Aisha Buhari, Rape

Aisha Buhari, Rape

Rape: Women becoming vulnerable in Nigeria – Aisha Buhari

6/3/2020 10:30:00 PM

Rape : Women becoming vulnerable in Nigeria – Aisha Buhari

Olalekan Adetayo, AbujaMrs Aisha Buhari, wife of the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), has called on the Ministry of Women Affairs and all security agencies to expedite action and ensure justice is done on all rape cases in the country.

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Mrs Buhari made the appeal in a message she posted across her social media platforms on Wednesday.The message came a few days after a first-year student of the University of Benin, Uwa Omozuwa, was raped and killed in Edo State.An 18-year-old student of the Federal College of Animal and Production Technology, Moore Plantation, Ibadan, Barakat Bello, was also reportedly raped and killed in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital.

Mrs Buhari said it was devastating to hear about the gruesome murder and rape of ladies by men who are supposed to be their fathers and brothers.[READ ALSO]Edo 2020: Stay away from APC primaries, Obaseki tells OshiomholeShe wrote, “It is devastating to hear about the gruesome death of our daughters who were mercilessly raped by men, who in some cases are their fathers, brothers, and protectors of their chastity.

“Women are increasingly becoming vulnerable in a society that is expected to guaranty their safety and we owe it a duty to do everything possible to protect them.“Last year, I started working with governors’ wives of the 36 states to end gender-based violence in Nigeria. I launched a campaign with the governors’ wives and other stakeholders and issued a statement nation-wide in response to increasing and frequent reports of GBV with the slogan – Leave our daughters alone!

“This was followed by a planned advocacy for the constitution of a presidential task force on ending GBV in Nigeria; prospective members were identified. The objective is to review the policy and legal framework on GBV with a view to proposing strengthening measures and an improvement plan.

“In view of the recent developments, I, therefore, call on all stakeholders especially the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs as well as legal and security agencies to expedite action so that justice takes its course accordingly.“I will continue to work with the governors’ wives to ensure that relevant structures and policy frameworks are put in place to end gender-based violence in Nigeria.”

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She and her husband have been raping Nigerians Starting from when your husband said that women belong to the other room. Solve in your home first, CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME. Madam, the entire Nigerian populace has been so vulnerable and under different forms of attack under the leadership of ur husband..... can we start from their?

It is well with our female gender. I excuse a lady on d road n she shouted 'Rape' Everyone except political elites are insecure. Address the general problem of insecurity rather than just empathizing. Nobody is talking about helping this men constituting nuisances around. Why? I will like to say that helping them will curb this nonsense nicknamed RAPE. The government should help them by opening hotels and club; home of sexual assaults as we all know. This will help!

Seems she's no more one of them. Even in the rock they lock themselves out 😁😁😁 Watin u come dey do about it🤷‍♂️ b by writing stories na🤔. Becoming vulnerable? So rape just started today abi ? Please as rape is totally bad so is killing in part of the country is especially southern Kaduna. Let it be spoken about and address too. We’re tired

Poverty is pushing our young to a level of animalistic Sai mama Let's deal with rape, child marriage and paedophile simultaneously, no one should be let out. Iyawo ole As if u care Dey just break now Yet in kogi, a commissioner is going free. Vulnerable? They are now the targets, sought after every where, by murderous male of all descriptions. If my daughter is assaulted, I will devote the rest of my life to hunt and exterminate the villain. I solemnly advocate Life jail or amputation of the organ.

And your husband is doing nothing about it. mchewww............ And males are getting vulnerable to more false accusations too. It's a 2 sided coin. I will keep saying this until one day we can see it that way. Society always just blv it when a lady says she was raped. Notorape Rape must be stopped! Becoming vulnerable? Women have always been vulnerable madam.

They have always been vulnerable. Women have always been vulnerable and even you Madam. this is delusion Women becoming?. Women are vulnerable already in Nigeria Please do something about this our dear First Lady. Kindly support NASS in making a stiff law on Rape. Let it carry the death penalty. Hmmm 🤔 So this woman is still alive ..

