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Amnesty International, Lekki Shootings

Presidency rejects Amnesty’s report on Lekki shootings

Presidency rejects Amnesty’s report on Lekki shootings

10/29/2020 3:55:00 PM

Presidency rejects Amnesty’s report on Lekki shootings

Eniola Akinkuotu, AbujaThe Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, has rejected the report by Amnesty International on the Lekki shootings.Adesina, who is the...

Eniola Akinkuotu, AbujaThe Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, has rejected the report by Amnesty International on the Lekki shootings.Adesina, who is the President’s most senior spokesman, said on Thursday that Amnesty could not have more facts about the country than the Presidency which has a ‘helicopter view’ of things happening in the country.

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Speaking on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily programme, Adesina said the looting and rioting were not caused by the military shootings because there was already violence before the Lekki incident.Responding to a question on the Lekki shootings, he said, “You are not quite correct. You are falling for the narrative of Amnesty International. And Amnesty is wrong. Anarchy had broken loose before even Lekki. The prisons in Benin and Oko had been broken open before Lekki. Orile police station had been burnt before Lekki.

“Many policemen had been burnt before Lekki. So, you cannot say it was Lekki that precipitated all those things. Look at the timelines, look at when all those things. You will discover that it had happened before Lekki. So, you are falling for the gambit of Amnesty International.

“Amnesty International does not have all the facts, they don’t run this country, they shouldn’t know beyond what they have been told. They shouldn’t know more than you and I should know as media people as watchers of developments.”When asked if it was the President’s thinking that Amnesty’s report was wrong, Adesina said the global watchdog had been known to always make unsubstantiated reports about Nigeria.

“Many times, the military has come out to dispute facts brought out by Amnesty,” he said.When probed further as to whether the President approved the military action in Lekki as the commander-in-chief, Adesina said he would not want to undermine the work of the panel of inquiry looking into the matter.

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Denial is what they do. The same amnesty that was with you people in 2015 Why won't there? Because it doesn't favor them, we know it will happen already. Even the child in the womb can predict our government. Nonsense! Why wouldn't they reject it? It's not according to the false narrative the government wants us to believe. We are not fools o!

Liar! Anytime there's a statement from the NGRPresident, it is FemAdesina's or GarShehu's faces that are always put out there. Are they the office or officers reffered to as the presidency? Yeah we know you will reject it, because you never stand with the truth. The government whose advicer is Lie Muhammad

God is coming with a judgement that can never be rejected soon. It's not for them to accept. It's a report on their performance. Who cares abt what FG thinks. This is d true position of thgs & they can never change truth. Pls let Baba talk to us! Thank you Femi Adesina, is it ur chronic lies u want them to report? Ur lies are deadlier & more harmful than Coronavirus. Maybe when Detective Fashola brings his mysterious camera report, that's the one you'll accept. Clueless Administration marred with lies & deceit

Have they ever accepted any report? They're shameless Insanity reside in the mind of those that refused to accept truth in it wholistic natural Amnesty are bunch of myopic and selective people. Let the camera be made open to the public Means presidency is the one behind lekki massacre. Femi thinks he will remain in presidency for life...... better learn from your predecessors. No position is forever

When the gods want to kill someone they first make deaf and dumb. This bulbous nose and kpoko lips can never produce anything but lies. Femi Adesina is damn irritating to the eyes. You guys still listen to this guy. He's gat nothing worth listening to. EndBadGoveranceInNigeria ...Adesina alatenuje, oponu , agbaosika...shameless buffon just like bubu his slave .

Well done 👍 Vulture will definitely eat dead body. What was there that he rejected they want to just swipe it under the carpet Nigeria govt cannot accept I trust them, foolish leaders Expected! The blood of the innocent will hunt all of you shortly. There will be no hiding place. It's not gonna be game as usual..kill n get away with it..this time,the even the ground will reject you..I mean all of you.

This is the reason why he's is rejecting it and the plenty curses that entered his phone. Nigerians can double the curses if he is not careful. Femi de basketmouth. Can u stop ✋ all dis ur ngbatingbati? U are now more trusted than Garuba Shehu when it is sectional matter abi? Ur govt cld ve shown empathy than dis arrogance of faulting other reports.

Hmm dis pple see us as Fulani not knowing we youth wise pass them.. After 3yrs dat sit wit belong to another person.. Noting last forever Then give us ur own report Na Who is the presidency? - Babachir Lawal Project defense for APC government. After chooting reason are coming up Have they ever accepted any report on Nigeria from international organizations?

Wen w voted a dunderhead w al kno dt he's unwise in2 political ofis a n u cal hm 2 share hs tots wt us, u can't expect anythin but balderdash frm him, d mere fact dt he's a honorable member does not confer wisdom on him, they remain nothing bt political dunderheads Which one is reject again?! How dumb can you be? The intellectual level our rulers is worrisome to say the least!!

