan and MBuhari first they’re still on Twitter MalamiSan Is this man really a SAN ?

MalamiSan na location way him see him go carry people abi this one doesn’t know the meaning of vpn nee 😂😂😂😂