I keep saying this malicious act didn't start today in Nigeria. past offenders found guilty of this act go unpunished, this is giving others audacity to commit same offence. Govt also frustrate many NGO efforts by not giving them full support to fight against this menace. Nonsense.. Rather than taking action you're here telling us like we don't know.. You're so dumb

They've always been vulnerable they are not just becoming, the way out should be the focus now. Life imprisonment for a confirmed rape case and 14 years for attempted rape as Osun state has just done. I beg tell oga in d oza room,so dat he can do d needful Nigerians becoming vulnerable in Nigeria. It is what it is... But the worst thing is that you guys aren't doing enough to put an end to it. It's very unfortunate. What's becoming of this country now

U are just waking up to it? Under your husbands watch, Nigeria ranks highest in all the negative indices one can ever think of! Becoming? Lmfao! This woman is a joke. Just because it's only just coming to limelight - all thanks to social media - doesn't mean it's 'becoming'. It has always been there. The government that’s nearer to the people is the local government, what are the roles of the chairman of each local govt we have in Nigeria wot are they doing to the aforementioned problem

Becoming? This fool deh talk too? President Aisha Buhari you mean One of the Consequences of ur Hubbys poor leadership style. How is Aisha when she married Buhari? she is insane, now she is even sleeping with that's mask wearer in Aso Rock, so who is deceiving who? Rape: Women becoming vulnerable in Nigeria – Aisha was a victim by late President Muhammadu Buhari 9 years old.

Becoming? Been vulnerable since i knew the word vulnerable. Security : Nigerians becoming vulnerable in their home country.......wcmen007 What is more dangerous than this? Promoters of evil are in power ooooo That which is missing MUST be found and prioritized to give full protection to our women... *THANKY_MEDIA* BEST NEWS UPDATE FOR MORE DETAILS ... ON WHATSAPP ON TELEGRAM ON FACEBOOK ON TWITTER THANKY_MEDIA NEWS UPDATE *POWERING A WORLD THAT'S ALWAYS ON*

*THANKY_MEDIA* BEST NEWS FOR MORE DETAILS ... ON WHATSAPP ON TELEGRAM ON FACEBOOK ON TWITTER THANKY_MEDIA NEWS UPDATE *POWERING A WORLD THAT'S ALWAYS ON* Is that all you have to say as the first lady of Nigeria? I dont understand. Is Nigeria becoming India? Pls bring death penalty on this dastardly crime NOW

Just please hold it 🧐🧐 they suddenly join the narratives after how many days? Child marriage na rape too.. talk to your ppl When people in government failed to attend to national issues they become pocket advocates Rapist are Terrorist. Rapist should have register that is accessible by clicking. No it is Nigerians that first became vulnerable when we are continuously raped by this government, it's just degenerating further.

It so funny how people are criticizing. Nigeria is a federal state with about 200million population. Y all d blame on the president? What is the duty of d governors who are the chief executives of their states. Act of rape is disgusting,I stand against it👇 Please this woman should go and sleep in her upper room she’s just a big waste

U should do something about it ,not just talk about it STOP RAPING WOMEN!!! SAY NO TO RAPE!!! JusticeForUwa StopRapingWomen EnoughIsEnough NoMeansNo StopKillingUs SayNoToRapist 📸: PhilipsPhotogr1 This hypocrite has just waken up from sleep, she's been mute. Story for the god's Keep shut how old are you when you got married now you're forming first lady

Becoming? Oh! you have been asleep all along; I forgot. She failed to speak out when it happened to her,I know most of you does not know that MBuhari defiled aishambuhari at age of 9,imagine being defiled by someone old enough to be your grand father with an uncircumcised dick! aishambuhari must have passed through a lot!

Yes, and the youths in general are becoming endangered group as we literarily sweep them under the carpet!!! Eku ejor aishambuhari You've been vulnerable from day one ma! If the first lady of a country accepts to be locked up in a kitchen, then no hope for the average Nigerian girl. Resist the patriarchy MBuhari

Lol even your husband talk say you belong to kitchen, bedroom and oza room What has ur husband done abt it. You guys are in power and atrocities are been committed everyday in this country at ur husband's watch. yet nothing has been done by ur husband. The comments under this tweet ehn! Nigerians can never run out of punch line.

As 1st lady, what will U do about it? Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen, bandits have raped , killed more women , kids. You never spoke. Stop this hypocrisy woman. 😒 As if the young boy that replaced the late buhari isn't fvcking her 😂 That's not our pressing issue as it stands the reckless killings is more nerve tingling.

When have women ever being or actually felt secured in Nigeria? I see no solution in sight, those who are suppose to be implementing solutions are pretending and treating issues at the surface level. Becoming? Everyone is vulnerable in Nigeria, not only women. Rape is evil but we shouldn't over-emphasize it. All we do in our country is React to NEWS. Nobody is solving any problem, despite all the degrees we have. Nothing on security, health, food, and so much more. Covid-19 revealed it

They dragged all day today and she came out of hidding Nigeria need to look into the issue of mental health seriously. Madam, at what age did you get marry to bubu? I guess it's from northern area. Oooh i guess your boyfriend told you say this shit Like say dem care about the victims... Aisha ko Aileru ni 😕😕

Action speaks louder than words AbadaJulius - her statement is as useless as her husband Are u just noticing that? Are u unaware of the murderous and depraving Fulani herders activities in the middle belt? Just enjoy ur silence and let us be.. After too much criticism on twitter she finally speak out.🙄🙄🙄🙄 We can feel your empathy Thank you ma

Wizzmani1 See this one abeg continue Ur sleep This woman came late to the Party So what's the way forward talking with no action is what this bad and corrupt administration is known for. This administration will do nothing about this we all know it. They're just talking because they want stop lying to Nigerians do what's right.

