Police, Remo Stars Football Club, Sars, Tiamiyu Kazeem

Police, Remo Stars Football Club

Police recommend SARS operative’s dismissal over Sagamu footballer’s killing


Police recommend SARS operative’s dismissal over Sagamu footballer’s killing

as residents took to the streets to show their displeasures over the matter.He said, “We have already investigated the man and tried him in the orderly room. We have also recommended him for dismissal but being an inspector, it is not the CP that will approve it and the recommendation has been sent to the AIG zone ll for approval and as soon as it is approved, that guy will be charged to court.”

Meanwhile, the Ogun State Government has called on the protesters to leave the streets and remain calm, pledging to ensure that the late Kaka gets justice.

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Rip brother well miss you more Dismissal and life in imprisonment should be the ultimate in this case. If dismissal is the only penalty given, lives and properties are still not safe where he is. More enlightenment and education for host communities, civil populace and law enforcement agents on constitutional responsibilities.

No we want the stupid SARs of a thing to be put to a stop completely. It should fail to exist.PoliceNG All the uniform men out there will suffer till the end of there life to whom it may concern......we youth are just scared of death fela done talk am Dismissal of the operative is not commensurate to the gravity of the offence committed and, neither is it deterrence to others in his shoes. The felon should be tried for murder at least, to assuage the anger of the masses.

Dismissal is not enough There should be death penalty for any police officer that killed any unarmed civilian And the police force should be sued. Until this happens, it’s men will never learn to behave. Please the concern authority should do the needful bcoz Justice delay is justice denying, let this serve as a deterrent to others

Not just dismissal, he should be jailed Good, however justice must be seen to be done. The suspect (police officer) should be charged for the murder in court.

BREAKING: Three Persons Feared Killed In Sagamu As Angry Youth March Against SARS Officials | Sahara ReportersBREAKING: Three Persons Feared Killed In Sagamu As Angry Youth March Against SARS Officials | Sahara Reporters In the process, three persons were hit by live bullets fired by policemen to disperse the crowd. PoliceNG READ MORE: Na wah for this zoo ooh! PoliceNG How on earth will a sensible policemen fire a live bullet into a protesting crowd,is there no rubber bullet again ni PoliceNG What of the 3 policemen that were killed? The score is 3-3

Only dismissal?This guy should be charged for first degree murder as well.Nobody can vouch for such a character returning to the streets.He may cause more mayhem if allowed to just walk SARS are now threat to the society. I think the best place for them is the sambisa forest to combat BOKOHARAM. They should be sent to the north to tackle north suicide bombers and kill them all.

This people are not listening to us They need to be sentenced to death by hanging Hope those who killed more persons who were protesting against the killing are also affected 😱😱 because we obviously have more deaths from this very incident Mbok 😲 Dismiss! Somebody kills an innocent person and he got as a punishment is a dismissal from his job? What is the difference between this Nigerian government and Bokoharam? Both of them don't value lives. Both of them kill innocent people. Both of them hate freedom of speech.

Will definitely end up on the pages of newspapers. Nonsense!!! recommend? I am.very sure they should be doing more than that. PoliceNG, Do you want to just dismiss your corrupt policemen without any punishment for murder? How many lives these ROGUES have sent home unexplainably and unexpectedly?

JUST IN: Tension In Sagamu As Youths Protest Killing Of Footballer By SARS Officials | Sahara ReportersJUST IN: Tension In Sagamu As Youths Protest Killing Of Footballer By SARS Officials | Sahara Reporters This was shortly after SARS operatives allegedly seized him from his car and labelled him an Internet fraudster (Yahoo boy). Police NG READ MORE: We need to do sumtin about did so called SARS Just go and look at PoliceNG pinned tweet PoliceNG abati1990 atiku AishaYesufu this act are just heinous.