Oh my God 🥺🥺 this guy has just overtaken Lia Mohammad in this lying business . Hey😓😓😓 Failed Nigerian government Why do you always say things like this: remember you will leave office. So as it is there's no poverty in Nigeria? Please fear God o. I thought they said you are a minister in Foursquare church!

That is bound to happen Ifb EndSARS bring your own report. Deny all govt? It's ok. I'm sure it wasn't meant for them. We know Buhari doesn't read reports. We accepted the report on behalf of the Presidency The truth will surely crucify you. Very soon they will reject even their existence as been untrue This guy looks like élèdè odo and his children will say they have father laidis

Then where is the HQNigerianArmy army own report.. Devils Maybe you will accept Agent Fash Camcorder LekkiMassacre They have never accepted any report from AmnestyNigeria. The organisation had in the past called out EndSARS and NGPoliceForce, they never accepted the reports. Reject Is he the Presidency or the President?

They think we are still in 1960 Bitch this is 2020 you can't play hide and seak without being caught Camera are everywhere mf's This what you get when having terrorist in government Presidency has a terminal illness... 3yrs maximum span. Udedibia Ogun dey rehearse to kii dis Femi.... dem talk am this morning say God wan punish am when he come from brunch break

Good bye freedom of speech, hello authoritarianism⤵ We also reject the President's rejection of Amnesty's report on lekki shootings... Werey! Audio President!! EndSARS To hell with AmnestyNigeria amnesty and their report where are they when OyingboMassacre took place almost the same time with so called fake LekkiMassacre but they keep mute because the people killed were mainly Muslim from North.

Sorry mam, d animalistic behaviour of your home government is a detriment to your chances of landing WTO nob. Blame d likes of Femi Adesina pictured here favouring jingoist foreign policy & an authoritarian system of government, for example, LekkiMassacre, US is not pleased. No Govt Has Ever Accepted Any Report Especially When Ugly But It Becomes Different When ICC makes that a reference point.

. MBuhari has failed. Nigeria is in the grip of chaos. Bandits control major highways. The Government can’t protect its citizens from BokoHaram & the Corrupt police. The government tagged Unarmed Youths hoodlums & PROSCRIBED Unarmed IPOB a terrorist group in Nigeria. FemAdesina Sorry sir, what is your brand of Indian hemp. Given that there was a semblance of anarchy before the deployment of soldiers, why were they not deployed to actual hotspots instead of Lekki tollgate?

Speaking good grammar does kill mouth odour! 💯 This man, ugly inside and outside. Tueh This government is good at rejecting any positive observation made to them. Instead of accepting it and making amends. How can we grow with such dump leaders. Who view constructive criticism as bad news. Is this man our president?

How can anti-democratic forces respect international law? But a day of judgement is on the near.EndSARS I pray buhari nd this so called presidency don't reject the constitution when it's time to step down in 2023...🙄🙄🙄😏😏 People with brain touch in the villa😏😒🤔 Why would they reject the report? Was the Federal Government there to give a first hand account? Bunch of useless predators!

You dey Twitter and we no dey follow each other ahh let's follow each other joor.i follow back immediately. Retweet let's gain together 😍😍😍 UnfollowBuhari SoroSokeGeneration EndSARS EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA LekkiMassacre tuesdayvibes Presidency rejects Amnesty’s report on Lekki shootings You’ll reject everything I trust you for that. But you can not reject God’s judgement when it shall come!

'When probed further as to whether the President approved the military action in Lekki as the commander-in-chief, Adesina said he would not want to undermine the work of the panel of inquiry looking into the matter.' He should have just been concise here. Sometin's fishy here I will be surprised of course if accepted

Femi Adesina and his gang are treasury looters Your words are not important to us anymore and same are irrelevant and of no meaning. Lol,if we expect these people to be transparent about their investigation, we are just wasting time. Helicopter view ko They had better accept their mistakes and apologize then show proactive effort to change the failed system before it gets to a full blown REVOLUTION .EndSARS EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA youth4president

They have been denying the masses... The even denied us our privileges as am not surprised that they also denied the shootings...what baffles me is that this statement is not coming from Lai Mohammed but from Adesina Mad and unholy Government using innocent blood all over for sacrifice. ! is HE the president? wheres BUHARI .. e soro soke na..

We can't regulate social media without jailing Mr Femi Adesina.. It not possible Time will tell when u and your cohorts will not have a country to run. I hope your diplomatic passport is ready when it will all start were eleribu deeeedeeee Amnesty is only good for boko haram in Nigeria Bastardsss Who cares what this moron says anymore? 2023 is the end of this rubbish.... Youths will take over and you'll be seriously delt with.

