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Some people would’ve insulted Buhari had bandits killed Air Force pilot -Adesina - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

7/23/2021 1:35:00 AM

Some people would’ve insulted Buhari had bandits killed Air Force pilot -Adesina - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

“When we sleep at night, and cuddle our wives (or husbands, or pillows, as the case may be), these troops are out on the frontlines, keeping the night watch, and ensuring we enjoy our sleep. When it rains, and we crawl under the blankets, or it shines hot enough to boil the Devil, and we turn our air conditioning to the coldest, these soldiers are out there, under the elements, fighting to keep our country whole,” the President’s spokesman said.

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He argued that it was unfortunate that some Nigerians insult soldiers for failing to eliminate Boko Haram.“They say bandits are winning the war, and insurrectionists are running rings around them. They rejoice when soldiers get killed. Those who have never even downed a bird with a catapult all their lives, run their mouths off our gallant troops, who sacrifice so much for the country. Pity,” said Adesina.

The President’s spokesman argued that peace would return to the country soon, adding that the fact that there was no violence during the Sallah holiday shows that progress is being made. Read more: The Punch Newspapers »

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All I can simply say is if true these statements are from Adeshina, he needs to bury his head in shame The God of the pilot refused APC. Govt using him for sacrifice. If this had happened in the south east or west Nigeria govt would have fledged their capabilities but in this case it's a normal thing. The bandits and them are friends that's why Femi is clapping for them.

I hope this man goes home ashamed of himself after saying rubbish all the time. It's sad he may be someone's dad This statement is so stupid that it should never have been published. You are not speaking like an intelligent Yoruba man Ur mumu go tay What difference did it make killing the pilot and bringing down his aircraft? He escaped death by whiskers. I can't be convinced that Femi is not as sick as his principal. Why won't Nigerians insult Buhari? He deserved to be stoned for breeding terrorism in Nigeria

The deliberate use of bandits for terrorists confirms the government's failure and clearly shows a lack of regards for the people. It is an attempt to cover up the government's failure/inefficiency in the area of security. Please, did buhari save him? I just pity this man, they always give him most difficult assignment to explain or defend. So, the bandit that brought down d jet was not planning to kill d pilot? Thank God for the mama of that pilot that God answer her prayer and did not allow her mourn.

He will never disappoint be brother femi?

Some people would’ve insulted Buhari had bandits killed Air Force pilot- Adesina - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Idiocy at its best! 🤣🤣🤣🤣Adesina pls think life after office So all glory now belongs to your Buhari for someone saved by God from your business boys...well since escapes like this is an achievement for APC and ur Bubu, we are not clapping, you heard me loud and clear.

Ori yin o pe Sir. Eni mental problem. Basket man don open mouth again ooo Na the same people! MBuhari is very smart not minding his academics quagmire. Just imagine how MBuhari turned FemAdesina into a lapdog? Inadvertently you guys are using Nigerians for a barter. For just 3000 Naira, ADEWALE GRAPHICS will design a BUSINESS LOGO for you and you will get a 3D Mockup, JPEG, PDF and PNG copy of your Logo. ALL for just 3k. We deliver within 24hour. ✅ Pls help me RT 🙏 Call x WhatsApp :

Somebody call the ambulance: Boda Femi is in emergency What about the thousands of Nigerians killed by the bandits and the countless school children they abducted and screwed their lives. I guess their lives meant nothing to Nigeria, a country that is supposed to protect them. Where them drop this guy brain? He needs to go and get it. He is not making sense.

Your government has failed, no one is blaming any security agency. Clown

Nigeria has lost its soul, Catholic bishops tell BuhariThe Catholic Bishops of Ibadan Ecclesiastical Province have condemned what they termed selective administration of justice by Buhari Will the King of za northern caliphate hear yoooooouuuuu!

So we should insult Jonathan abi? So what has the guy instinct and prayers of his family saving him got to do with Buhari !!! We would not have known because you guys would have denied any plane ever crashed. mayeesq And his colleagues ...? Femi you just open mouth! I'm feeling for any of their family members reading this headline, right now.