Just dismissal? Dismissal is not enough! The shooter must be arrested and tried and jailed! The madness must stop. Not only should the culprit be dismissed,he should face a murder charge Dismissal? Seriously?....this country is a huge joke. May the soul of this promising young Nigerian rest in perfect peace. Would have cursed his killers but God Almighty would handle the matter in His Divine Way

The evil SARS operative must be prosecuted for wilful murder. SARS are too savage&sadistic for any human society. SARS should be disbanded NOW or be sent to fight Boko Haram. They can't be reformed. They are beyond redemption & worse than bandits & terrorist Fulani herders. Good one, he should be prosecuted too

The whole of SARS operatives should be dismissed. They have successfully made people to hate police the more. SARS has failed us. SARS has outlived its usefulness. It should be scrapped Dismissal for killing? Again I say; leemao! Recommended or recommend ..abeg abeg kill them shikena

Footballer killed in Sagamu arrested for wearing military cap – PoliceTrust police na. Them go lie untop dead body Lies E ti ya weyrey

Something people don't know is that FSARS has hijacked the Nigeria police force ...these days people are not afraid of the regular police men,now we know those ones were saints nack then compared to this new wing of armed robbers ....they settle their oga and then enter street Dismiss him, prosecute him, hang him for deliberately killing the poor man. Then disband SARS. They are robbers!

God punish them this is very deceitful. He should not be dismissed, he should be killed too . PoliceNG you dismiss them, they become terror to others. Jail them at once. Like 100 years each so that they die there quietly. They should and must be prosecuted too Dismissal is not enough, he shpuld be prosecuted for murder. What the hell are those criminals doing on the streets EndSARS

dismissal is not enough. we know what the police is capable doing. the SARS operatives should given life imprisonment. meanwhile EndSARS EndSarsNow What about his accomplices? What about those that killed protesters the next day? What about the DPO's and Commissioners? What about the IGP? And what about Buhari?

No to dismissal only, since they know how to shoot, send them to SAMBISA FOREST, am sure SHEKAU will be happy to have an encounter with them.he must be prosecuted for manslaughter.

VIDEO: Police disperse Sagamu protest with live bulletsVIDEO: Police disperse Sagamu protest with live bullets MondayMotivation mondaythoughts ReadThis It's bad...i don't expect much from our failed security architecture

This is arrant nonsense. We want total overhaul of all Ng police formations to avert future like this. EndSARS Dismissal and prosecution please.. How can u kill someone u were given a gun to protect and the justice/purnishment that y’all can think about is just dismissal. This is absurd! Mehn they all deserve a 20yrs imprisonment or death sentence to serve as a warning to all other unprofessional force operatives. Gbam!

SARS need to be tamed, they have gotten away with so many unaccounted murders in the country Only dismissal he should be hang to death too It is a lie, they won't dismiss anyone; he will be transferred to another state and that is the end of it. Dismissal and transfer to another base to continue killing innocent people.

Not just dismissal, they should be prosecuted and they should also face death by hanging because they murdered unarmed citizens. And that should bring an end to SARS completely. Mopol can take care of robbery cases and they should always be in full uniform with their name tags. FM/AM:Noun university Asaba study center committed the Most grievous act me Aseruoma Paul I had finish 5 yes ago:Here is my report: I did'nt have one carry over,they with held 4/course I had writer they have to release them.

it was six before the release 2/after several letter..for their release,tell them to release my 4/courses I had already writer..I will never write them again. Text this message to them. 4 course is like another 6month semester.pal

Police urge calm amidst Sagamu protest over football player's deathWith one person feared dead and many others injured, the Nigeria Police Force on Monday appealed to protesters in Sagamu, Ogun State, to restrain from further violence while investigation continues into the alleged killing of a young football player by operatives of the Police Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

Oficialfemzy Dismissal is not what we're looking for, he committed murder This is good step. However, we don't need to wait for innocent Nigerians to die before we do what is right. Some men of SARS still shot sporadically into the air today at Ikorodu BRT terminus. We are not in war zone. Why not redeploy them to Sambisa if they really need to shoot?

We dont want SARS anymore , Its not only in Sagamu evsn in Lagos State ANOTHER AUDIO DISMISSAL We will not accept anything less that death by hanging ooooh Dismissal. Jailed for 38yrs. I wonder wen we will stop hearing this kind of news, Policemen killed a young man and an innocent woman within nov n December in my city last year bcos of yahoo. These policemen who committed this crimes shud be prosecuted n sentenced to death too to stop this trend

ENDSARS B4 they ENDUS He should be prosecuted after dismissal please Just dismissed......? 🤔

Sagamu: Ogun Police have declared war on Nigerians - Segalink, Adekunle Gold - Daily Post NigeriaConvener of End SARS Movement and social media activist, Segun Awosanya, also known as Segalink, has condemned the actions of some operatives attached to How my brother Very sad indeed.