Was it for you to accept before Nonsense!!! What is the worth of being a Nigerian? the same beloved country the youths stood their ground at Lekki toll gate with national flags, singing the national anthem in honor and dignity as heroes, yet they were shot. Patriotic Nigerian miserable politicians. I hate Hypocrisy 🙄🙄🤡

Both of you should get out Abeg The only country in the world that presidency is in charge is Nigeria not the president. Presidency should be lock in jail then Sorry adesina reject it Femi Adesina rejects.... Cos the report is not pleasing to the ear abi. People with this kind hair cut are always problem to the society but with time we handle this adeshina make we nr catch u for aboard ooo body go tell u

I sincerely sympathize with this chap. FemAdesina has sold his soul and has nothing left for him. He is a joke dancing in the market square. His insults on Nigerians intelligence is the only thing left for him. Mr. Adesina sir, people are no longer living in the 1990s. Wake up. We can see. Na this man be the president?why be say na him pictures dey full everywhere whenever the talk of presidency enters...Bubu nko?

Always rejecting statistics and figures when it is not in your favour DrOlufunmilayo Is this Valid? If them like they should reject it, that doesn't mean it ain't true. They can choose the like they want to sell but the world knows better. If them like they should reject it, that doesn't mean it ain't true. They can choose the lie they want to sell but the world knows better.

Before? 'Shocked' government! Please Nigerian govt produce your own report.Just let it be the truth. Presidency? Not President! Please who is ruling NIGERIA? One day this yawa go gas WHO IS THE PRESIDENCY BorisJohnson USinNigeria UN cnni CNN CNNAfrica BBCAfrica BBCWorld BBCBreaking ABC NBCNews nytimes WhiteHouse BBGAfrica arisetvafrica FoxNews UNICEF UNICEFUSA UNICEFAfrica AmnestyNigeria amnesty

This is very unfair Okay o This ones are not behaving like presidency. The Presidency is really putting this guy into more trouble and the fool is not seeing it. 😂😂😂😂😂 bastards Let's be friends Follow me if I didn't follow back within 2min unfollow 👉 UgoDon61341957 👉 UgoDon61341957 EndSARS EndPoliceBrutalityinNigera

They are still lying and tempting the youths of this country... What happened in Ghana by J.J Rawlings will soon happen in Nigeria if they still don't do the needful.. Wetin concern us with una rejection,wait till the matter develops and reaches the court..Awon ode oshi EndBadGoveranceInNigeria You're on twitter and we ain't following each other, o wrong now, common. Let's grow together. I follow back ASAP try my speed🍾❤️

We know they weren’t going to accept it... na today? 🤣 EndSARS this should be fake news Madoo Amnesty is not an authority cognizable under the Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, as such, their opinions are utterly personal and inconsequential. Is it not Buhari's government again? So literally the purpose of these 'Masks' is to cover our mouths and nose from perceiving and talking about BadGovernanceInNigeria Desmond Elliot is an idiot

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Bring To Justice Those Involved In Lekki Shooting, Amnesty International Tells FGBring To Justice Those Involved In Lekki Shooting, Amnesty International Tells FG Tcheeewwww In a sane country that chief of army staff should have been sacked and tried for murder They'll never go Scot free

Amnesty releases timeline of Lekki shootings, warns govt against cover-upEniola Akinkuotu, AbujaGlobal rights group, Amnesty International , has released the timeline of the October 20, 2020 shootings at the Lekki toll plaza.Amnesty, which stated last week that a... EndSARS endpolicebrutalityinNigeria 💔💔💔 Justice is imminent Follow for followback

Lekki shootings: NBA insists on probe, Amnesty releases evidence linking militaryLet them be called to justice When Trump killed his people here, where was Amnesty? You're on twitter and we ain't following each other, o wrong now, common. Let's grow together. Ifb no lie

Amnesty International releases timeline of Lekki Shooting, warns Nigerian govt against cover upThe timeline included when soldiers left the Bonny Camp, a military facility, to the Lekki toll gate where peaceful protesters were gathered. Got a case of Walter Wallace shot 10x by Philly Police for then to look at. Can you imagine! Make them they warn una at international level oga oo International lier weldone sir Do AmnestyNigeria forget that Shittes are been maltreated and yet their leader is under detention?. Or the fight for right only happen in the south?!

Timeline of Lekki shootings, by Amnesty Int’l - The Nation Newspaper Amnesty International has offered insights into what possibly happened during the shooting of END SARS protesters You're on twitter and we ain't following each other, o wrong now, common. Let's grow together. I follow back ASAP try my speed 🛩️ You people should stop speaking grammar. Provide the list of the causalities.

Lekki shooting: Nigerian authorities must stop cover up attempts - Amnesty International - Daily Post NigeriaNigerian authorities must end their attempts to cover up the Lekki Toll Gate massacre, Amnesty International said on Wednesday. The right organization Endniggerianow savetrappedlives secpompeo donaldjtrump antonioguterres borisjohnson Dear, the government is used to cover up, imagine the scenario of James Bond finding mystery camera after five days, they are used to evading the questions by diverting peoples attention but this one hook them for throat like stubborn bone