Troops thwart suspected IPOB/ESN plan to attack two communities in Imo

Troops thwart suspected IPOB/ESN plan to attack two communities in Imo

12/7/2021 7:52:00 AM

Troops thwart suspected IPOB/ESN plan to attack two communities in Imo

The Nigerian Army on Monday said troops conducting Exercise GOLDEN DAWN Sector 3, have thwarted plans by members of the outlawed Indigenous People of

This was contained in a statement by Onyema Nwachukwu, Director Army Public Relations on Monday.The statement said the terrorists prepared to inflict injuries on the two communities; for their refusal to obey their unlawful sit at home order, but unfortunately, the troops went after them.

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The hoodlums reportedly came in two Sienna Buses and a Toyota Hilux truck for their botched operations.He said, the terrorists abandoned their mission and withdrew in disarray and that troops are presently on their trailIn another development, the troops discovered four Improvised Explosive Devices planted by members of the proscribed IPOB/ ESN, in an attempt to cause harm and inflict injuries on unsuspecting motorists, road users along Orlu – Owerri road.

The Army PRO said the explosive was discovered by vigilant troops, who were on a reinforcement mission to Mgbidi/Awo Mmama, adding that the explosive was carefully defusedHe added that the troops also recovered four wraps of unexploded ordnances, one motorcycle battery, two-vehicle alarm devices, one detonator, wires and batteries, adding that, the road has been safely cleared for motorcyclists and other vehicular movements

He urged all law-abiding citizens to go about their normal businesses and disregard the illegal sit at home order, just as it also, appealed to the good people of Mgbidi, Awo Mmama and Omuma Communities to report any suspected movement of members of the irredentist group, who may be seeking a safe haven, to relevant security agencies.

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Fake News 🗞 Brown envelope media continue writing junk shitty you!!! Fat lie, the so called troops never thwarted Fulani banditry and terrorist attacks on Abuja kaduna highway it’s in IMO state, please stop killing Biafrans Nigeria media and their government are evil. IPOB is a peaceful freedom movement. ESN is in the bushes preventing the Fulani terrorists herdsmen from invading their land. The killers are the Nigeria military and the DSS

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Nigerian govt commits atrocities on camera just to blackmail IPOB. Today, they now plant bombs and blame it on IPOB. And their corrupt Nigerian media carries the news without investigation. Evil souls. The truth stairs you in the face 👇, but you ignore it Una no get shame.. Hahahaha This is laughable For what reason will ipob plan attacks on their own communities? Pls fabricate something else cuz this one dont add up.

Brethren this media war is on. Nigerian soldiers mean to say Boko Haram and bandit or Fulani herdsman. Not IPOB nor ESN American movies You people should be ashamed of urselves We are fully aware of your fake propaganda Nigerians know the truth. Who are those troops Let's fold our hands and watch fulani Boko Haram in army uniforms kill every one because we have been chained with cowardness called diplomacy. War is going on in Biafra land now. Army are killing our ppl This is the fact & bitter truth and I don't give a danm what you say.

Always talking rubbish. Troops thwart suspected IPOB/ESN?. Which troops?. Foreign troops?. Media troops?. The world is laughing at your tango with the cowardly HQNigerianArmy Lies from the pit of hell, you and your dss are the ones orchestrating all this in order to drag IPOB into it but you all have failed because IPOB are peaceful FreeMaziNnamdiKanu

Jihads DSS is working hard to blackmail ipob because ipob is against their long time Jihad agenda to conquer Biafra region FAKE NEWS! Military propaganda against IPOB/ESN must stop. The troops are worst than Bandits & they are mainly Fulani terrorist criminals parading as Nigerian army HQNigerianArmy stop the massacre in Southeast, go to NorthEast & NorthWest & fight Bokoharam, Iswap, Bandit, Fulani killers

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Which IPOB/ESN? BLOODY LIARS. Nigeria army and Boko haram are like 5&6. No Igbo man will kill his brother like Fulani terrorist. Zoo fake news 🤣🤣🤣🤣 You came very late Is there war going on in Imo state? can write on the goodness of devil as long as there's money, but you can't change the narrative...

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super story, they are always good in faking stories, if it were a real planned attack like when boko haram planned ambush, why don't they thwart those ones? Na fulani terrorist wan attack and not ESN! A Nollywood film produced by 4th place supreme court Hope & the NGN army aka his maiguards. Unfollowed Nigeria soldiers invaded all igbo communities killing people very sad 😔

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Fake news. IPOB is a peaceful organization and can never attack it's own community. Nigeria army working for terrorist group are the once that attack villages for Land grabbing.

Propaganda everywhere Fake news Fake News FAKE News FAKE News FAKE News FAKE News FAKE News FAKE News FAKE News FAKE News FAKE News FAKE News No indigenous group in SE attacks civilians even the so called unknown gunmen; we know who attacks communities as seen on many video evidences and the same people are behind this; the Nigerian army should let the SE be!!!!! Leave our IPOB/ESN we no complain.

This news doesn’t make sense , no matter how bad things have gotten in southeast, I don’t think it has gotten to the Poitou IPOB attacking Igbo community, Nigeria government should come up with a different lie Why would a PEACEFUL ORGANISATION like IPOB, Suddenly start attacking their own people & communities, The Very same people they have been protecting since 2012? Nigeria Army HQNigerianArmy & DSS are causing chaos in the South East to UNDERMINE & BLACKMAIL IPOB & MNK, FACT!

Wonderful! IPOB now attacks communities? There is God. Fake news from a Janjaweed terrorists media They are the one who wanted to attack resident not IPOB Fake news. Never in life such be truth. Propaganda of FG and his agents.

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IPOB Recovers Explosive Devices Planted On Orlu Biafra land-Owerri Road For Motorists, Says NIGERIA ARMYS are Responsible God punish Daily Post, foolish media Mad!!! Media. FreeMaziNnamdiKanu FreeMaziNnamdiKanu FreeMaziNnamdiKanu FreeMaziNnamdiKanu FreeMaziNnamdiKanu FreeMaziNnamdiKanu FreeMaziNnamdiKanu FreeMaziNnamdiKanu FreeMaziNnamdiKanu FreeMaziNnamdiKanu

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FakeNews, please provide evidence for us!!! The nigeria army are TERRORIST on uniform, they are trying to blackmail ESN with the help of Brown envelop news paper houses Fake news by Fulani cabals and their jihadist soldiers. Nigerian government continues to expose her terroristic inclinations and frustrations by taking desperate but infantile measures just to implicate IPOB. IPOB's M_BRANCH exposed HQNigerianArmy plan to bomb motorists. StateDept UN CIA idf CNN AFP

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