Dismissal, and he walks? It doesn't make sense to me. Lmao, someone wey Sango suppose don kill since If you ready the story to the end, you would be angrier than now. WTF Mere dismissal? Pls there shld be more punitive measures to this. The whole team shld be charged for murder to serve as a deterrent so that they would be conscious of what each and every member of the team does at any time. Even their overall station commander shld be punished

Yes ooo we want no more U can't even dress fine for date they'll tag u GEE. Goats That's not enough. SARS should be disbanded. Those guys in that squad are criminals. I keep on saying it. Their orientation is brutality. They do things at their whims not minding gravity. Just imagine how this budding young man's life was terminated. I'm full of tears.

SARS😷!!! Pls🙏🙏🙏 what❓ is the work they are doing order than killing law abiding citizens just as the Nigerian law is for everyone in the country I guess❓ they SARS shouldn't go until punished 😭😭😭 RealOlaudah Just dismissal? Dismissal? For murder? Dismissal? That's the bare minimum before arraignment, prosecution and a very public sentencing. Do everyone a favor and scrap SARS, everyone is tired aren't you?

He is used to eating free money and will become a threat to the society, he shld be jailed for 50yrs Just dismissal? So that he'll go back to the streets and perhaps haunt the deceased family? He should be sent to jail without option of parole. These people should be traced down to there houses and family get them burnt alive, if we burn like 10 SARS family there head go correct. War for war things

Dismissal not enough, he needs to spend sometime in jail as well. Not just dismissal but full scale investigation into the incident is highly recommended. The image of the Nigerian Police Force must not be dragged into mud. Dismissal only? Only God knows when SARS will stop killing the youth in this country.

Don’t dismiss him give him 24 lashes and hot pepper soup.💀 Charge them for murder Dismissing him is not enough he should be charge to court and jailed life in prison

And be charged He should be tried and sentence to death as well. Dismissal and prosecution on murder charges End sars or send them north to fight Boko haram Hmmmm who is fooling who🙄... No be today for naija💁 Tomorrow you we see the moron running after yahoo boiz again🤔 Anyway Oga police we don hear you dismissalsars ....🚶 🚶

😒 That was fast. Dismissal and then what? Dismissed my foot, he will be transferred out of play. No be Police 😕😕 Recommendation really! He should be dismissed forthwith and charged to court immediately. That is if the court will not bail him out Dismissal for taking life he must be charged for murder Person weh dem suppose kill instantly

That's all... recommendation🤷 He has been moved to another station Recommend or Give Directives? They should just be dismissed? They should be sentenced to death. Life for life. How should they lose just their jobs for murder? Dismissal ke? They should remand him in prison So he can not be taken to kirikiri, na just dismissed? 😌

Even though an inspector is allegedly tried and recommended for dismissal, why are the other SARS operatives in the sienna bus not made to explain how the victim jumped out of the sienna bus in which he was put? Is that all ? Nigerians are too soft , this will never stop if we fold our hands Only until there is Justice in the land, how can there be peace? How does dismissal do justice to the heinous killings of innocent citizens? Manslaughter case should be treated as such. But current federal government has failed woefully, it wasn't even this bad during military.

Dismissal and prosecution. His IPO and DPO should also be punished for not managing their dogs properly. Dismissal for causing wastage of life Dismissal is not just enough. He must be prosecuted. 'Recommenddddddddd?' Recommend? And he won't be jailed or killed Also needs to be prosecuted for manslaughter Police killed an unarmed civilian and instead of being taken to court and prosecuted to the full extent of the law, you just dismiss him. Nigeria = 0 justice and 0 value for its citizens lives.

He should be arrested and lock up in jail And what is happening in the case of ikoku5, judgementforchima chima are they not Nigerians? Pure evil to shoot an unarmed person even if he is gingering you

Then he will become a real armed robber terror Only What nonsense !! Nigerian police are foolish.. People hate you.. endsars PoliceNG let him face full wrath of the law It should be dismissal and prosecution for murder charges amongst other charges Dismissal is not the punishment for committing Murder. He charged to court for murder.

All the Unit should be dismissed as deterrence to others. Collective Responsibility Killing o oluwaloninyo That's not enough Sir, what happen after that?