You don’t have the moral right to talk because Fulani herdsmen have been raping women and killing in villages across the nation while you remained mute. Tell your husband to do something naa Who is she talking to? Is her incompetent husband not supposed to protect the rape victims? Please can someone tell you this tulip woman to go and stay in the upper room

Just like she were. Go back to the kitchen madam, when your husband made that statement you didn't debunk it Aisha Aisha Aisha.... Rape is definitely bad. But women & children are killed in southern Kaduna and yet no comment from FL. Is death of women & children not important in this country? Finally first lady is awake.. Hope your dreamt about us.

She has woken up😊 Mama has found her voice cos she was called out Like this reply I follow you Not only woman, madam, under your husband, Nigerians becoming vulnerable and hopeless. Na today?😷 So after all these talk talk! What's the way forward for our ladies to be safe? Thanks for the info During unnecessarily lockdown by FG. We don't support rape.

Are you taking to me? 🤣 👌😳😳 Dem kill plenty people for southern KAduna ooo.... you hear? child marriage in the north can be likened to rape. Hello, Do you know you can learn how to create 3d logos and text animated video for free? If interested click on the link below Remember, it's all free

Ex-ExxonMobil engineer jailed 15 years for rape - The Nation NigeriaA Lagos High Court sitting in Igbosere on Monday sentenced a former official of ExxonMobil, Mr James Onuoha, an engineer, to 15 years imprisonment for raping his tenant’s 14-year-old niece. SayNoToRapist JusticeForUwa StopRapingWomen Good 15 years..? That's too petty! He should be charged with attempted murder for raping a 14-year old minor! AdeagboMonsoor 15years isn't enough but life in prisonment should be his sentence

Law Enforcement In Nigeria Enabling Rape, Stiffer Punishment Needed For Rapists, Rights Activists Say | Sahara ReportersLaw Enforcement In Nigeria Enabling Rape, Stiffer Punishment Needed For Rapists, Rights Activists Say | Sahara Reporters Reacting to the rape and murder of Vera Uwaila Omozuwa, an undergraduate of the University of Benin, the activists said... READ MORE: I suggest castration of the Rapist Death penalty sef will just be fine I like how you guys used the term “rapists” and not “men” . This is exactly what people need to understand , not all men are rapists ! SayNoToRapist StopRapingWomen

NAPTIP probes 40 rape cases - The Nation NigeriaAbout 40 cases involving domestic and sexual violence, sexual abuse of minors, rape, incest, sodomy, are presently under investigation, NAPTIP, has said. segalink PoliceNG StopRapingWomen SayNoToRape JusticeForUwa

Dbanj, Perruzi accused of rape - Premium Times NigeriaTwo Nigerian entertainers, Dbanj, and Peruzzi are currently enmeshed in different rape allegations made on Twitter on Wednesday. If dbanj rape your friend she nor go happy? Rape is evil. But now we don’t know who is telling the truth again 😭 To all the men out there, know this: women do not take rape as seriously as some of you do. As with everything they know will give them an edge on a man who wronged them, they will take advantage of the outrage it evokes in other men -- mainly lesser simps -- to get even.

Girl hospitalised after rape in Osun as court remands suspect | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsA 27-year-old man, Niyi Oluwafemi, has been remanded in police custody by an Osogbo Magistrate’s Court in Osun State for allegedly raping and assaulting a 17-year-old girl.

Vera Omozuwa: Suspect linked to rape, murder of UNIBEN undergraduate arrestedThe Edo State Police Command has arrested one of the suspects linked to the rape and murder of Miss Vera Uwaila Omozuwa. DAILY POST reported earlier that the 22-year-old 100-level student of the University of Benin, Edo State was raped and killed by unknown persons while reading in RCCG church in Benin city. Confirming the That's great news... Fundamental human rights in Nigeria is totally jeopardize everyday by our so called elite Nigerians! Wow this is how we expect cases to be approached. If we don't speak out, we will suffer. So Nigerian police can trace criminals like this. God know how many victims have died in vain while their perpetrators go on living in luxury. JusticeForUwa justiceforjennifer