Onukwu Bros you must be high. This guy called ssa no get sense at all Terrorists Mr Adesina, they are terrorists. I just thought I should point that out.. sir. By the time Fulani government done with this man, you and your family will smell your pepper 🌶 Eranko jatijati ninu awo eniyan!

Sunday Igboho: Pastor Adegboye issues stern warning to Buhari govtThe Senior Pastor of the Worksword of God Church, Olabisi Gabriel Adegboye, has issued a stern warning to the President Muhammadu Buhari government over In short hand...'Touch any Yoruba son or daughter and face the consequences.' All plea no warning. What a headline this is. Nigeria was killed at Lekki tollgate! That was the day it ceased to exist.

Femi we now know better, but stop flying in the bandit's 'no fly zone,' they've stones that can bring down jets. Respect their territory Can we please stop this rubbish about bandits shooting down an airplane. Naija bandits now go around with rocket launchers? Government obviously trying VERY HARD to remove ISWAP/BH and our ineptitude and inability to deal with them from our consciousness

Go and shave, it does not fit you, it makes you look like the face of shit FemAdesina. Buhari's loverboy! Soon, bandits will soon rape you to hades! Just because of peanuts, you always speak nonsense. Is it a crime to tell your oga for once, 'oga you no do well oh'? Buhari has insulted himself before now

Bastard... Omo ale jatijati 🙄🙄 This man and nonsense talk.. 😏😏. Pray tell! what is this one saying again? Oloriburuku somebody ... Always talking rubbish... Your boss sponsored terrorists almost succeeded in their operation...if not for the Divine Mercy of God that spared their lifr make it make sense

Talk to Nigerians to douse tension - Ex-Oyo Governor, Ladoja tells BuhariA former Governor of Oyo State, Senator Rashidi Adewolu Ladoja has advised President Muhamadu Buhari, to without wasting time, address Nigerians on Same way you used igboho to talk to Oyo state people when you used him to kill and snatch ballot boxes in 2003 🤣😂 Werey dey disguise

That the animals you call 'bandits' invaded your airspace, shot down your fighter jet, is enough insult on your principal. Femi, why do they always give you the most insulting script? Save for his expertise he would have been killed. What have to say about the ones the successfully killed? Dr Femi Adesina: The patient has HIV, it is still better AIDS... Patient:

Please can someone help with that cartoon image that shows ‘brain removal’ This animal will always be stupid Idiotic adesina So Buhari made the pilot to survive… ...why is the bandits still existing in the first it not by the Grace of your principal? This man's children should be ashamed. So the shutting down of the jet is not enough to call him out? What a shame

This man no well 😆😆😆😆😆

Buhari Not Nursing Third Term Agenda Like Obasanjo – APC Slams PDP | Sahara ReportersThe APC said, at the appropriate time it would come up with a consensus and agreeable presidential candidate that would represent it in the 2023 general elections. OfficialAPCNg OfficialPDPNig NigeriaIsDead no more Nigeria no more Terrorist Regime of Tyranny. No Nigeria means No Extrajudicial killings, No Kidnapping, no Banditry and no DSS killing activists.! End Nigeria Now to save lives. Referendum we demand OduduwaNation must stand. OfficialAPCNg OfficialPDPNig No o.. Make him no nurse ham.. Make him kuku doctor third term agenda.. Na unused thounder go fire ham be that OfficialAPCNg OfficialPDPNig We don’t care, we just want an end to bad government

How much is Adesina's salary? Let's contribute and pay him off so he stops talking in the nonsense. I never wished you came from the South west. You are a shame Maybe the pilot just went to deliver the jet to the bandits. This is Nigeria. You never can tell. No, I would have insulted igboho and Kanu, Oloriburuku person, you and your warlord distroying our peoples life in southwest,God don reveal una agenda, so useless and worthless government.

Same way you people did too to Jonathan when you don't have erection during sex. Is this man mad or something Those bandits that tried to kill him, have they been caught? Like.... which parents raised these men, were they raised in foolishness Words of senseless people in power. They're always after people's insults instead of working hard to make things better. Femi Adesina is a woman

God saved the dude not buhari responsible Na ur Papa dem for insult before? Like Buhari saved the pilot! During GEJ, who dem dey insult? If you nor get wetin talk, better to shut up Oloribukuku bobo yi sha. So you expected him to be killed?