Just dismissal? No court trial and possible execution? We're a joke in this country PoliceNG PoliceNG_CRU Will dismissal bring bk our kaka Dismissal? For a manslaughter? Dismissal? DaFreshDeltaBoi you dey see these jokers? No value for human life in Nigeria. He Must also be prosecuted Instead of him to be rotten in jail, the police is pronouncing a dismissal judgement, this is not far at all, what it is the law of the land says

chaplinez70 Then let's have him for jungle justice because we all know the law is crippled to charge him for murder PoliceNG , IG is not doing enough to check the excesses of SARs.last week I heard noise at dback of my house.Peeping thru the window, it was SARs arresting a boy learning fashion designer sent out by his boss to buy materials.Tagged him Yahoo just 2extort him.itwas like a film

Dismissal? Wow. They should also prosecute him and let him dance to the drum.

The problem is all of you don't read rather u just respond to headlines. Too much laziness Dismissal, yes. Prosecution, good. Sentence, better. Prevention of further occurrences, best! As if I knew they will just dismiss the murderers Are you okay? Dismissed, arrested and prosecuted. Let others learn. Dismissal me, He should jailed for life.

God help us. Another star shut down. Dimming our lights gradually. Help us in Nigeria oh Lord. Just EndSARS it has a bad reputation, it has too much innocent blood in its hands. Create a new SWAT team that will only respond to violence crimes such as armed robbery, kidnappings, ritual killings and terrorism. It will limit itself to these new framework. Cc. PoliceNG

Why dismissal? He who kills by the sword must die by the sword too na.

The killing of unarmed protesters by the police should also be addressed, we all saw how the useless police force was crying when they were drafted to combat insurgents in the North east. Shameless dogs The bastard that killed Kolade Johnson still walks freely It is not only about dismissal. There should be prosecution and compensation. Yes, dismiss them,let the court make its pronouncement-jail or hang them. Compensate the family of the deceased.

oluwaloninyo The whole SARS unit just the operator Not just dismissal. He should be kept behind bars. Some when dismissed and sent free, forms syndicate groups to wreck havoc on the society. Thought you said was a hit and run driver that killed him. Send him to firing square and broadcast it live on TV station dismissal is not enough he need to pay with this dear life as well

The killer cop's picture should be circulated on social media, anywhere he is seen in Nigeria - the citizens would do the needful. Just like that? He just killed an innocent man.What's d punishment for murder pls?That killer must face d full wrath of the law. But the Ogun State commissioner of police said this morning on channelstv that Kaka jumped down from a broke-down vehicle to evade arrest and was knocked down by another vehicle. When there is no confidence in PoliceNG nothing can work in this country. Why dismissal then?

Why conceal the identity of the SARS operative ?Why address him as 'the guy, the man' in the report? His name should be in subsequent reports, so the public can follow up on this case Even the CP should lose his job Why just dismiss? Don't you sense that he dismissed the footballer in two ways ? Dismissed from his profession and dismissed from earth. Be just with your judgement, domt just dismiss him from his profession but dismissed him from life as well.

He should also be prosecuted for murder. These people don't seem to appreciate the enormity of the issue at hand. What they need to do is carry out a total reorganisation of the unit to stop the killing of innocent citizens This is obviously an inadequate measure, in addition to the SARS operative, his unit head, the head of SARS in Ogun State, the DPO, the Area Comander, the Commissioner of Police should all go. EndSarsNow

Dismissal and to be killed as well please 😡 They should be sentence to death. Send him to north east Only capital punishment is the answer.

He should be publicly executed! Which kind stupid dismissal is that. Whoever kills must be kill in return or sentence to life imprisonment Khalid_Fahd22 Dismissal weyrey wo? Someone who intentionally killed someone? PoliceNG NigeriapolicePR pls help us stop this incessant killing, it wasn't this much during military era not now we are in democracy, if not stopped who knows who's next

Police should punish the state PPRO for failure to produce the Army Uniform worn by the deceased too,as he claimed... awon Eeleribu gbogbo Recommend?...This is audio dismissal for sure. 'The command said the operative acted UNPROFESSIONALLY' Nah, he acted EVILLY AND DEVILISHLY iamOvox Dismissal alone is not enough. Will dismissal bring back the dead? Will it dissuade other SARS members from doing same 2moro?

Not enough! He and his colleagues should be dismissed and jailed for life. Dismissal? That's it?

