Mike Pompeo, Muhammadu Buhari

Mike Pompeo, Muhammadu Buhari

Pompeo slams Buhari govt, says 1,500 Christians killed in six months - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

6/10/2021 6:16:00 PM

Pompeo slams Buhari govt, says 1,500 Christians killed in six months - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

10 June 2021The immediate past United States Secretary of State and former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Mike Pompeo, says at least 1,500 Christians have been killed in Nigeria in the last six months, adding that the regime of the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), is not doing enough to protect religious freedom.

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Pompeo, who served as Secretary of State under ex-President Donald Trump, stated this in an article titled, ‘The Persecution of Christians in Nigeria Demands Our Attention’ which was published by the American Centre for Law and Justice on Wednesday.He said the Buhari regime had suppressed the news of the killings of Christians by masking it as farmer-herder crisis.

The ex-US official said, “At least 1,500 Christians have already been killed in Nigeria during 2021, and even more have been kidnapped and are either being held hostage or trafficked. The attacks are brutal. Armed radical Islamic groups arrive in a village during the night, kill the men, rape and murder the women, and kidnap the children. headtopics.com

“The Nigerian government thus far has sought to downplay the attacks, characterising them as conflicts between herders and farmers rather than as religiously motivated acts of terror. These terrorists must be held accountable for such preposterous characterisations. And given that Nigeria has the largest Christian population of any African country – over 80 million, nearly half of its people – it is essential that this persecution is snuffed out before it becomes even worse.”

The former American official said every single day in Nigeria, Christians aren’t just having their right to religious freedom denied – they are being murdered because of their faith in Jesus.Pompeo argued that no society that denies its people the right to worship according to their beliefs, or that allows that right to come under attack without consequence, can claim to be truly good.

He said in 2018, 110 schoolgirls were kidnapped by Boko Haram in Dapchi, Yobe State but when a deal was cut to return most of the girls home, one was held back – Leah Sharibu because she refused to convert to Islam.The former secretary of state wondered how Sharibu could remain in captivity for three years without consequence.

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ATasteOfAfrica7 SecPompeo they don't tell you truth , it's not 1,500 Christian, sir 5,000 Christians are been killed every month......MBuhari is killing Christians every minute per day Of course the non-christians killed by criminals and terrorists don't matter to you guys at Punch. Keep fanning the embers of war!

kizzy_mb What did you do about it?. I now know why Pope said that President Trump is not a Christian. mikepompeo was it last year or this year. The last time I checked, I can say 1,500 every month. Where? Don't say anything just like and Retweet June12Protests June12Protests June12Protests June12Protests June12Protests June12Protests KeepitOn KeepitOn KeepitOn EndSARS EndSARS EndSARS

Thanks so much, Pompeo. Truth to power. coded9jaboi 30,000 Muslims killed in six months. coded9jaboi Does it mean that Muslims can be killed and they won't slam the government? dilyfrank1 May God bless this man always for speaking out He 's not aware,is he?

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If this man from far America could say the simple truth then what’s up with your pastors silence? If ICC fails to prosecute buhari for his crime against humanity then that organization has no dignity to prosecute anyone & should be shut down.He is committing genocide against the igbos.10 humans are killed each minute that passes by the Fulani terrorists & the joint forces.

Does buhari care? anwuruokuikuku Borrowing a line from the younger folks: Pompeo, abeg gettat. You were in power just now now, what did you do? Nothing. The fulani agenda is to force all Christians across Nigeria to become Muslim and they are using bokoharam and fulani herdsmen to attack and kill none Muslim to take their land and to fully islamise Nigeria

This is a blood thirsty government. An extremist caliphate wanna-be. They are already under the curse of The Lord for all the innocent blood they shed Fake news Pompeo should go sit down. When Trump called Nigeria a shit hole country, what did he say? Pompeo is no Christian than the Pharisee in the Bible. When Trump called Pres Buhari a dead man living, what did Pompeo say? When Putin was killing Ukrainians what did Pompeo say?

World leaders should arrest and prosecute this tyrrantbuhari Funny enough WhiteHouse with mikepompeo didn't notice the killings in Nigeria when they were in charge. Same is going on with the current POTUS JoeBiden. Even 10DowningStreet looks the other way but then pretend to be our allies. Are you allies of the leaders or the country?

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mikepompeo Sir, it's more than 1500, over 2million Christians has been killed since the clueles Buhari took over and he doesn't know anything or even have solution to stopping the unnecessary killings by Fulani Herdsmen, Boko Haram and bandits.. pls help us Who is Pompeo, where is he from? Buhari Government is Sponsoring Ethno-Religious War across Nigeria. In routing for FULANISATION the Indigenous People are attacked and gruesomely killed irrespective of their Religious Faith by the Fulani Militia branded as Herdsmen. We therefore SayNoToNigeria

One would think Pompeo is actually making sense in his comment about persecution of Christian by the buhari government if he Pompeo had said the same for muslims in Gaza, where the Israeli government is killing thousands of muslims every now and then. When you guys were in office, what did you do.? Shame on u, how many Muslim die in the hand of Israel? How many children where been killed by the Israel what did u say? U where happy u and u family

Why single out only Christians, thousands of Muslims are being killed everyday. Pls Mr pompeo, it will be more pleasing if you used the word Nigerians mikepompeo this killings has been going on before now even when ur were government we have been reporting to world to take note of it Day don break To think they had the chance to save a lot of lives but passed up on it.

Buhari: Why some persons with good degrees may die without having jobsMisleading headline Baba why nah Daily trust Una dey use VPN tweet ne?

You're right EndNigeriaNow Dear mikepompeo, Buhari is killing Christians in Nigeria everyday using his terrorist group (boko haram, ISWAP, Fulani herdsmen and bandits). Each time this Christians tries to revenge, he sends the HQNigerianArmy to kill them again. He is killing igbos in South Eastern Nigeria

It's surprised that all these atrocities committed by Nig. govt. by sponsoring Fulani herdsmen, clandestine support to Boko Haram, I S I S I, ISWAP etc, killings of Christians is still on going, sacking villagers from their land, still intl. communities is keeping quiet. Sir what I am trying to tell you now is that terrorists is occupied all Nigeria government positions Sir with all the power vested in American government they must do something very fast to save lives in Nigeria now this is genocide against Christian's and the Jews

Usual Mike playing politics Put pressure on uk, France and Germany to ban him from entering their countries. Take action instead of slamming him all the time. E be like say dem won rescue us austrostine The statistics is much more

I’ll accept whatever verdict Nigerians pass on me, Buhari speaks on his legacyNo be if him let the 2023 come if he has not divided the country by than. Failed president Which verdict? His tenure will expire on 2023 and thats facts. A disgrace to leadership. That's his legacy. Let him accept that already.

far more than that were killed.... genocideinnorthnigeria Oya all the vpn Muslims make Una gather for here, them don find Una trouble Where was he when police were killing blacks in America? Were those killed not Christians? Finally help is on the way...KeepitOn This was the only competent person in Trump administration. He will one day be the US President

Just as many Muslims are killed, if not more. Ain’t no point saying it though. 🙄 Hmmm. So it’s only the christians lives that matter right The hypocrisy of these people is just way too high 🤦‍♂️ God bless you. We have to be free from these blood sucking maggots without vision and purpose for humanity.

We dont need you to make thw stata, we all know that very many have died, but it includes peoplw of all faiths, do not divide us along religious lines. Just say thousands of Nigerians have died.

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