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But what about the wasted aircraft? You guys will borrow money and buy another right? The fact that you still call terrorists who brought down a fighter plane 'bandits'shows how insincere you are.IPOB &Igboho have not done a bit of what these Fulani Marauders have done ,yet the Government have resources to go after them across borders while you pamper terrorists

E come be like say illiterate get sense pass this one. When thanking God, thank God you are not related to this type of person Since, however, the bandits never killed the AirForce pilot but downed the military plane, should we then praise Buhari that Fulani bandits are experts in downing planes? Tell Buhari to continue to hunt Southern agitators, leaving Fulanis who are threatening Nigeria's sovereignty

Seems Garba Shehu get small sense pass this man. The airforce pilot was saved by divine destiny as was ordained by God Almighty and not that your Buhari or the military saved him. The Glory goes to God Almighty and not your master. Youths, non of this old cargos (agbayas) will live additional 20 years, what is going to be the change you’ll make if you find yourself in that position?

So are you telling us that Buhari saved his life?FemAdesina Always spilling gibberish. Only a composite disaster like MuBu can get a disastrous media aide like FemAdesina. They are complementary failures.

Sounding like a dementia patient Abegee What's the meaning of that? Is that your concern? Instead of you presidency to fix things and earn respect You're going about behaving in a paranoid depressive way. I think your major intervention should be a psychiatrist first. Is this not stupidity, calling people that shot down a fighter jet as bandits.

This guy does he really think about what his future will be like after power Mr Adesina can no longer gather his thoughts. He speaks pointlessly nowadays. This Femi Oponu Adesina again... FemAdesina after your paymaster's administration, relocate go Daura ooo. It's a great achievement for buhari regime that bandits brought down our fighter jet during his time. Femi continue to protect your killer boss. Where is Tolu killers and you are here vomiting trash.

This one don mad You think Nigerians has the brain of a cow? How can you tell us that, AK 47 wielding bandit shot down NAF Aircraft ? It's only a heavy duty rocket launcher or a guided missile can do that. Considering the location, its the govt highly protect bokoharam did it. Before nko who we supposed blame

Is this guy mentally okay? Seriously! Oga! Something has gone wrong somewhere Omo Daddy kare These people are. I mean really sick This man will finish in 2023 and he'll join renoomokri to be doing nuggets 😂 The terrorists are federal government of Nigeria You are not even concern about the evil called bandit & come to think of it how did buhari saved the pilot life?

It's 6 whole days terrorists downed a $13m NAF Alpha fighter jet in Zamfara. For 'jara', the terrorists' killed 13 policemen. Gov Matawalle hasn't invited soldiers to level the area No arrests made. They could even get cash bonus. A lesson for his Hopeless colleague in Owerri. Very useless Thing

Who be this again There is no light in this man. Fulani ( Slave ) , Buhari is already insulted. The best way to keep my sanity is to avoid your likes....all the promises failed and you still have the courtesy to issue annoying comments. This govt is a bad dream will shall wake up one day from it. I wonder which god these men pray to.

You just show how you have lost it all trying to defend your paymaster. I wish you and your family experience what a common Nigerian without security are going through in their everyday lives It makes no difference and shame that you're proud of this shit Government! Nigeria is in the mud, fix it now or sh****up!

Always spitting B.S. For the fact say bandits get liver shoot at, sotey dem bring down one of our fighter jets shows how terrible your principal handles security... So we still dey insult am, if to you criticism equals insults 🤗

The clown never disappoints. How did this guy become so dumb? Oponu Adesina, should bandits exist in Nigeria? You need brain reset Mr Adeshina. 🐮 This one wey no good at home nah ipetumodu I dey since two months ago there's no light here and you are here talk nosense you don't do anything favor your people at your home town wereey

Night gain... follow for immediate fb. My only concern is Femi can't read my comment, otherwise he'll be guilty of breaking Twitter ban order by his master and Lord Bubu😁 Should bandits even be a thing in the first place? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 But Buhari is insulting Nigerians every single day by ignoring the activities of bandits and headsmen who i believe are one and the same with Boko Haram.