😂 Fools Just dismiss somebody that killed a fellow human huh? But if it was the footballer that killed the police then he could have been lynched to death by now Stupid lots He truly deserves justice Whattt r u serious, dismissal 4 killings a human being. He killed somebody's n wt u r recommending is dismissal, imagine if it's Ur son will u have recommend dt? God 4ever bless 🇳🇬

ParodySpokesman Audio recommendation Publicly try and jail him. That's the only way to instil public confidence.. and stop taking bribes! Dismiss him..? What happened to execution? They should end this SARS already. What's the need of having them to be causing more harm by the day. I believe they're waiting till the day they will kill buhari,Osibanjo,Tinubu or Oshiomole's child before something can be done.

We dont want the dismissal of one member of SARS we want the whole entity called SARS dismissed.a SPECIAL ANTI ROBBERY that has NEVER intercepted any ROBBERY but has intercepted COUNTLESS YOUNG PEOPLE'S LIVES. RUBBISH! He shld be charged for murder and given life sentence....nonsense of ingredient EndSARS has killed more Nigerians than any other security agency since 1999. They are always on the news for the wrong reason. They are know for disrespecting their superior officer & do as they like whenever they are outside. They are letting down the name of the PoliceNG

We dont want dismissal ooooooo.... He should also go and meet his father the devil. Dismissal ke or he should be killed Audio. Dismissal only makes them more dangerous to the society. If they killed, the law should take its full course and their team. Lead, DPO, DCO also get a slice of the punitive sanction.

He must be charged to a court of law after his dismissal. Scrap Sars But they said its hit and run Driver. Everybody involved will not know peace until just is done Killings Trial for murder Before they said it wasn't SARS...hmm

Just like that.... What happen to the dpo ? Dismissal or he should be killed. Justice for tiamiyu is for the officer to be killed There must be compensation for the family. Cos this is one death too many from the hand of SARS. Dismissed or jailed? Send him to kirikiri prison with life in jail. Then we can stop pretest. Secondly let the information of his imprisonment remain in public domain until his died inside the prison.

PoliceNG recommend or they have been dismissed? This will not settle the case, there should be a total scrapping of the setup until a reform is done. Post the SARs operative picture, I want to see something Just like that Dismissal only?

Up until now PoliceNG have not been able to identify the SARS operative who killed the footballer and bring them to face the wrath of the law. The only thing they were busy doing is shooting at innocent protester. WeDemandJustice Chai dismissal? He should be prosecuted as well! God what's wrong with Nigeria

The team that went for the operation should be dismissed, then the D. P. O IN charge of his unit. Let's start from there How did they succeed in twisting the narrative and making this situation about one operative? He had colleagues...and they were all accomplices to this alleged murder! They should all be investigated and prosecuted!

That’s the first step. He should be prosecuted and sentenced to jail or death. That’s what justice is all about. Not just dismissal. Or else he would form his own armed robbery gang. Dismissal you say how about trial for muder ? Which dismissal ? Person wey dem suppose sentence by stoning or by hanging

Dismissal? That stupid man and his squad should rot in jail. I don't care if he is my uncle. He should rot in jail. That's not enough End Sars within the whole country we don't need them anymore.. How does this solve the next death?

Dismissal is not enough. How about a death penalty? PoliceNG PoliceNG_CRU dismissing an officer for killing somebody is not enough they will go out and form armed robbery gang. Let them face death sentence for killings or life jail don’t create more robbers by dismissing them only If SARs operatives are so trigger happy & blood thirsty then I suggest and recommend they send them to North-East to fight BH, ISWAP, Kidnapper herdsmen, Bandits & save Nigeria. No be to dey harrase law abiding citizens. Its yahoo that is now their oil well na. Worthless unit

So they can kill another person tomorrow. No thanks. EndSarsNow Dismiss sha. is that all you people sabi doing is to dismiss a murderer? 🤦‍♂️ Enough of SARS please,what impact are they making to the country other than killing the citizens Audio dismissal ....awon eyan Karuna🤸🤸😂 Dismissal and then what........ He could go to the streets and become a robber? He should be prosecuted for manslaughter🤔

This is the only penalty. Same as always. How about other rogues still in active service? Almost All the SARS men are rogues, officially Armed criminals. Reform or EndSARS. Period. How about the incentive statement first put out by the PPRO which appear to absolve the officers of culpability

But the CP has come with a different story entirely, saying the victim was knocked down by a hit and run vehicle. Justice still has to be served. And prosecution too. Which dismissal? He needs to go to prison for killing an unarmed civilian. Did U say Dismissal!? Wowwww!!!! Dismissal for Murder? He better get out of the country because people are not smiling!!!

Fuck police

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